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Title ESRB Release Date (NA) Publisher Platform Genre
007 LegendsTDecember 11, 2012Activision Publishing, Inc.Wii UFirst-Person Shooter
10-in-1: Arcade CollectionEAugust 14, 2018Gamelion StudiosNintendo 3DS eShopArcade
1001 SpikesTJune 03, 2014NicalisWii U eShopAdventure
101 Penguin Pets 3DECOctober 16, 2013-Nintendo 3DS eShopSimulation
2 Fast 4 GnomzEFebruary 22, 2012QubicGamesWii U eShopArcade
3D Altered BeastE 10+December 04, 2013SEGANintendo 3DS eShopAction
3D Classics Kirby's AdventureENovember 16, 2011NintendoNintendo 3DS eShopAdventure
3D Ecco the DolphinEDecember 11, 2013SEGANintendo 3DS Virtual ConsoleAction
3D Galaxy Force IIEDecember 12, 2013SEGANintendo 3DS Virtual ConsoleRail Shooter
3D Game CollectionEDecember 20, 2012JoindotsNintendo 3DSCard/Board game
3D Out RunRPTBASEGA-Racing
3D Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja MasterE 10+December 18, 2013SEGANintendo 3DS Virtual ConsoleAction
3D Sonic The HedgehogEDecember 04, 2013SEGANintendo 3DS eShopAdventure
3D Space HarrierE 10+March 10, 2008SEGAGame Boy AdvanceThird-Person Shooter
3D Streets of RageE 10+December 18, 2013SEGANintendo 3DS Virtual ConsoleBeat 'em Up
3D Super Hang-OnE 10+May 02, 2012SEGAGame Boy AdvanceRacing
4 ElementsENovember 06, 2013Tulip GamesNintendo 3DS eShopStrategy
6180 The MoonRPTBA-Wii U eShop2D Platformer
8 Bit BoyRPTBA-Wii U eShop2D Platformer
99 SecondsEOctober 02, 2014EnjoyUpWii U eShopAction
A Fairy TaleEApril 03, 2011Reflexive EntertainmentDSiWarePuzzle
A Hat In TimeRPTBAGears For BreakfastWii U eShop3D Platformer
A Rite From The StarsRPTBA-Wii U eShopAdventure
A Wizard's DayRPTBA-Wii U eShop3D Platformer
A World of KeflingsRPTBA-Wii U eShopAction
A-Train: City SimulatorECTBANatsumeNintendo 3DSReal-Time Strategy
A.N.N.ERPTBA-Wii U eShopShoot 'em up
Absolute BaseballEApril 03, 2011TasukeDSiWareSimulation
AbyssRPNovember 30, 2019EnjoyUpWii U eShopAdventure
Acky's ReloadedRPTBA--Action