Cult County was originally a 3DS title that looked to be a spiritual successor to the Dementium series, which was very popular on the DS. However, a Kickstarter campaign was recently launched, and Cult County appeared to be skipping the 3DS and joining the Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, Steam, and Vita.

Or has it? Jools Watsham, Co-Owner of Renegade Kid (the studio creating the game) sent out the following Tweet on April 6th:

While it may appear on the surface to just be PR work to appease any upset 3DS owners, a follow up Tweet was done today:

So it appears that there is truth and a chance for the game to return back to its original home on the 3DS. What can you do to help? Simply retweet the original Tweet sent by Jools to confirm your interest in Cult County on the 3DS!

Written by Shawn Long

Shawn Long

We call him Mr. Testosterone. He calls himself the reincarnation of Scary Larry. 29 years young and full of gaming knowledge. Be sure to check out his YouTube videos for our channel.

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