Despite a recent Christmas crash of the Nintendo eShop servers, a very full list of titles has become available for purchase and download through the service.

On the Wii U, two new eShop titles have released as well as a new virtual console title.  Dr. Luigi puts a year of Luigi spin on the classic Dr. Mario while still offering the traditional Dr. Mario gameplay.  CastleStorm is a high end tower defense title with physics based destructible environments and both online and local multiplayer.  Super Punch Out, brings the SNES rhythm boxer sequel to the Wii U\’s Virtual Console service.  Dr. Luigi is Available for $14.99, CastleStorm for $9.99, and Super Punch Out for $7.99, though if you have it on the Wii Virtual Console you can get a steep discount.  In addition to the three new titles, several sales have been put in place as well.  Ubisoft Wii U titles, Zombi U, Just Dance 2014, Assasin\’s Creed III, Rabbids Land, ESPN Sports Connection, and Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 are all now 30% off.  Nintendo is also offering 2 days free on Wii Sports Club for New Years Eve and Day.

On the 3DS, four new eShop titles join the fun alongside one new Virtual Console title.  The Pokémon Bank + Poké Transporter service is available for free for 30 days and will cost $4.99 a year afterwards.  Two Tribes classic puzzler Edge is now available for $1.99.  Developer Teyon has brought an endless flyer called Bird Mania Christmas for $1.99.  One button platformer Cubit The Hardcore Platformer Robot makes it tot he shop for $2.99.  On the Virtual Console, the gameboy color title Mario Tennis is now available.  Ubisoft has also extended their eShop sale to the 3DS with 30% off Rayman Origins, Rayman 3D, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars 3D, Rabbis Travel in Time, Splinter Cell 3D, and Petz Fantasy 3D.  On the 3DS Atlus has joined in on the fun as well, with sales on several Shin Megami Tensei, and Etrian Odyssey games, as well as Code of Princess.

Hopefully Wii U and 3DS owners can take advantage of these new titles and sales soon.

Written by ElkinFencer10

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