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Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends Coming to Wii U and 3DS

May 4, 2015, 8:32 pm | news | 3 comment(s)

Kung Fu Panda is a series from DreamWorks Animation that has been very well received by critics and fans a like. With Kung Fu Panda 3 coming out in 2016, a new game is coming

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Rumor: This is How Many of Each New Amiibo Bestbuy will Receive

May 4, 2015, 5:40 pm | news | 10 comment(s)

An employee at Bestbuy has posted the projected stock allotments for all the Bestbuy stores in his state. Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm whether these numbers are legitimate, and more importantly, if

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Hyrule Warriors Exceeds 1 Million Sales Worldwide; New Collaboration Incoming

May 4, 2015, 1:55 pm | news | 19 comment(s)

Hyrule Warriors was the first example of Nintendo finding ways to create games for their consoles without them having to do all the work. Koei-Tecmo transformed their "Dynasty Warriors" series into a new game in

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Indie Title: "Guardians of the Forest" Planned for Wii U

May 3, 2015, 6:10 pm | news | 2 comment(s)

More indie goodness.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Resolution/Framerate Info; Gorgeous Gameplay Video

May 1, 2015, 4:04 pm | news | 11 comment(s)

Xenoblade Chronicles X has released in Japan, and our friend NintenDomination has been steadily playing that version. He shared some info on the details of the game regarding resolution and framerate, along with load times.

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Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Leak Revealed; Confirmed for Wii U

May 1, 2015, 12:06 am | news | 8 comment(s)

It looks like the force will be with you in Disney Infinity 3.0. Confirmed to be coming to the Wii U, a Star Wars set has been leaked. Coming from a German retailer, the

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Special Edition Splatoon Wii U Console Bundle Available for Pre-Order on Amazon.CA

April 30, 2015, 5:01 pm | news | 2 comment(s)

If you are in Canada and haven't picked up a Wii U yet (and why haven't you?!), now is as good of a time as ever. With Splatoon coming up around the corner, you can

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Activision Tells Customer to "Stay Tuned" for more Wii U Releases

April 30, 2015, 2:43 pm | news | 34 comment(s)

In what could have been just an intricate choice of words, it appears that Activision may actually have more projects for the Wii U aside from just Guitar Hero Live, which was recently confirmed for

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Mighty No. 9 Pre-Order for Wii U Physical Copy Live on Amazon

April 29, 2015, 2:59 pm | news | 29 comment(s)

Yesterday we learned that a physical release of Mighty No. 9 was coming as well as the digital release we have been expecting. Although the physical copy will be $29.99 as opposed to the digital

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Wondering How the GamePad Works in Xenoblade Chronicles X?

April 28, 2015, 8:04 pm | news | 3 comment(s)

Xenoblade Chronicles X has just released in Japan, and gamers have been uploading many gameplay videos showcasing what could be one of the best RPG's in a long time. One thing we haven't seen though

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New Xenoblade Chronicles X Wallpapers to Spruce Up your PC!

April 28, 2015, 4:22 pm | news | 3 comment(s)

Nintendo of Japan released some new Xenoblade Chronicles X Wallpapers for your computer, and they are spectacular. With Xenoblade Chronicles X releasing in Japan, gamers in that region are getting their hands on Monolith's

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Mighty No. 9 Hitting North America September 15th; Retail and Digital Version Incoming

April 28, 2015, 1:56 pm | news | 3 comment(s)

Mighty No. 9 is one of the biggest Kickstarter success stories ever. Keija Inafune, the mastermind behind Mega Man, started this Kickstarter in order to create the true spiritual successor to Mega Man since Capcom

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Stunning Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Showcases Online Play

April 28, 2015, 9:56 am | news | 5 comment(s)

One of the biggest components of Xenoblade Chronicles X is the the online coop and Squad Quests featured in the game. The game features up to 4 player online coop, and also features trading items

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Xenoblade Chronicles X DLC Revealed

April 28, 2015, 9:47 am | news | 21 comment(s)

A new update for Xenoblade Chronicles X in Japan has been detailed, and the focus of the update is additional DLC content. For

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Nintendo Holding Splatoon Mess Fest on May 15th; Celebrity Tournement

April 28, 2015, 9:34 am | news | 2 comment(s)

Nintendo has had an interesting way of marketing their games lately, focusing on unconventional routes instead of the standard TV commercial. With Splatoon lingering on the horizon, Nintendo once again is looking for a different

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