Eiji Aonuma the director of The Legend of Zelda series has been interviewed this week where he spoke in detail about Hyrule Warriors.  In the small except below he reveals how the game was originally conceived as he played a Warriors game and imagined what it would be like in the Zelda universe. He also reveals that he has learned from working with Tecmo Koei and he hopes to put what he\’s learned to good use in the future.

\”I happened to be playing another Warriors game at that time. As I was playing it, I was imagining what it might look like if it took place in the Zelda universe. The timing couldn’t have been better! When I approached Mr. Miyamoto about the idea of moving forward with a project like this, he approved it.

Certainly, it’s not that I wasn’t without my concerns about opening up this new gameplay style for the Zelda universe, but I’ve made several Zelda games in my time at Nintendo. We’ve been talking a lot lately about rethinking the conventions of Zelda, and really knocking down those obstacles and opening up the possibilities for the franchise. I think this might be one of those ways that we can do that.
In Hyrule Warriors, you have this map and there are battle areas all across this expansive battlefield. Things are happening, regardless of whether or not you’re in this particular space. How you approach reclaiming these different areas on the map really changes how you progress through the game. So it’s really, really dynamic, it’s really, really expansive. It also increases replay value because if you change your strategy, your process will also change. Having worked on a game that has this kind of expansive battlefield style has really opened my eyes to new discoveries, and my thought and approach to gameplay has really deepened. I see many, many possibilities now that I’ve worked on this project with Tecmo Koei.\”

Hyrule Warriors is scheduled to launch in Japan on August 26th, then in Europe on September 19th and finally in North America on September The game is already complete which means Aonuma and his team at Nintendo are focused solely on the new Wii U Legend of Zelda title revealed at this year\’s E3. This new game is set to turn the series current template on it\’s head with several changes to it\’s gameplay. The first obvious change is that the game now appears to take place in a somewhat open work, allowing the player to travel wherever they please. It has also been revealed that gamers will also be able to tackle dungeons in any order they please, allowing full freedom.


Written by Alex Balderas

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