Reggie Fils-Aime has just confirmed on VGX that Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze will be coming  February 21, 2014. They also showed new gameplay confirming Cranky Kong as the 4th playable character.

In a word, Cranky Kong plays like vintage Scrooge McDuck from Ducktales.  He goes around with his cane, and can hop onto his cane to get a jump with a higher elevation than the other Kongs. Of course, this jump can also be used to take out enemies or jump over obstacles.

On hand with Reggie was Retro Studios’ Vince Joly, who confirmed that there will be sections in certain levels that will only be accessible using Cranky Kong, and coop with him will also lead to more variations in gameplay. Of course, we saw Cranky coming anyway.

And that was it for Nintendo and VGX, as Reggie was as tight-lipped as usual about when Geoff Keighly asked him about any new game announcements, any more playable Tropical Freeze characters, or even the petition to bring Reggie to Smash. If Nintendo has any surprises in store in the near future, we will have to wait for a Nintendo Direct to hear about it.


Written by Ryan Parreno

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