Isotope 224, an indie developer based in Tampa, Florida have revealed a brand new Kickstarter project, that will be heading to the Wii U and 3DS eShops should it reach it\’s base goal.

Acky\’s Reloaded is a remastered version of game (Acky\’s XP Breakout) originally released by the developer over ten years ago. The game itself falls into the brick-breaker genre but has several twists to the basic elements common in the genre. Players are able to create balls whilst the game is playing, and the amount is unlimited. The balls can be curved to ensure the ability to curve shots for maximum damage and building experience points. These experience points can then be used to unlock new game The developer also hopes to include achievements and a pet system, which will also play a part in the main brick-breaking gameplay.

The Kickstarter campaign has eleven days remaining at time of writing, and needs a further $8,000 to reach it\’s base goal. To ensure a Nintendo version gets made, the developer needs to raise $19,000.

Written by Alex Balderas

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