Why Are Games Already Running Poorly on the PS4 Pro?

Discussion in 'Design and Criticism' started by GaemzDood, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. GaemzDood

    GaemzDood Well-Known Member

    As one who's kept up for the PS4 Pro for quite a while with mixed reactions, I was still keeping my hopes high for the console to rectify one of this generation's biggest problems: games performing at sub-optimal speeds. I'd settle this down on developers wanting to prioritize graphics over responsive gameplay, but considering the fact that there are 30 FPS and sub-30 FPS PS4 games that run below 1080p, games not even using proper levels of anisotropic filtering, and 30 FPS Xbox One games using bizarre resolutions like 765p and hideous reconstruction techniques that produce tons of ghosting, I'm pretty sure it's down to stuff being rushed, bad engines, or both. I can understand low framerates in cases of games like Metal Gear Solid 3 and Shadow of the Colossus where they're pushing new experiences with limitations imposed by technology at the time, but I don't see any game out now that is doing that today and has any excuse to be running below 30 FPS on average.

    You see, with a couple of exceptions, developers generally understood the limitations of the consoles they were working with during the 6th generation, and as a result, you had games that looked beautiful and ran optimally. It was more than ideal, but as new technology started coming around, it seems like developers were too eager to shove it all down without any sort of balance that favored things like low latency controls. Bungie understood this balance well, despite all of their games running at 30 FPS, as they opted out of tiled resources that could be used to get insanely high (at the time) resolutions with MSAA to focus on making the controls as low latency as possible while providing beautiful artwork and lighting. You can see the same philosophy carried over to Destiny, as that game has lower input lag than some 60hz titles out there.

    So back to the PS4 Pro: lets break down what it's library offers.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider: patched. Frame pacing fixed.

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: patched. Frame rate locked to 30 now. I still wish Nixxes would've included a 1080p60 option though.

    Battlefield 1's Conquest mode runs at a night and day difference compared to the PS4, but unlike the 480, which runs the game in the mid 70s owing to people's common sense to select 1080p, the game still dips frames.

    The Last of Us: Patched. 1800p mode runs better than standard PS4 and there is a new 1080p mode that locks the frame rate to 60hz.

    Uncharted 4 doesn't even run at 1800p with checkerboarding and still dips as low as 24 FPS.

    Skyrim Special Edition, a remaster of a 2011 game that still sports Bethesda's love of ugly assets, does hit native 4k, but does so at the expense of performance.

    To wrap up: feedback - take it.
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  2. Jack Lovejoy

    Jack Lovejoy Active Member

    damn, the framerate is that bad on those games?
  3. GaemzDood

    GaemzDood Well-Known Member

    Battlefield 1 actually runs way better on Pro, but because of the obsession with fake 4k and upscaling, it still doesn't run as well as it should. They should've just ran it at 1080p with the high and ultra settings.
  4. GaemzDood

    GaemzDood Well-Known Member

    Add Watch Dogs 2 to that list too.
  5. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

    what a joke
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  6. GaemzDood

    GaemzDood Well-Known Member


    Also relevant is the fact that the first game is literally the most unoptimized Wii U game ever. I had to redo an entire thread just to outline how badly they butchered it.
  7. Shoulder

    Shoulder Beardy McShoulder chippin' In...

    I think one of the lessons here is that even though we have a system that is clearly more powerful, it is ultimately up to the developers to take advantage of it, and early on, some just don't want to. Hell, I recall some people were already saying they were against the idea of two different hardware configurations for the same system due to the added complexity. And it's only going to get worse I think when Scorpio comes out.

    I am honestly not that surprised by what I'm seeing with some games. It's early on, and when you think about it, the vast majority of games for the PS4 were only designed and tailored for OG PS4. Simply adding more hardware to it isn't like dusting crops, boy. Developers still need to optimize the games for it, or the performance differences will not be all that different, or perhaps worse when you try to shoehorn 4k, or checkerboard 4k even.
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  8. GaemzDood

    GaemzDood Well-Known Member

    That's what I'm saying.
  9. Shoulder

    Shoulder Beardy McShoulder chippin' In...

    My point though boils down to optimization, regardless if it's native 4k or not. In fact, most people wouldn't care if it were native 4k or not, especially if they're using some fancy-schmancy AA technique. If developers are not optimizing their game to use the extra hardware, it might not work that well.

    Now, we do know that with the Xbox One S, because of the increased clock speed, games do get a marginal boost in performance. Not much, but enough where you can say there's some improvement. This differs mostly with the PS4 and PS4 Pro, but what is interesting is if you watch Digital Foundry's new video about Return to Arkham running on the PS4 Pro, it runs better without any patches on the Pro over OG PS4, which is strange I think. I mean, some games see improvement, but others do not? What's going on here?

    There has to be something in the hardware of the PS4 itself that is causing this, but I don't know what exactly.
  10. GaemzDood

    GaemzDood Well-Known Member

    I myself prefer when they're not so the developers can divert GPU resources to performance, unless it's something like The Witness where it can run at 4k and 30 FPS while still offering up a 60 FPS option.

    Ratchet & Clank looks better than every single checkerboarded PS4 Pro game and it uses temporal reconstruction AA to fake 4k, and unlike other attempts like Killzone: Shadow Fall and Fast Racing NEO, it actually pulls off a native resolution "look" really well.
  11. GaemzDood

    GaemzDood Well-Known Member

    After seeing numerous checkerboarded 4K and even true 4K games running well on the Pro, I can say that it does work as a 4K console in certain circumstances.

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