Today Nintendo Enthusiast caught wind of offering the Deathstroke DLC as a pre-order bonus on Wii U.  This stands contrary to what we were told by, so we decided to reach out to Amazon for confirmation about this information.


A customer service representative stated;

I can verify that the Wii U has a pre-order bonus. [Further stating that I was correct in referencing the Deathstroke DLC]

You can pre-order Batman Arkham Origins for Wii U on HERE

Amazon have not updated to include the DLC for UK buyers yet, but if this is an indication to the SKU for Wii U we can expect it to be available from local retailers where ever you are soon enough.

Meanwhile we are still trying to get final confirmation from Warner Brothers.

Written by CUGH

A true Nintendo Enthusiast at heart, he likes to apply his own knowledge from an Associate Bachelors in Accounting and come up with his own analysis of industry developments. A constant disagreeing force against Michael Pachter, but from a differing analytical understanding. Tweet me @weeman_com

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