Help me figure out my 4K stategery

Discussion in 'Community Hang-Out' started by tekshow, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. tekshow

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    4K is upon us, the future is here with VR (kinda) and the NX looms in the forever of tomorrow.

    I'm trying to figure out the most bang for my buck. Mostly because my wife's complaints are directly proportionate to the dollars I spend on electronics. Someday's I think of going on a whirlwind shopping spree the kind sweepstakes with tear out letters were made of back in the day at the KB toy stores.

    I digress.

    Help me answer this question:
    4K in the bedroom is great, and my first step I think is I want a game console that takes advantage of this. Do I buy an Xbox 1 S because I've never owned a MS console before and I'm buying into that backward compatibility? It upscales games right? I know it at least does HDR and it seems to have more on the list than Sony at this point.

    I think I'm skipping the Pro, the PS4 is going to be updated very soon to handle HDR games. Do I wait for Scorpio and get a true 4K console? Plus I figure the PS4 won't be as outdated as quickly as the X1S, I think the Pro keeps the PS4 in the loop. Wheras the Scorpio looks like the true leap.

    And... I'm talking out loud cause I'm bored. Has anyone else taken the 4K plunge yet? What are your thoughts and how will you be approaching gaming with the technology?

    Thanks TNE
  2. mattavelle1

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  3. Shoulder

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    I'll make this post quick right now since I'm at work, but here are some things to consider:

    4K is among us, that much is clear, but it is less about the resolution itself, and more about the HDR capabilities, local dimming, and wide-color gamut abilities of the TVs. There's also the issue of Dolby Vision vs. HDR10, the two main competitors to HDR in 4K TVs.

    If you ask me, DV is the better technology, but HDR10 is more accessible for mass production, and I think will ultimately win out.

    I'll be back for more later.
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  4. FriedShoes

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    loooooool VR
    I will be closely watching this, though, for some decently priced sets with nice HDR capabilities.
  5. EvilTw1n

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    If you really wanna notice 4K as a resolution bump, be prepared to buy an 80" television and sit about 5 feet from it. Combine that with what Shoulder is talking about with HDR, WCG, and local dimming, which are really your holy trinity for new televisions. Those are the features to look for and research in a new television.

    On 4K consoles? It's the same as a non-4K console. Look at the games you want to play and see who has the most of them. Unless the XB Astrological Sign retails for $800, it probably won't be native 4K and will likely end up the same as the PS4 Bro - 4K through checkerboarding.
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  6. tekshow

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    Ooh man. So I got a Sony mid level Bravia and it's a 2015. Turns out instead of local dimming they use "frame dimming" and some Sony proprietary algorithm to make sure there isn't too much bloom. All the other features seem to check out and compare favorably with Samsung.

    Maybe I need that though, I could sell it? Upgrade?

    After posting this I made it worse cause I went and watched Forza and Horizon ZD videos in 4K HDR (via my supported YouTube TV app) and they both looked simply stunning!

    So maybe a Pro and an S? I could sell the "old" PS4 to contribute... hmmm :rolleyes:
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  7. tekshow

    tekshow Active Member

    I can sit about 3 feet from my 4K in the bedroom, but 55" is already maxing out the space I have. For Christmas my wife and I discussed upgrading our 1080p projector downstairs to a 4K epson. They finally have one for about $3k that is true 4K Andre I believe supports HDR. The throw distance is about 13 feet on a 110" screen. I could sit really close if I wanted to. ...

    Yeah I guess I already knew that about the Pro.., it's like they rushed it from a threat of MS looming with their astral plan. All the more reason why keeping my PS4 and getting S immediately or Scorpio next year seems to make more sense.
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