Previously, when asked if they would be supporting the Wii U, Bethesda gave the answer that their support is to be determined. Fast forward to now, and Bethesda seems to be singing a less than optimistic tune. When asked as to what Nintendo could do to get Bethesda developing on the Wii U, VP of Development Pete Hines did not give an optimistic outlook, stating that Nintendo has long since missed their window to entice them as much as Sony and Microsoft.

“The time for convincing publishers and developers to support Wii U has long past. The box is out,” Hines explained on Bonus Round. “You have to do what Sony and Microsoft have been doing with us for a long time.

Hines went on to clarify that while Nintendo’s competitors and Bethesda may not always see eye to eye, they at least included them in the design process, whereas Nintendo apparently did the opposite.

“And it’s not that every time we met with them we got all the answers we wanted. But they involved us very early on, and talking to folks like Bethesda and Gearbox, they say ‘here’s what we’re doing, here’s what we’re planning, here’s how we think it’s going to work’ to hear what we thought – from our tech guys and from an experience standpoint.”

He continued, “You have to spend an unbelievable amount of time upfront doing that. If you’re just going sort off deciding ‘we’re going to make a box and this is how it works and you should make games for it.’ Well, no. No is my answer, I’m going to focus on other ones that better support what it is we’re trying to do.”

“So you’ve gotta spend more time trying to reach out to those folks before you even make the box, when you’re still designing and thinking about how it’s going to work.”

While this doesn’t indicate that Bethesda won’t ever be developing on the Wii U, it’s clear that they aren’t too happy with the way Nintendo seems to be going about their business.

Written by Omar Taylor

Omar Taylor

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