Nintendo Software & Hardware Development Restructuring Officially Underway

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    Kyoto Development Center

    Restructure Details

    Central HQ Building / Kyoto Research Office (old buildings)
    - "1,000 developers" from the Central Office HQ vacated
    - "100 developers" from the Kyoto Research Office vacated
    - Intelligent Systems vacated from Kyoto Research Office into their new private building.
    - No more development personnel in Central Office HQ?
    - Only Mario Club Co., Ltd left in Kyoto Research Office?

    Kyoto Development Center (new building)
    - June 2014 official time of personnel transplant
    - "1,000" Nintendo developers from Central HQ and "100" Nintendo developers from Kyoto Research Office merged into new Kyoto Development Center.
    - Hardware and all Software personnel now in one building.
    - 1,100~ / 1,500+ capacity filled thus far
    - Nintendo hopes for better efficiency and expansion
    - SRD is on the "8th floor" of building (Nintendo technology affiliate)
    - EAD absorbed several SPD development personnel.
    - SPD production units still separate. May not be in this building.
    - SDD (Miiverse, System tools) and IRD (Hardware engineers) in building.
    - SDD includes a Network Operations Department, with over 100 developers purely focused on network infrastructure and network based applications. (small chapter at Tokyo office as well)
    - Katsuya Eguchi is department manager of all EAD groups in building. (New 90's Miyamoto)
    - Slight delay of Kyoto based development of games until 2015.

    - Sakamoto and his personal development team re-emerging under new identity?
    - Graphic Art staff collectively throughout Nintendo about 40-50% female.
    - EAD Tokyo unaffected
    - Iwata / Miyamoto establish "General Support Group" which is an alliance of small internal and external support studios filling out large EAD production units. (1-Up Studio, Monolith Kyoto, Indies Zero, Mox).
    - Nintendo has become a large client of Digitalscape Co., Ltd. (temp agency) hiring large number of contract workers, and having a high retention rate of most of them after contract is over. (Mostly for EAD Tokyo)
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  2. Koenig

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    Lets hope that the restructuring helps to improve efficiency. I wonder how long it will take for the employees to get used to the changes?
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    What's the source for this? Or is it from a PR mail?
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    Maybe now they can pump out games at a faster rate with less dev issues.
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  6. EvilTw1n

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    Before anyone rolls eyes at GAF (like I just did), the bottom of that post lists these sites as its source material:,jp / / /

    Lots of translation work must've gone into that, but sadly, that makes it hard to try to corroborate the data.
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    And now, the Sakamoto portion of the thread.

    This is interesting:

    "Sakamoto and his development unit vacated SPD Production Group No. 1. So the next Rhythm Heaven, Tomodachi Collection 3, WarioWare, Metroid Dread will be under some new mysterious group.

    "His group was also the lead team behind the Vitality Sensor. It just never materialized."


    Also interesting:

    "Sakamoto had about a dedicated 40-50 developers exclusive to his SPD Production Group No. 1. It is a very small R&D team considering Sakamoto spreads them out around 3 projects at a time. Despite a few bombs, Rhythm Heaven and Tomodachi Life give Sakamoto and his team a lot of weight for creating new properties with small resources. Don't forget, that technically Sakamoto's group also did much of the groundwork for the Miis."

    Shikamaru Ninja never quite clarifies exactly what Sakamoto's role will be; it does seem odd for him to leave SPD after getting a bump there.

    Name dropping Dread is always a perilous thing. The last we heard on Dread was that Sakamoto wants "to reset the situation at once and start from scratch." Suppose there's no better way to do that than with a whole new development structure.
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    So is all that a good thing or not ?
    I have no clue...

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