Cowen & Company has revealed its estimates that depict a healthy industry for the month of August of video game sales in the U.S. A 21% sales increase over the equivalent period in 2012 in being projected by them, the first sign of double-digit growth year-on-year in two and a half years. Both Madden NFL 25 and Saints Row IV — one (Madden) of which sold over a million units in its first week and both of which aren\’t arriving on the Wii U — seem to have been the main cause of said feat.

Cowen & Comany estimates that a number of other high-profile releases also performed notably well. Among the multiplatform titles are Saints Row IV (522,000 units), Disney Infinity (225,000 units), and Tom Clancy\’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist (209,000 units). Pikmin 3 managed to put up a fight selling 185,000 units in the month of august. While this totals a 38% decrease in comparison to what it sold during the first week (114,828 units), these numbers aren\’t bad considering the install base of the Wii U.

Later this week, Sep. 12th, we\’ll be able to see the official NPD results and perhaps Nintendo will be revealing key statistics and sales numbers of their own. NPD doesn\’t account for digital sales and overall just isn\’t without flaws so it\’ll be interesting to see what Nintendo has to say on the matter.

Written by Omar Taylor

Omar Taylor

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