Game Archives  (DSiWare)

Title ESRB Release Date (NA) Publisher Platform Genre
A Fairy TaleEApril 03, 2011Reflexive EntertainmentDSiWarePuzzle
Absolute BaseballEApril 03, 2011TasukeDSiWareSimulation
Airport Mania: First FlightEApril 24, 2011Reflexive EntertainmentDSiWareSimulation
AmoebattleEMay 02, 2012Grab, LLCDSiWareStrategy
Animal Crossing CalculatorRPMay 03, 2009NintendoDSiWareApplication
Animal Crossing ClockRPMay 03, 2009NintendoDSiWareApplication
Anonymous Notes Chapter 1 - From The AbyssE 10+April 03, 2011Sonic Powered Co.DSiWareAction
Anonymous Notes Chapter 2 - From The AbyssE 10+May 01, 2011Sonic Powered Co.DSiWareAction
Art of InkE 10+April 10, 2011SabarasaDSiWareAdventure
Astro InvadersEJuly 06, 2010Enjoy Gaming LtdDSiWareShoot 'em up
Cave StoryE 10+March 21, 2010NicalisDSiWare2D Platformer
Crazy Chicken: Director's CutENovember 06, 2013TeyonDSiWareShooter
Deep Sea CreaturesEMay 15, 2014Collavier CorporationDSiWareSimulation
DodoGo! RoboEApril 17, 2011Neko EntertainmentDSiWareAction
Escape Trick: The Secret of Rock City PrisonE 10+April 10, 2011INTENSE CO., Ltd.DSiWareAdventure
Faceez Monsters!ECMarch 27, 2011Neko EntertainmentDSiWare-
Game & Watch: Donkey Kong Jr.EOctober 25, 1982NintendoDSiWare-
GO Series Captain SubEApril 17, 2011GamebridgeDSiWareAdventure
Hands On! TangramsENovember 23, 2009Enjoy Gaming LtdDSiWarePuzzle
Heathcliff: Spot OnENovember 27, 2013Enjoy Gaming LtdDSiWarePuzzle
Hidden Expedition TitanicEN/AMSLDSiWareAdventure
Hooked on Bass FishingEDecember 04, 2013GamebridgeDSiWareAction
IkibagoEMay 01, 2011Neko EntertainmentDSiWarePuzzle
Inchworm AnimationEApril 24, 2011Flat Black FilmsDSiWareApplication
Jewel MatchEJune 28, 2011AtariDSiWarePuzzle
Jewel Quest 4: HeritageEMay 08, 2014Tulip GamesDSiWarePuzzle
Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!EJune 07, 2009NintendoDSiWarePuzzle
Mighty Milky WayEMay 08, 2011WayForward TechnologiesDSiWareAction
Music on: Learning Piano Volume 2EApril 17, 2011AbylightDSiWareMusic
My Exotic FarmESeptember 05, 2010Bigben InteractiveDSiWareSimulation

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