One of the many surprising announcements from yesterday\’s Digital Event, was the announcement that Captain Toad from Super Mario 3D World would be getting his own game!

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is based off of the mini-games which appeared in Super Mario 3D World when it released on the Wii U late last year. Join Captain Toad as he ventures through a series of isometric maze-like levels trying to collect a¬†hidden star. Players control Captain Toad, but should be well aware that he lacks any special powers. To defeat the most basic of enemies such as a Goomba or Shy Guy, unlike Mario who can just jump on their heads, Captain Toad must negotiate the levels to find a higher tier to drop on top of them. Most of Captain Toad\’s time will be taken up avoiding enemies, and collection coins and diamonds as he hunts for the hidden star.

The levels in the game are extremely varied, much like the game\’s big brother both developed by Nintendo\’s very talented EAD Tokyo team who also created Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the Super Mario Galaxy series. One of the most interesting levels features a minecart filled to the brim with Super Mario Bros. 2\’s turnips. As Captain Toad descends from the top of the level inside the cart, the GamePad shows first person view as he fires the turnips at enemies, obstacles and collectibles. ¬†Turnips also appear elsewhere in the game, and just like you\’d expect can be plucked from the ground, sometimes revealing secrets and coins. Another returning element from Mario\’s illustrious history and POW Blocks which get thrown to defeat multiple enemies at once.

For those thinking the game may sound a little content light or possibly a little too easy, hold on as Boss Battles will also be included. The only one available to those playing the game on the show floor features a lava dinosaur in a cylindrical stage with rising lava. He fires fire-balls at you as well as knocks parts of your escape route into the molten pit below. Captain Toad will need to rake refuge behind metal plates and other objects as he climbs ladders, nabs treasures and tries to escape this fiery pit of doom.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker will be released exclusively for the Wii U & Wii U eShop at the end of 2014.

Written by Andy W.

Andy W.

I’m the Developer Liaison at Nintendo Enthusiast, and when I’m not working my butt off at the toy store I manage, I’m talking with developers from around the world, promoting crowd-funding campaigns, conducting interviews and also offering advice and support to developers looking to bring their games to Wii U & 3DS.

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