Kotaku: \”A rumor swirling around a few weeks ago pegged Rocksteady Games as the developers on a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. Rocksteady chief Sefton Hill told Kotaku that, while the rumor was amusing, they\’re doing no such thing.\”

In our Rumor Roundup on January 25th we wrote in regards to that rumor:

\”What to Believe: While the rumor certainly would make sense from a logical standpoint, my gut tells me that something is fishy here. It sounds like a great idea that a fan fabricated because it sounded like it made so much sense and is something that everyone would love and be thrilled about. An incredible TMNT game? Who wouldn’t want that? And it fits so well with the type of gameplay that Rocksteady excels at. So, while it fits with the conditions that would be necessary to be realistic, I still feel that something is fishy here. You can be excited for the possibility, just don’t convince yourself that this is reality just yet.\”

Well, I guess something was fishy after all.


[picture taken in Endless Ocean 2 by our artist, r_hjort]

Written by Menashe

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