TNE what would you like to read? *The White Board*

Discussion in 'Community Hang-Out' started by mattavelle1, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 ARMS is like breathing.......but more important Staff Member Moderator

    So this goes in hand with the announcement thread.

    So here is the whiteboard just post ideas on what you would like to read.

    Thank you for supporting the TNE Community guys. This thread will help this feature be successful for a long time to come.
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  2. Superfakerbros

    Superfakerbros ECE 2018 Staff Member Moderator

    I wouldn't mind reading an article about the forum member's favorite games of all time and why it's their favorite game of all time, including any outside reasons like personal memories, events or feelings leading up to getting the game, the hype that came from it's announcement, etc.
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  3. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    If this is gonna be the next best thing since slice bread, perhaps it's appropriate to start off with this idea. It could make a lot of people say "hey. normal forum members are talking on the front page, gotta get in there".

    Plus, as Jueg said in private, the best articles traffic wise tend to be the big "100 indie games" type articles with multiple authors.

    I vote this to be the first idea.
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  4. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Also, for way less interesting ideas, I had some but can't get anything written.

    1) I want to do a Kirby article. I love the franchise and I tend to do an article about games that get releases, like my Retro article for Tropical Freeze. Unfortunately, there's no controversy surrounding Kirby so I'm not really sure what to write about.

    2) An idea I just had about when fans take it too far. Example I can think of is Smash Bros fans that flip their shit when character X isn't announced, or a new feature is "bullshit". It's alright to be upset about something or dislike a game, but when how far is too far and it starts taking the fun out of everything for everyone. I guess this can also tie into.....

    3) Why do video game fans tend to get looked down upon? Do the general public see the small few freaking out over Samus' heels in Smash Bros and just assume every nerd is a self entitled shit head?

    Those are my ideas, but I can't really come up with ways to expand it. Maybe a collaboration with someone whose interested?
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  5. TheAmazingLSB


    As far as that first idea for the first article, I love it.... It would not only be interesting, but be a great showcase for ALL the forum posters here on TNE....

    It would be a great chance to get everyone involved and hit a home run with the first swing at bat....

    @CoV - I think a Kirby article about how underatted a franchise Kirby really is would be a good idea maybe.... As many don't have many bad things to say about the Kirby franchise as a whole, I feel a lot of so called "Hardcore Gamers" avoid the Kirby games because of their kiddie hook....

    But when you look at the numbers the Kirby games have been a huge money maker for Nintendo over the years.... Even still, Kirby seems to be less and less relevant in the minds of these so called harecore gamers....

    That contrast is striking to me simply because if you ask a lot of gamers what their favorite games are, Kirby is not flying off the tips of most replys tongues.... But if you look at the numbers it would seem Kirby is also one of Nintendo's most popular and successful franchises.... That might be of interest to some....

    I like the idea of doing an article about the indifferences between nerds or gamers and the rest of society in a bid to make people understand that we are them and they are us.... Even if their too fucking cool to admit it....
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  6. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    My first idea of Kirby was to write about how "underrated" it is, wasn't really approved. But I do agree. People say stuff like Mario, Zelda and Metroid being the Big 3, when it's clear that Kirby's sales blow Metroid's out of the water.

    As far as the nerd article, anyone can have that. If I write that one, it might be too negative in tone. Lots of curse words and such.
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  7. TheAmazingLSB


    Hey man.... This ain't the front page type of articles.... I feel like this should be a way for you to write stuff that you wouldn't noramlly be able to do on the front page....

    I'm hoping that this will be the case as I want this to be a way for the posters here to truly express themselves.... That is why this can be so special in terms of what this is going to be vs what the articles are like on TNE now....

    I like the idea of the occasional controversial article if that is truly how the writer of said article feels....
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  8. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Me? Controversial?

    I'm made of sunshine and candy.
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  9. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 ARMS is like breathing.......but more important Staff Member Moderator

    No LSB is right this is not always gonna be gum drops and candy canes.

    Look at Juegs ragging on the multiplayer aspect of Nintendo and you will get an idea that all things back here are fair game.

    It just has to be of really good quality cause the community is of really good quality. Not everyone back here agrees on everything so it's gonna be a blend of controversial and just regular, but always making a good point and quality.
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  10. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    I already have a game in mind, and if you give me an hour (or a week depending on how busy I am), I can have a full write-up about it. Not now, of course, but I would love to have a collaborative article detailing different forum members' #1 game of all time. Essentially, this can be a GOAT article written by gamers.

    Now as far as some of my ideas, here's a couple, first one listed of which I thought about even as a podcast/TNE Radio episode (Cannot remember off-hand if it was already talked about)

    1) The mobile market and Nintendo
    2) How video games can be good for your brain
    3) Gamers ARE insatiable, and here's why:

    And that's just the start. Now I'm not suggest we start controversy for the sake of it though (like my third suggestion), but if you can present the article in a tasteful fashion and/or like an intervention with Gamers, maybe it'll work. Sometimes, we just need to come out and tell it like it is. Stop beating around the bush.
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  11. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    1) I'm always fascinated by the "What you didn't know about this game (or this company)" type of articles. Things that pull back the curtain and give us a glimpse of the humble beginnings of a game or franchise, how the idea came to be, how the game almost wasn't, how it changed from concept to execution, an underlying theme the designer was trying to convey, etc.
    2) Balancing Gaming and Real Life - there are so many stories about people letting gaming take over and ruin their lives (like the man who killed his infant while playing XBox). What about an article showing "The Real Modern Gamer" who balances work, home, social life and still makes time to be an avid gamer, and even show that gamers come from all walks of life and different geographic, religious, socioeconomic, and sexual orientation backgrounds. (Yes, this is a weaker idea, but when I see gamers being looked down upon, I just feel that a portrait of real gamers needs to be painted.

    As for the ideas above, I love the idea of highlighting a member's favorite game. excellent idea @Superfakerbros
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  12. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    For a few months, I've been toying with an article called "The Art of the Modern Gaymer" about LGBT people being a smaller, yet very avid, faction of the gaming community. Do we play different games? Do we play for different reasons? Thoughts on more recent inclusion of LGBT characters in games. How the rest of the LGBT community looks at gamers.

    Not sure if it is front page stuff, but I think it could be interesting.
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  13. Odo

    Odo Well-Known Member

    Nintendo's marketing situation. Kirby, for me, is an example of a killer game that Nintendo doesn't sell properly.
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  14. Cyan

    Cyan Well-Known Member

    Featured User

    I'd love to read/do an article on the Ocarina of time Beta Quest stuff that happened a long time ago. That was like the most interesting thing ever. Only thing that comes close was ILoveBees.

    If I'm chosen to do this I'd love some help.

    [​IMG] x 42 List
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  15. Mr-Chris

    Mr-Chris -Smashing!-

    I wouldn't mind having some sort of article about how people can't possibly fathom playing a Nintendo console, this has sorta been brought up in the chat recently. Like, you get these people and they just don't think about Nintendo like ever and when you bring them up they're like "You play Nintendo? Lol Lakitu" or some shiz like that and I just can't help but think that if you forced these people to play Nintendo's greats that they would NO DOUBT have fun. Something to this effect anyway; just an idea.
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  16. Mr-Chris

    Mr-Chris -Smashing!-

    Perhaps an article asking the forums what they'd like to see in a potential new big IP for Nintendo? What it could be, audience, which developer etc. That could be cool.
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  17. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 ARMS is like breathing.......but more important Staff Member Moderator

    CoV and myself were just thumbing thru this thread to get some article ideas. Just so everyone know I'm gonna go thru and delete all the post that don't have a thread idea in them. So don't freak out lol just gonna clean this place up since everyone now knows what this thread is about. I'll be doing that clean up in a bit.

    EDIT: Ok cleaned up and we got a few ideas it seems. Anytime y'all got an idea for what y'all would like to read please drop the idea here. Thank you TNE
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  18. simplyTravis

    simplyTravis "A nice guy, but looks like a f'n Jedi!"

    I'm noticing a lot of high quality forum posts lately. Maybe an article highlighting some of those posts on the front page once a month or every few months to get more people involved.
  19. jorgejjvr

    jorgejjvr Active Member

  20. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    So guys and girls (if you exist on this board) I'm reaching out for help

    What the fuck do I write? I scrolled through the comments in this thread and I like the ideas, but I'm not the man for these ideas.

    What do I like writing about? I like arguing against whiners. Standing up for Retro's decision to make another DK, Wii U needs Ubisoft, Kirby is under-appreciated. Of course reviews as well. I also like talking about older games, and maybe game I'm currently playing.

    Also Earthbound

    But since E3, there hasn't been much controversy, well, news at all really. I'm really stumped here. I'm doing the July forum post, and me and Mike got our Splatoon article, but I usually like to get out at least one personal article a month.

    Suggestions? Cause I need them
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  21. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    I have an article that I was working on with Matt, but now it's my own article, and I'm currently consulting with Matt, Jueg, and Mike about it. It has to do with the price of video games.

    So that base is covered for now, but I suppose there are other ideas I can float around too:

    -F-Zero: What the future holds for the franchise, and what we want in a sequel (This could actually be something like your July forum article where forum members posts their own ideas as to what he/she may want in a F-Zero sequel).

    -What was your first Nintendo experience (could even have people commenting on the article giving their own input on their experiences)?

    -PowerPC or no PowerPC: That is the question (talk about if Nintendo should ditch their current architecture which they've adopted for over ten years, or go the x86 route or even ARM).

    Things like that I guess. I'm just trying to come up with article ideas that forum members can have discussions about, similar to Jueg's War Room articles.
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  22. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    Which by the way soldier, I'm still meaning to get back to you on that, don't think i forgot about it. I plan to work on your article first, then on helping Travis or Matt's article, soon as i get back.
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  23. MANGANian

    MANGANian Megalomaniacal Robo-Zombie

    How about an article discussing whether or not it's a counter-productive thing for both Nintendo and their install base when Nintendo uses their popular IPs to sell a new idea for a totally new game?
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  24. Mr-Chris

    Mr-Chris -Smashing!-

    Oooo I really like the idea Shoulder mentioned. The price or value of a game and how it's being ruined these days. ("$15?? lol no buy").
  25. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    "50 bucks for DK - no buy"

    Don't understand these people
  26. Superfakerbros

    Superfakerbros ECE 2018 Staff Member Moderator

    Umm...I...uhh...I'm one of those...umm...people...

  27. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Back in the day we spent 50 bucks on Mega Man X or Super Metroid.

    Now a game that offers tons more levels and has just as much replayability and loads of unlockables....too pricey.

    Like I said, just don't understand the sudden "too much" mindset these days
  28. Superfakerbros

    Superfakerbros ECE 2018 Staff Member Moderator

    Dude, I'm a guy who was originally used to spending like $30 tops on a PS2/GC game and had a hard time justifying spending $50+ on any Wii or PS3 game unless I REALLY wanted the game...or it was a Nintendo game. I'm not saying that the game isn't worth $50 in terms of content. It's just not worth $50 to me as there are other high quality games that offer more content and enjoyment for me for less. But, for people like you and Matt, it's more than worth $50 because you guys really loved it. It's just that I myself tend to prefer 3D games over 2D ones
  29. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Never meant to single you out specifically, but I'm just saying a lot of people are like that these days.

    Dishonored got 9/10's across the board? I'll wait til Steam Summer sale and then never play it anyways
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  30. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 ARMS is like breathing.......but more important Staff Member Moderator

    Ok guys get that convo outta your system cause Im going to have to clean up this thread again tomorrow to get it back down to just article ideas.

    And yes that article that your talking about with pricing is and has been in the works for awhile. Shoulder has got a great solid draft hammered out
  31. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    I appreciate it, Jueg. I know you haven't forgotten. El Sombrero never forgets. :mhug:
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  32. Superfakerbros

    Superfakerbros ECE 2018 Staff Member Moderator

    It's all good. I didn't take it personally


    Maybe an article discussing whether or not the $60 price should apply to every major retail game released
  33. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 ARMS is like breathing.......but more important Staff Member Moderator

    We are tackling some of this with Shoulders article thats in the works
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  34. MANGANian

    MANGANian Megalomaniacal Robo-Zombie

    This is different though. Steam sales are meant to take advantage of consumer greed and ignorance. They're aren't losing much when it comes to licensing software copies of their games compared to physical copies. Current marketing practices involve exploiting a customer's view on purchasables to increase revenue. It's the same thing going on with the food industry with that retard "healthy lifestyle" craze going around.

    Also, keep in mind, gaming was a luxury then, and when things tend to become common they lose their value. $60US dollars is a lot, but I personally would not mind as long as I can see my monies' worth.
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  35. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Yeah I don't need all my games to be 60 bucks :p

    But I don't have a problem shelling it out for a game that's great. Silent Hill Shattered Memories is a great game, but I remember beating it in like 5 hours. I was a bit disappointed with that.

    And steam sales are great for people who are on the fence about games they're not sure if they'll like, but this whole "game x looks fantastic! will wait til sale" is a tad weird, but I do understand if money is an issue or something.
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  36. MANGANian

    MANGANian Megalomaniacal Robo-Zombie

    I personally believe it's the marketers fault for devaluing their developers games to increase sales. Nintendo rarely does it and it pretty much fare them well.

    Don't get me wrong, the sales are a god-send, but consumer's are too easily influenced by these things, and marketers are supposed to have the knowledge to know you should not give your customers too much or that will be all they will expect.

    In terms of the steam sales, Valve are netting much more than they're losing it's almost hilarious, and humans who can't seem to understand how too much of a good thing may become useless or bad in the long run.
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  37. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    I believe it's been studied that when an item is "on-sale," people are more likely to buy it than if it were at normal price, even if the item in question was the same price. Just the idea of you're buying something on sale will encourage many consumers. The idea that gamers are using sales as a means to justify a good purchase I think can be part of the issue here. Imagine if a AAA game was only 30 dollars instead of 60. Would more gamers be inclined to buying it from the get go and for over the course of let's say two years rather than two months at 60 dollars?
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  38. MANGANian

    MANGANian Megalomaniacal Robo-Zombie

    You nailed it right there.
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  39. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    So I just had another idea for a another Front page article that @CitizenOfVerona could tackle. I'm stealing this one from Reddit, but who cares?

    Basically, the question was asked, "What video games have aged well?"

    And I immediately thought, "That is a great question!" The reason is because while at first we can talk about graphics, and games that simply look timeless, but what about other aspects of video games? The gameplay, soundtrack, the story, etc? What aspects of video games have aged well over the years, and perhaps it's possible this is where we could get a panel of TNEer's to post their favorite games that have aged well over the years. I already would have some ideas on that btw.

    But if we want to be original, you could always rephrase the question and instead say, "What video games were ahead of their time?" That could also simply be a secondary question or a different article entirely, but you get the point.

    I think the idea of having forum members post their thoughts on this could be really cool, and it might also bright to light some very underappreciated games that many people probably don't realize even exist.
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  40. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    I think that works well as a forum question of the month. If I had to write it by myself it would just be me talking about games I liked
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  41. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    I was already talking about it as another forum question of the month, but I forgot what to call it again. :mfacepalm:
  42. Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Laer_HeiSeiRyuu Well-Known Member

    The over ambitious games on platforms seem to age poorly as they're great for their time, but things that come later do what they did much better.

    While games that work within the constraints of a platform yet work brilliantly and are so tightly designed

    Compare the OG metroid, Metroid Zero Mission and Super Mario Bros 3.
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