Since this year’s E3, the official Super Smash Bros. site has only been updated to include screenshots of the game, very much unlike the daily, informative updates for Super Smash Bros. Brawl that were posted on the “Smash Dojo” leading up to that game’s release. While we’ve only had screenshots thus far, today the site posted its first major update since E3, revealing that Captain Olimar and his Pikmin will indeed be returning to the Smash series.

Pikmin and Olimar, as they are referred to on the site, are confirmed as playable in next year’s Smash Bros. installment; although, while Olimar should also appear on the 3DS, the site only has screenshots for his Wii U appearance.

With Pikmin 3 launching on the Wii U this year, it seemed rather unlikely that Olimar would not return to Smash after making his first appearance in Brawl back in 2008. He is the 13th confirmed character for the games’ roster and the second confirmed character to return to Smash after making their first appearance in Brawl (the other being Pit).

Written by Dakota Lasky

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