Game Archives  (Wii Virtual Console)

Title ESRB Release Date (NA) Publisher Platform Genre
3D Space HarrierE 10+March 11, 2008SEGAWii Virtual ConsoleThird-Person Shooter
3D Super Hang-OnE 10+May 03, 2012SEGAWii Virtual ConsoleRacing
Adventures of LoloEApril 20, 1989NintendoWii Virtual ConsoleAction
BaseballEOctober 18, 1985NintendoWii Virtual ConsoleSports
Brawl BrothersE 10+N/AJalecoWii Virtual ConsoleAction
CastlevaniaEMay 01, 1987Konami CorporationWii Virtual Console2D Platformer
Castlevania II: Simon's QuestEDecember 01, 1988Konami CorporationWii Virtual ConsoleAction
City ConnectionEN/AJalecoWii Virtual Console2D Platformer
Clu Clu LandECOctober 18, 1985NintendoWii Virtual ConsolePuzzle
Contra III: The Alien WarsE 10+April 06, 1992Konami CorporationWii Virtual ConsoleRun 'n Gun
Crash 'n the Boys Street ChallengeEN/ATechnōs JapanWii Virtual Console-
Donkey KongEAugust 15, 2013-Wii Virtual ConsoleArcade
Donkey Kong 3ENovember 04, 1986NintendoWii Virtual Console2D Platformer
Donkey Kong Jr.EN/A-Wii Virtual Console2D Platformer
Double DragonE 10+April 28, 2013Taito CorporationWii Virtual ConsoleBeat 'em Up
Double Dragon II: The RevengeE 10+June 21, 2012Aksys GamesWii Virtual ConsoleFighting
GradiusEDecember 01, 1986Hudson Soft Co., LtdWii Virtual ConsoleScrolling Shooter
Life ForceEAugust 01, 1988Konami CorporationWii Virtual ConsoleScrolling Shooter
Mach RiderEOctober 18, 1985NintendoWii Virtual ConsoleRacing
Mario Kart 64EFebruary 10, 1997NintendoWii Virtual ConsoleRacing
Mega Man 4EJanuary 01, 1992Capcom Co., Ltd.Wii Virtual ConsoleAdventure
Mega Man 5EDecember 04, 1992Capcom Co., Ltd.Wii Virtual ConsoleAdventure
Mega Man XEJanuary 19, 1994Capcom Co., Ltd.Wii Virtual ConsoleAdventure
Mega Man X2EDecember 15, 1994Capcom Co., Ltd.Wii Virtual Console2D Platformer
Mighty Bomb JackEMay 07, 2007TecmoWii Virtual Console2D Platformer
Milon's Secret CastleEJune 04, 2007Konami CorporationWii Virtual ConsoleAction
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of ChaosEAugust 22, 2013Tecmo KoeiWii Virtual ConsoleFighting
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of DoomEN/ATecmoWii Virtual Console2D Platformer
RIVAL TURF!E 10+December 23, 1992JalecoWii Virtual ConsoleBeat 'em Up
River City RansomE 10+January 01, 1990TechnosWii Virtual ConsoleAction