Game Archives  (Wii U Virtual Console)

Title ESRB Release Date (NA) Publisher Platform Genre
Advance WarsESeptember 10, 2001NintendoWii U Virtual ConsoleTurn-Based Strategy
Adventures of LoloEApril 20, 1989NintendoWii U Virtual ConsoleAction
Brawl BrothersE 10+N/AJalecoWii U Virtual ConsoleAction
CastlevaniaEApril 30, 1987Konami CorporationWii U Virtual Console2D Platformer
Castlevania II: Simon's QuestENovember 30, 1988Konami CorporationWii U Virtual ConsoleAction
Clu Clu LandECOctober 18, 1985NintendoWii U Virtual ConsolePuzzle
Contra III: The Alien WarsE 10+April 05, 1992Konami CorporationWii U Virtual ConsoleRun 'n Gun
Donkey KongEAugust 14, 2013-Wii U Virtual ConsoleArcade
Donkey Kong 3ENovember 03, 1986NintendoWii U Virtual Console2D Platformer
Donkey Kong Jr.EN/A-Wii U Virtual Console2D Platformer
Double DragonE 10+April 27, 2013Taito CorporationWii U Virtual ConsoleBeat 'em Up
F-Zero: Maximum VelocityEJune 12, 2001NintendoWii U Virtual ConsoleRacing
GalagaEAugust 14, 2013Bandai Namco GamesWii U Virtual ConsoleArcade
Golden SunENovember 11, 2001NintendoWii U Virtual ConsoleRole-Playing Game
GolfEOctober 18, 1985NintendoWii U Virtual ConsoleSports
GradiusENovember 30, 1986Hudson Soft Co., LtdWii U Virtual ConsoleScrolling Shooter
Kirby's AdventureEApril 30, 1993NintendoWii U Virtual Console2D Platformer
Klonoa: Empire of DreamsESeptember 11, 2001BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc.Wii U Virtual Console2D Platformer
Mach RiderEOctober 18, 1985NintendoWii U Virtual ConsoleRacing
Mario & Luigi: Superstar SagaENovember 17, 2003NintendoWii U Virtual ConsoleRole-Playing Game
Mega Man 4EDecember 31, 1991Capcom Co., Ltd.Wii U Virtual ConsoleAdventure
Mega Man XEJanuary 18, 1994Capcom Co., Ltd.Wii U Virtual ConsoleAdventure
Mega Man X2EDecember 14, 1994Capcom Co., Ltd.Wii U Virtual Console2D Platformer
Mighty Bomb JackEMay 07, 2007TecmoWii U Virtual Console2D Platformer
PAC-LandEJune 10, 2014Bandai Namco GamesWii U Virtual ConsoleAction
PAC-MAN CollectionECJune 10, 2014Bandai Namco GamesWii U Virtual ConsoleAction
SoccerEJune 12, 2014NintendoWii U Virtual Console-
Super Mario Bros. 2EN/AFuji TVWii U Virtual ConsoleAction
Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost LevelsEApril 30, 2007NintendoWii U Virtual ConsoleAction
Super Mario Bros. 3EFebruary 11, 1990NintendoWii U Virtual ConsoleAction

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