Two new costumes have been announced in Japan as DLC for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors game for Wii U. The two costumes in question come in the form of Link and Zelda, both in their Twilight Princess look. After both Midna and Agatha from Twilight Princess were announced recently, the game seems to be using quite a few characters and aspects from Twilight Princess that you wouldn\’t have expected, so maybe there is even more we don\’t know about that Hyrule Warriors uses from that particular Zelda title.


No further details have been announced as of yet and it has only been announced for Japan at this time. We don\’t know whether only Link and Zelda will have DLC costumes or whether the whole roster will, but I\’m sure we\’ll find out more nearer release date, along with pricing.


Written by 1wiierdguy

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