Today Nintendo Enthusiast caught wind of offering the Deathstroke DLC as a pre-order bonus on Wii U.  This stands contrary to what we were told by, so we decided to reach out to Amazon for confirmation about this information.

Batman Amazon

A customer service representative stated;

I can verify that the Wii U has a pre-order bonus. [Further stating that I was correct in referencing the Deathstroke DLC]

You can pre-order Batman Arkham Origins for Wii U on HERE

Amazon have not updated to include the DLC for UK buyers yet, but if this is an indication to the SKU for Wii U we can expect it to be available from local retailers where ever you are soon enough.

Meanwhile we are still trying to get final confirmation from Warner Brothers.

Written by Mark Loughlin

A true Nintendo Enthusiast at heart, he likes to apply his own knowledge from an Associate Bachelors in Accounting and come up with his own analysis of industry developments. A constant disagreeing force against Michael Pachter, but from a differing analytical understanding. Tweet me @weeman_com