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    "Hideo Kojima has confirmed that his first post-Konami game will use a third-party engine, and that his well-documented trips to meet creatives - in video games and otherwise - have at least in part been to find which tools his new project will utilise.

    Speaking at the Nordic Game 2016 festival, Kojima explained that in order to ensure a timely release for the new Kojima Productions' debut, he had to go against his preferred methods:

    "I actually think it's better to make games using internal tools," Kojima said. "As for my first title, because I want to release it to the people who are waiting for it, for that title we are going to use a third-party engine - the reason I am travelling around the world is looking for such technology to use."

    "Kojima has previously said that he and PS4 architect, Mark Cerny were "searching for the newest technology", but it's not been clear exactly what that meant until today.

    Kojima's tour has seen him visit Quantic Dream (currently working on a new engine), and CryEngine creators Crytek, among others.

    His new game is said to be for fans of AAA action, and his talk emphasised that his plans for it expanded beyond being a "small title" after his meetings during the tour:

    "At the beginning I was thinking to make a small title, [but] after I met friends and acquaintances worldwide they said, 'no everyone's expecting you to make a big title'. So the first title coming from me will be a big title."

    "The new Kojima productions was set up after Kojima split with Konami and partnered with Sony.

    Kojima recently revealed the secret behind his new studio's logo - that the mascot - a helmeted skull - has a name, Ludens, and has a full body to go along with it."

    I just wanted to post this because I'm extremely excited to see what game he has in store for everyone next....

    I'm in love with MGSV....

    Whatever this ends up being, it's going to be amazing....

    It's also very interesting that Kojima has decided to go all third party on the engine, something he has been outspoken against for many years now....

    It would seem without Konami's money, Kojima is being forced into using a third party engine to get results....

    So then maybe if this next game is a success, he can fund his own engine for his next project, if there even ever is one....

    What say you...?
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    I think not being forced to work on MGS is going to be great for him. And I'm sure the game is going to have amazing gameplay and a ridiculous story.
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    I totally agree with this 100%. I'm no fan of Kojima or his games. As an artist and some who is following his passion this will be huge for him. All that said tho I would play his game tho if it appealed to me. That new studio logo is sooooooo bad to the bone for real.
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    years of fox engine pimping to this? lol
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    Of course we want a big title. He now knows it and he'll do it. He won't waste an opportunity like delivering what everyone is waiting for.

    I wish all devs were like him.
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    By Will Fulton —May 23, 2016


    "Few figures in gaming have made a more sensationalized break from the mainstream industry than Japanese auteur Hideo Kojima. Best known for his long-running Metal Gear Solid series of action/stealth games, Kojima’s contentious departure from franchise publisher Konami at the end of Metal Gear Solid V‘s development was one of the most widely covered bits of industry gossip in the medium’s history. It should come as little surprise then that Kojima’s opinion of big studios has soured somewhat, and in a recent roundtable discussion with Gamereactor, he made clear his intention to keep his new independent studio to a more manageable size.

    “I’m aiming to keep the staff less than 100 people,” Kojima explained. In contrast, his team for MGSV numbered significantly more than 200. His stated reason for wanting to limit the studio’s size is communication. He alluded to huge, Hollywood productions where more than 1,000 people can work on the same film, which can end up muddling the final product because not everyone is able to be on the same page. With a team of 100, Kojima can have direct lines of communication with everyone working under him and maintain a coherent vision for the project, which is particularly important for an auteur designer such as himself.

    Related: Hideo Kojima has his own YouTube show and its called ‘HideoTube’

    During the discussion, he mentioned that as he is assembling developers and technology, he is also touring other studios around the world “to get inspiration about what kind of studio [he wants] to make/create.” He quipped about a visit to Swedish Battlefield series developer Dice: “I’ve found that at any studio the kitchen is very important… I saw at Dice in Stockholm they had 40 microwaves, and also there’s so many coffee makers, and I understood that that is very important.”

    As for what that new studio will be making, we don’t currently have much to go on. Soon after formally announcing his departure from Konami, he that his new studio, Kojima Productions — not to be confused with his , also called Kojima Productions — had lined up an exclusive agreement with Sony to launch a brand new franchise on the . PlayStation consoles were to the Metal Gear Solid games for a long time, so Sony was no doubt eager to stake a claim to whatever Kojima did as soon as it was contractually feasible."
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    ^ mfw it wasnt Silent Hills
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    Hideo Kojima is one of the all-time great video game developers / producers / directors. For his style of games, he is to them what Miyamoto is to Zelda and Mario. Not only did he pretty much write the book on full tactical espionage, but his games played out like a manga adapted to a movie. This dude not only developed the graphical engine for his games, but he programmed them, directed all of the cutscenes, and is pretty much as hands on as possible. He's a master at his craft and I can't wait to play his latest game.
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    Check out The Tomorrow Children and Dreams. The Tomorrow Children uses Cascaded Voxel Cone Ray Tracing and Dreams uses Distance Field Occlusion. That said, Dreams is a compute software renderer, which I don't think Kojima is aiming for. Also, check out some of Nvidia's tech, mainly VXAO and VXGI. It's about 28ms for VXGI and VXAO on a GTX 660, so I'm not sure how he'd optimize it for the PS4. They could use a quarter res buffer for every frame and update 1 out of 16 pixels for each 4x4 pixel block within the final image with temporal reprojection, a la Horizon's volumetric clouds. It made the clouds, that should've otherwise been 20ms on PS4, 10 times less than that.

    Also, Rise of the Tomb Raider's voxelized volumetric lighting is a pretty big deal.

    Seriously, if you wanna look into the future, real time global illumination is the way to go, not 4k.
  13. Odo

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    Can PS4 Pro run real time global illumination?
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  14. GaemzDood

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    The Tomorrow Children is a PS4 exclusive...

    Also, DriveClub uses a form of it if I recall correctly.

    The Xbox One can run it too, technically. Fable Legends was using Light Propagation Volumes before it was cancelled.

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