Fan-favorite developer Atlus have teased three new projects in the works, one of which should be revealed very soon. In an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, Atlus\’ CEO Naoto Hiraoka was asked if the studio had any titles in development outside of the Persona series.

\”I believe we’ll be able to announce ‘that title’ soon. At the moment, we\’ve even begun development on a title that wwill be released in three years time. Additionally, a brand new IP, similar to Catherine and Dragon\’s Crown, is in the works to.\”

Despite being a somewhat rough translation, its clear that Hiraoka  mentions that there is a title that will be revealed soon. The studio has also started work on another title which is currently scheduled to launch sometime on 2017, and finally a brand new IP similar in Catherine and Dragon\’s Crown is also in development. As usual with such vague teases, no platforms have been revealed but a close relationship with Nintendo is always a good indicator that we may see at least one of these titles, perhaps on some new hardware by the time they release!

Written by Alex Balderas

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