Areal Kickstarter Suspended Amidst Scam Speculation

A few days ago we covered how the Kickstarter to launch Areal had been successfully funded. A lot of mystery surrounded the project in terms of who was actually working on the game and whether this was a scam or not. While no official details confirming or denying the fraud speculations have been revealed, the Kickstarter has suddenly been suspended adding to the fraud speculation.

Areal is a game allegedly worked on by a group of programmers from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.  Since the Kickstarter launched there had been multiple red flags surrounding the authenticity of the project, one being the modest goal of $50,000 being asked to develop a full out AAA multi-platform game. Coupled with the fact that footage has been limited, the developers have been secretive, and the Vladimir Putin \”letter\” incident, it\’s not a shock that Kickstarter has finally stepped in to check the validty of this issue. More news as it becomes available.

Written by Jason Lepine

Jason Lepine

Jason’s professional and cool-headed style masks what’s really going on inside. His ridiculous work intensity will drive him to spend 12 hours perfecting a video if need be.

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