The Xbox "Hut": Forza Horizon 2 Review! (10/21/14)

Discussion in 'Multi-Platform' started by ZyroXZ2, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. ZyroXZ2

    ZyroXZ2 Active Member

    Hello everyone! The Xbox "Hut" will not run in an episodic nature like the Wii U "Five", but nonetheless will have a constant flow of videos! This thread is being converted to keep a rolling log of the last 3 videos, so enjoy! :)

    Forza Horizon 2 Review:

    Let's Play with Jeremy:

    Destiny Review:

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  2. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 The Simple Man Staff Member Moderator

    Post the videos in the multi-platform forum and were good.
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  3. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes Based Mod Staff Member Moderator

    Fine by me if you're up for it.
    I dont own a One, will probably stay like that for a while. Looking forward to your new xb1 related videos.
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  4. Mr-Chris

    Mr-Chris -TNE's resident Star Fox lover-

    Good stuff Zyro. I'll probs get a One eventually, since most of my irl mates have it. And dat Master Chief Collection. Though if it were up to me I'd be owning every console ever if I could!
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  5. ZyroXZ2

    ZyroXZ2 Active Member

    Here's the intro video, then! I'll also add it to the original post:

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  6. Mike D.

    Mike D. Lacks pupils Staff Member Moderator

    Congrats, man. I've only played Forza at the kiosk in GameStop, but I really liked the One's controller for its triggers. Probably the only time I've played a racing sim and thought "y'know, this is actually a good stand in for foot pedals."

    I would say that you could find some TitanFall players around these parts, but I think they're mostly on PC.
    Or a PS3. I've never understood the UI complaints on the Wii U (unless the PS4 boots like a Chromebook or a Win8 machine).
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  7. Odo

    Odo Well-Known Member

    What?!? You bought a X1? :mangry:


    Just kidding.

    Have a good time :mcool:

    and share your Microsoft experiences.
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  8. ZyroXZ2

    ZyroXZ2 Active Member

    Oh I'll be converting this thread into a more "official" one next week ;)
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  9. Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Laer_HeiSeiRyuu Well-Known Member

    Want a vita?
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  10. ZyroXZ2

    ZyroXZ2 Active Member

    Sooo, want to know what a Nintendo fan thought of the Destiny Beta? You don't care?!... I see how it is...

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  11. ZyroXZ2

    ZyroXZ2 Active Member

    I decide to tackle the topic of Microsoft's Cloud... with Microsoft PowerPoint! :D

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  12. simplyTravis

    simplyTravis Oooh! What should I put for my "Custom Title"?

    Actually, I am considering an XBone before PS4 because of the exclusives. I was a huge Killer Instinct fan back in the day and its kind of killing me that I can't play it.
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  13. ZyroXZ2

    ZyroXZ2 Active Member

    First things first: I've moved to a new video editing suite. This is my first use of it, so I wouldn't mind some feedback on the new transitions! The new software is still cheap, but far more advanced than what I was using before!

    Of course, the important bit is what this video is about: it's also my first Xbox One game review! So what do I think about the revival of the Killer Instinct franchise? Watch it and find out! :)

    See the video above, it's practically just for you, hahaha!;)
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  14. simplyTravis

    simplyTravis Oooh! What should I put for my "Custom Title"? First of all, great video and review. I will have to check more of your stuff out. It is really professionally done and you have a good announcer voice unlike the squeaky 12 year olds that cuss every two seconds.

    Secondly, I need to hit up Ebay around Christmas or wait in line for a good deal because I think you just sold an Xbone. I'm that big of a fan of the original KI...sigh.

    Thirdly, ULLLLTRRAAAAAAAAAAAA COMMMBOOOOOOOOO! I enjoyed that you emphasized the sounds.

    Randomly, I was just complaining that Tekken has too many characters the other day and made it feel rather impersonal (the ideals behind minimalism in art dealt with this) and made the game unrelatable for me. I think a roster of 8 to 16 is very much what I would want in a fighting game and then having them add more in "seasons" isn't a bad idea. The costumes were pretty nifty and I could see myself playing the game enough to unlock them opposed to paying for things like I do in Toribash which is my current favorite fighting game.

    Also, the transitions were well done but I think taking the green and having it turn transparent in sort of a gradient towards the bottom might be nice. You don't have any text down there and seemed empty but I knew I was supposed to be looking at the game which was all the sudden green. I would look at it first though and see if you like it because I could see some problems with that too.
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  15. ZyroXZ2

    ZyroXZ2 Active Member

    Thanks, I'll be continually providing Xbox One content, so if you're going to become an owner and want peer reviews and info, I'd be happy to be that guy!

    KI's Season 2 is coming mid-October, and I'm pretty excited about it, being a KI fan myself! You can't go wrong as a fan of this game, it retains its arcade feel, and is a worthy purchase!

    And thank you for your feedback on transitions. With this new software is a lot of stuff I can do, so I'll work on the transitions over time ;)
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  16. ZyroXZ2

    ZyroXZ2 Active Member

    I know you all are busy with 'Destiny', but I've reviewed some Xbox One accessories! Get geared up! :)

    P.S. 'Destiny' is currently installing on my Xbox One!
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  17. ZyroXZ2

    ZyroXZ2 Active Member

    So did I get my money's worth out of my steering wheel and stand setup with 'Forza Motorsport 5'? Watch and find out!

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  18. ZyroXZ2

    ZyroXZ2 Active Member

    Yup, I caved into the hype and gave 'Destiny' a whirl. So, how did it fare against all that hype that got non-believers like me to buy it?

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  19. Ex-Actarus

    Ex-Actarus Well-Known Member

    @ZyroXZ2 , great review on Destiny !
    I like the Nintendo comparison for Bungie as far as expectations goes. You're so right !!!

    Halo 2 and Halo 3 had ridiculous expectations as well. And many Halo fans - myself included - were a bit disappointed. But maybe our expectations were just too big...
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  20. ZyroXZ2

    ZyroXZ2 Active Member

    I bring my first guest onto the Xbox "Hut" show, and allow him to try his skills at Forza Motorsport 5... with my steering wheel setup! He's consequently also the first dude to come on my show as a guest!

    As a player who's been using a controller, how well does he fare with a force feedback steering wheel? Let's watch and find out!

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  21. ZyroXZ2

    ZyroXZ2 Active Member

    There's nothing quite like the unrealism of an arcade racer. But what if that was layered with sim racing characteristics, placed in a highly detailed and large open world, and spattered with lots of cars and various activities? What you have is this.

    Also, my British apparently degrades drastically on 3 hours of sleep...
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