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    Xenoblade basic combat guide (part 1)

    In the top left corner of your screen you will notice a blue and a green bar, these are your health and TP meters respectively.
    HP is fairly basic, when it runs out your character or party member is wiped. You typically want to keep this as high as possible to give yourself a protective buffer against strong enemy attacks or negative conditions.
    TP on the other hand is the currency of battle, and is required to pull off a number of more powerful attacks or techniques that can turn the tide of battle. Various things .ill raise and lower this, more covered below.
    Ranged & Melee auto attacks:
    During combat, you character will automatically attack the enemy you have targeted with the weapon currently selected. Every hit you land with this weapon will deal damage based on your characters stats and will also boost your TP by a set amount determined by the weapon you have equipped. Pressing the “X”button will cycle between your ranged or melee weapons. While you might be inclined to use just one weapon or another, switching between them has its advantages. Because each weapon has its own cooldown time, it will be more effective to switch weapons and attack with the other every time one hits its cooldown; this way you can maximize your damage per second and also increase the amount of TP you accumulate over the course of the battle.
    On the bottom of your screen you will notice a number of colored icons. These are your characters “arts” and they serve as your primary methods of attack (and defense). Each art you have is tied to one of the weapons you are using, so if you change to a different weapon type the arts available to you will also change. Each art icon is coated in one of five colors, each color representing a different kind of art. (Melee, Ranged, Buff, Aura, De-buff, but we will talk more about those later) Use the D-pad to select the art you want to use and press the“A” button to activate it. After you use an art it will become grayed out and go into a cooldown state, until it becomes fully lit again you will not be unable to use it. Some arts have “TP” written on their icon, meaning they cost a large amount of TP to use them, however they are often the most powerful arts at your disposal.
    When an art is ready to use and you have its corresponding weapon selected, you may notice that a green meter will circle the bar; this is that art’s Secondary Cooldown meter.
    Whenever this meter is full the art it is on will gain additional effects, often in the form of increased power, reduced cooldown time, or even instant reuse. In order to charge the Secondary Cooldown, you simply have to have the arts corresponding weapon selected while it is not already in a cooldown state.

    Sould Voices and
    Your AI team mates will give call outs from time to time, asking you to do specific attacks or actions on their behalf, these are called “Soul Voices”. Paying attention to these is very important to doing well in combat as when acted upon they provide a number of bonuses that will help you. Whenever you are given one of these prompts by a party member, use any art of the same color as the prompt to complete it. (Art icons of the same color will also pulsate when a soul voice is pending) Successfully pulling off an art for a soul voice will boost the power of the art used and heal both character involved as well as boost the TP of each by a set amount.
    During combat you will frequently be given a prompt in the form of s shrinking circle; pressing the “B” button right as the circle reaches the ring in the middle will heal you and your party and cause your character to issue a Soul Voice of their own to the AI players. Likewise, successfully completing these prompts will also raise your TP and boost the moral level of your team.

    Press the R button to lock onto an enemy target, or if that is not the target you wanted, Press and hold the R button and use either the “Y” or the “A” button to cycle targets left or right respectively. (Be warned, the targeting system is fiddly at the best of times)
    During combat, you might notice that a green icon will appear on party of the enemy you are locked onto, this is the appendage reticle. This reticle will automatically lock onto the nearest enemy appendage in relation to your character, and will displayed that limbs health a small circle within the icon. Typically it is a good idea to focus all of your attacks on a certain enemy body part, as destroying them can either cripple the enemy by disabling on of their attacks or opening up a weak spot in their armor. If you having trouble staying focused on the limb you are after, “click” the right analogue stick to lock the appendage you are currently targeting.

    If your character is ever wiped in battle you will have the option of immediately respawning at the last checkpoint or waiting out for 30 seconds for your AI team mates to either revive you if they have enough TP or finish the battle before the timer runs out.
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  2. Koenig

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    Looking for feedback @FriedShoes @Menashe

    This is very much a rough draft at this point, and I have left a lot out for part II and part III.
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  3. FriedShoes

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    Soul Voices also raise affinity, if only slightly, you and the member who shouted. I think theres some dumb bug where it only takes that effect after the icon itself starts pulsing on your Arts bar, not when the soul voice actually appears. Not combat related at all but good to know in general.

    I like waiting for secondary cooldowns whenever possible.

    I'm sure you'll get into the battle menu stuff later, correct? I have been noticing that its heavily underlooked. I'll see people on the internet complaining about aggro-loving Shield Troopers running around and making battles more difficult, something that could be solved by changing around the AI arts or simply choosing an action in the menu. "Concentrate your fire" is the most useful in that situation and even moreso in appendage breaking.

    Good luck, just really thinking about it theres a lot to cover in combat.
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  4. Koenig

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    Aye. I wanted to get into menu preparation in part II and overdrive/skell combat in part III, However part 1 still needs some more polishing.
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    I will help you put it up once my portable keyboard gets to me Koenig.
  6. simplyTravis

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    This looks great to me! I would love to see a Mining Tutorial in the future. I feel like that would be super helpful.
  7. Koenig

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    Not sure if there is much I could write up on that other than: Focus the mechanical skill, chain every probe you can, and use booster probes in conjunction with duplicator probes.
  8. sjmartin79

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    Thank you for putting this together! I should have read this when I started playing instead of learning it by trial and error.

    Any other XCX guides you guys want to write or add would be greatly appreciated!
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  9. Koenig

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    If I can get another witter or two to collaborate with I would love to write more basic guides for Xenoblade. Send me a PM if you are interested.
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  10. JungianNightmare

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    Oh man.... This is a monstrous undertaking.

    The first game goes pretty deep down the rabbit hole... And thats still pretty easy to wrap ones head around as an evolution of Makoto Shimamoto's Chrono Trigger battle system...

    But X, X is an rpg arse rpg. I mean, this is a point of no return... On one hand Id really love to help, but on the other, I just might not be that consistantly reliable, which normally wouldn't be a problem... But in this case might be more like trying to fill a pool a drop at a time.... And in that sense, am daunted at the prospect of this task.

    And somehow I activated italics.

    There we go.
  11. simplyTravis

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    I meant to say this earlier but, WELCOME TO TNE @JungianNightmare ! Good to see some new blood pumping around here bringing old articles back to life.

    I don't know if this combat guide ever got moving and I know Koenig has been really busy in college.

    If you haven't yet, drop by the CT (community thread) and introduce yourself if you haven't already. There are a lot of good folks around here and you have probably already seen quite a range of views on topics.
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