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  1. nerdman

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    Welcome to the NE Fitness Thread.[​IMG]In this thread we turn a bunch of soft flabby gamers into fit healthy gamers. Use this thread for the following.Fitness and Health Knowledge
    Knowledge is powah! Share your workout plans, diets, recipes, workouts and all types of fitness goodness with your fellow enthusiast.
    Report Progress

    Whether you're trying to lose some weight or just improve your general health it helps to have some accountability. Report your progress here. Let's celebrate your victories and learn from the mishaps.

    Fitness and health can sometimes be more mental than physical. Keeping a healthy state of mind helps you from slipping into old habits. Feel free to share your experience here.
    Now go fellow enthusiast.
    Let's put some stereotypes to rest. Let's be fit.
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  2. nerdman

    nerdman pig's gotta fly

    [Saved for Info Dump]
  3. Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Laer_HeiSeiRyuu Well-Known Member

    Im directly opposed to Veganism ( I think humans are supposed to have diverse diets)

    Everything that's food(if it goes bad its food) must come in moderation, even
    beans(chemical compositions mimic different reactions in the body, for
    instance eating a lot of red meat leads the body to produce a molecule
    that when it combines with the other molecule L-carnitine it causes the
    heart to be inflamed ( which I find odd as to why they call it heart disease... )

    Doctors are too speculative,imo(I think its kinda foolish to spend all this
    money trying to "cure" cancer when its what happens to bodies organs
    when its a bodies reaction to the environment, not a bacterial disease or a virus) (But I like House lol XD)
    I got to them for deep flesh wounds

    Actually a lot of diseases is your body being inflamed that depends solely upon how your body expresses certain genes(not exactly that simple but yeah thats the base)

    So yeah I take supplements and two formulations(they enter cells directly,) Ensuring everything's properly nourished XD

    Its really important to understand your body, and how it functions. (I take Bikram Yoga to that end )

    Mental Health... hmm not quite sure how to get into that and verbalize my own particular experience and growth in that particular example
  4. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    I've been doing the Paleo diet for the past month a half, give or take. It's been great, actually. I don't feel like I've missed out on any kind of nutrient in particular, and I feel healthier than I've felt in years. I'm losing weight as well, of course, just about 2 notches on my belt to be exact.
    The Paleo diet is not complex or unreasonable at all. Basically, you eat the kind of food your body has evolved to process most effectively in your progression from good old mammal to human being. Meats, nuts, leaves, gruits, veggies, and baically any old thing a monkey could pick off his surroundings, are fair game. Bread and refined sugars, on the other hand, are a no no. The rationale is that the human body comes from a very very long process of adaption to the environment, so that it the mammals that have been more effective at processing the food they find in their environment are the ones that have survived, leading to the modern man. When we eat something we ourselves processed, like bread or refined sugars, however, we are eating a food that, while edible, is not particularly easy for our bodies to process effectively.
    Anyway, after spending pretty much every day doing the Paleo diet, all it takes is for a trip to a Mexican restaurant to ruin my body for the whole day, and part of the next one. Eating tacos, pasta, a burger, or pizza, actually has consequences on my body now, whereas before I always felt so bad that I barely noticed any difference.
    Just for the record, I don't actually hunger because of the diet. Eating meats and learning how to cook well do more than enough to satisfy me. I won't lie and say I don't look forward to the occasional "cheat day", because really I think burgers and pizza can be such incredible experiences, but I don't really crave them often at all.
  5. Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Laer_HeiSeiRyuu Well-Known Member

    Ha if you're going to cheat you should eat Italian Pizza ( you know the flat breadish things they make)

    I dont like pizza, TBH XD. Its easier to process those heavy foods when you have an empty stomach ( meaning that's all you eat for 3 hours or so)

    Like when you eat a bunch of cuban pastries or waaaaayyy too much Ice cream.

    Do you eat any seafood juegos?
  6. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    Unfortunately I've never been a fan of seafood, but I think it's mostly because of a lack of trying.
  7. DarkDepths

    DarkDepths Your friendly neighbourhood robot overlord

    I don't entirely agree with you there. Many instances of cancer are a reaction to the environment, but that's not always the case. Cancer occurs when cells "forget" to die, right. So cells are all programmed to die in a process called apoptosis. Damage to the cell, especially through genetic changes can cause a cell to lose that part of it's programming. When that happens, the cell becomes too prolific and continues to replicate as if it has to repopulate the world! Thus, you get tumors. While it is true that there are carcinogens that cause this kind of damage, and that we are capable of making decisions that influence our likelihood of getting cancer, it is also true that we can live the most "pure" and "clean" lives as possible and still get cancer. All it takes is bad luck. Cells regenerate and die at a very rapid rate which means that there is a high probability of random mutations. Of course, the longer you live, the more likely you are to experience them. But, even at a very young age those mutations can occur for no other reason than bad luck itself.

    So for that reason, I think it is quite a good idea to be spending significant sums of money on things like cancer research.
  8. EvilTw1n

    EvilTw1n Even my henchmen think I'm crazy. Staff Member Moderator

    I do my working out with basketball, and always have. I lost about 30 pounds a few years ago by being out in the horrid, humid Northeastern heat of the summer, playing basketball every day (well, I also changed my eating habits and had a bunch of emotional stress, so there's that). Since then, my metabolism has been crazy enough to basically be able to eat whatever I want (and when I feel a few extra pounds creeping on, I just eat well for a week and I'm OK). But that's changed a bit, and I do need to get back into a workout routine.

    However, now I'm in a new area, with no court immediately nearby. And about three weeks ago, I screwed up my ankle (I pulled my Achilles, then wrapped it too tight; either that, or I had a worse sprain than I thought, because there has been a lingering numbness these past few weeks that is just now starting to go away). I can't freaking wait to be able to trust my ankle again and do some work. And worse...yeah, suicides/sprints.
  9. Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Laer_HeiSeiRyuu Well-Known Member

    Eh, I just feel that all the research isnt applied well, but I guess eventually something else might come out of it. It was especially startling to see just how much some doctors dont understand some things about how the body functions.
  10. Cyan

    Cyan Well-Known Member

    Featured User

    So I'm going to get into shape as well since I found out I have quite a bit of medical problems that I won't go into (Nothing too bad, but they're still not cool). I've been walking a lot more (But not the 4 miles a day I use to when I was 20), but I got bad shoes that give me blisters all over my feet even when I were double pairs of socks. Also, I really messed up my thighs today walking in the sun. Rubbing together until they're raw is not fun at all.

    I'm also drinking a lot more water, and when I want a treat I go for canned coffee (normally forgien, and around $1) instead of soda. Plus I've started eating Lean Pockets instead of Hot Pockets, and lots of Greek yogert. I'm mainly a microwave kinda guy. I can bake also, and make pasta, but in the summer it's too hot to cook. If anyone knows some inexpencive healthy things that you can microwave, or don't need to prepair at all let me know.

    Currently I am 260lbs. But I hope to be 250 by aug.; However, I'd settle for any kind of weight loss, lol.
  11. Syri

    Syri Member

    Joined a gym the first of February this year. Been going on average 3-5x a week since (except for the month of may, during which I was out of town).

    been slacking a little bit lately, though. Have only gone like 2x a week the last 2 weeks. My current goal is to do at least 30m of cardio 3x a week.

    Yesterday was 30m on the treadmill 4% incline. Today after I get my eyebrows done, I'm going to head over and hopefully spend 30m on the stationary bike. Muscles are still sore from weights 2 days ago, so probably going to avoid that.

    Have re-started logging my calorie intake. Daily average is about 1200, with the average goal being 1630; yesterday was 1100, day before that a whopping 1400 (woot!), day before that I had a hard time breaking 900. Today so far I am only at about 600, so I need to figure out something that I can have for dinner that will give me a bit more calories without being a big meal. Blargh.

    I'm not gonna tell ya'll my weight right now (at least not on a public forum), but suffice to say I am still overweight. Haven't lost any weight in the last 6 months outside a fluctuation of about 5lbs on average, which is frustrating, but I am feeling a little stronger, which is nice. I've begun to be able to see some definition in my upper arms, and while slight, it makes me happy :D

    been having some heart issues lately, but got my full bloodwork panel scheduled for tuesday the 16th, and a checkup on the 29th. Fingers crossed!
  12. theMightyME

    theMightyME Owner of The Total Screen

    anyone have any ideas for improvised weight lifting and other workouts? I have been doing what I can figure out... I can't just go out and go running as I am too large and would injure myself... but as my weight is dropping I plan to start increasing my workouts... I don't have the money for a gym, have too much body shame to sue a public pool... and I don't have any exercise equipment since my sister broke my recumbent exercise bike... it is ahrd for me to do basics like push-ups because I just carry too much weight on me right now (though I intend to work my way to it)

    my biggest asset is that we have 3 gallon bottles from arrowhead

    they are a bit cumbersome to use, but I have improvised a few workouts with them... shoulder shrugs, tricep reaches, something like a military press... but I am looking for a more diverse workout...

    anybody have ideas?
  13. nerdman

    nerdman pig's gotta fly

    If you're having hard time with push ups, then I it's difficult to think of some resistance training without any equipment.
    Can you save up for some 20-30 lb dumb bells? Those could go a long way.
  14. Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Laer_HeiSeiRyuu Well-Known Member

    I do Bikram Yoga for my exercising. I prefer to have my muscle elongated

    For sports though I do training(swimming, soccer, break dancing etc) but I never touch weights. Ever.
  15. theMightyME

    theMightyME Owner of The Total Screen

    did weights rape your father... and kill your mother?
  16. Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Laer_HeiSeiRyuu Well-Known Member

    No they killed Jack Frost hee-ho...
  17. Majorbuddah

    Majorbuddah My real name is Dolemite

    i don't wanna do high impact cardio anymore. my dad's had both knees replaced, my knees are starting to hurt badly, so i'm looking for some low impact cardio to do. i don't want to swim or do elliptical. i'm thinking biking. but what else is there? ideas?

  18. simplyTravis

    simplyTravis "A nice guy, but looks like a f'n Jedi!"

    I have avoid impact cardio like the plague. I played football, did a little wrestling, and power lifted years ago and it left me all cattywompus. I have a couple bad knees and an ankle that likes rollin' more than some millennial teenage raver at a Fatboy Slim concert.

    I'm really pissed right now since I have had to rest for the last month after all the staph infection stuff. My left arm where I developed cellulitis looks like some sort of Grandma's batwing (I am the NIGHT) and I'm sure comparing arms right now I would look like I spend my time in some sort of self-based extracurricular activity too much. But nope, just calcium deposits and damage to the muscles.

    So I'm trying to figure out what I should start doing. I have to avoid gyms like the plague. I might try some bike riding and maybe some boxing on a bag for fun. I think sit-ups and push ups will be in tow also.

    Food wise, my last round of antibiotics is over today so I won't have to eat every 4 hours! I haven't gained weight, actually lost it. But that is because my muscle has reduced and the fat has come back. I'm not a skinny guy by any means but I have always been in the strong and surprisingly full of stamina category. I feel terrible lately. I'm having to eat 17 grams of protein every meal minimum so I think I'm going to try to do some sort of strength training once my arm gets fully healed. So mostly grilled chicken based stuff and veggies for me. I've already started adding fruits back to my diet.

    Anyway, I'm going to try to join in the get fit party here. Anyone actually still use Wii Fit U? I'm thinking that might be a good way for me to get back some stamina and strength without going overboard for the next month.
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  19. Majorbuddah

    Majorbuddah My real name is Dolemite

    yeah i've been thinking about biking, but with winter in chicago right around the corner, that's not gonna last long. i just threw up an easy and cheap recipe in food enthusiast if you wanna check out the chicken/veggie thing. it's pretty good imo. i don't know what the macros are, but it's like 300kcal and it's making me feel fuggin strong.
  20. Majorbuddah

    Majorbuddah My real name is Dolemite

    is punching meat really a good workout though??

  21. Majorbuddah

    Majorbuddah My real name is Dolemite

  22. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    If you're trying to do some conditioning, slaughterhouse meat has pretty much the same consistency as human flesh, so it could actually work. If you're looking for something more sanitary, and/or less bloody, you could always try hitting/kicking with a water bag. Doing Thai kicks with those hurt at first, but after a few tries with it, you won't feel much afterwards, and you'll develop an immunity to the pain.

    Lately, I've considered doing some Iron Palm style training to hone my skills and training, but I don't think I'll need a slab of meat to do it.

    I do beat my own meat a few times a week though.
  23. Majorbuddah

    Majorbuddah My real name is Dolemite

    you're scaring me.
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  24. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

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  25. nerdman

    nerdman pig's gotta fly

    Another aerobic exercise that is low impact is rowing. Most gyms have rowing machines.
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  26. Wolven

    Wolven The Wolf of TNE Street

    OK, after scavenging through the forums I found this thread. I thought we didn't have a Fitness Thread up on TNE at first, haha... ANYWAY, lets bump this and like the OP said: lets get fit!

    If anyone would be interested in doing a fit club, where we post our weight loss/gain weekly and we look for advice, I would love to begin a sort of fit club sort of thing. There are a lot of awesome fitness sources and workouts out there online, and we can compile them into a fit club progress thread of sorts. Who would like to do this? As a daily gym goer, it would be awesome if we can convince people to join up a gym and get started on their goals. So, who's ready to get fit? If enough people are interested, I will add a gigantic where-to-get-started post on this thread and we can begin the TNE Fit Club!
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  27. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 ARMS is like breathing.......but more important Staff Member Moderator

    Ima join I need to cut some weight. I'll put out my stats tho I know I'll be embarresed by them.
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  28. TheAmazingLSB


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  29. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    Good thing about having a second job is that I can afford a replacement for my dying treadmill. Gonna miss that piece of shit, though. That fucker would grab hold of my water bottle tighter than an NRA member would hold onto a gun.

    Friend is trying to get me to spend a little extra and get one with fancy bells and whistles, and i'm thinking the only thing I should be concerned about is if it has a good cupholder. I have excellent priorities.

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  30. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    Aye aye!

    Let us cue the music!

    No wait. That's not right. Ummmm, let me try this again...

    Aha. That's more like it.

    ...ok fine. Here's the real fucks.

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  31. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    This week is going to be full of reps, and keeping track of progress. Weighed myself yesterday morning (right away upon waking up) and was 184.2lbs, with 23% body fat according to the scale. After work, it'll be reps this afternoon, and then we'll see where I'm at. I'll post my reps and what I did afterwards.
  32. Koenig

    Koenig The Architect

    I have been trying to gain muscle (and weight) by working out more often and eating fattier foods that I used to (Nuts, mostly)
    However I have seen limited results, due in part to my own inexperience at exercising and poor diet.

    Any tips for simple exercises I can do on my own (No equipment) to build muscle for my torso, abs, arms, and legs? Likewise are there any foods that you recommend for energy and muscle building?

    (For the record: I am 125 pounds, and I have been for almost 8 years. My metabolism is extremely high, Outside of breakfast, I eat sparsely throughout the day. (Any large meal puts me into a food coma several hours) I crave meats and dairy products more than anything else however, and have to force myself to eat any form of raw fiber. I drink mostly water, milk, and tea, though I do also have 1 soda a day)
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  33. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    Well, as I type this, I am just about to do my exercises that I personally do, and as I do them, you'll see what sort of reps and exercises I am doing:

    Kicks: 250 (these kicks are related to my martial arts, so it includes the Front Kick, and our Naihanchi Kick)

    Punches: 200 (100 per side, and this is a straight punch from a chambered position)

    Body Rotation via front stance: 200 (only rotating my body, and not my hips or legs. They remain locked in position. A front stance is your legs equal distance apart with the outside of your feet parallel to each other. This whole thing can be difficult to do, and this does not mean turning your shoulders. Turn your core)

    Push-ups (3 sets of max): 33, 14, 10 (hands shoulder width apart)

    Double Crunches (2 sets of max): 30, 16 (with your butt on the floor, bring your legs and torso together, but not letting my shoulders or feet touch the ground)

    Butt Lift: 75 (legs and shoulders on the ground. Lift your butt up in the air)

    Torso twists: 50 (similar to body rotation, but in a double crunch position. I keep my legs off the ground)

    Lateral Raise: 50 (I have my body slightly bent forward)

    So that's what I did just now. I was going to do Hindu Squats as well, but my legs are tired enough as it is. I have not done this routine in a couple of months, so my reps are about half of what I normally could do. I also am not using weights (the ones that wrap around you) on my legs or hands when doing kicks and punches.

    Now to fully answer your question, Koenig, there are loads of articles out there detailing different exercises to do, but truthfully, you have to do the ones that work for you. The exercises I do work great for me, but might not for someone else. So with that, there's this app you might be interested in. It uses your own bodyweight, and objects around you (tables, chairs, door, etc) to do certain exercises. I've borrowed some of the exercises here, and adapted them to my liking:

    This app is also on android, btw.

    I did one day of exercises last week, and my triceps were so sore I could not fully bend them. So if you really want a hardcore workout, this app might just be the ticket. It's a very good app.

    In terms of what to eat, protein is ideal, so eggs and bacon are almost a requirement. I eat this for breakfast, which also provides a lot of energy in the morning. But don't forget your greens and some fruits. It might also be helpful to eat throughout the day, so 6 smaller meals rather than 3 larger ones. Eating enough through the day is crucial.

    This is my personal eating habit when at work (usually enough for a 10-12 hour shift):
    2x Fiberone bars (Chocolate and Oats)
    serving or two of carrots
    Turkey, cheese, and lettuce sandwich on thin whole wheat bread
    Fuji Apple
    serving of Almonds
    16oz. Thermos of Tea

    And for breakfast it's usually two or three jumbo sized eggs (Eggland's Best) with Basil, chopped onions, and shredded gouda cheese with one slice or bacon per egg (chopped sweet peppers I usually do, but not during my work week right now). For dinner, it depends on the day. Sometimes, I have Turkey burgers, or other times it's just snacking with blue corn chips, maybe some cheese curds. Other days, it's pizza.

    I am by no means having everything I should have in my diet, but I try to make some effort. Oh, and I pop in supplements usually everyday (sometimes I just forget) which include Centrum, Collagen Type 2, Fish Oil, Glucosamine & Condroitin w/ MSM, and Fiber gummies.
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  34. Wolven

    Wolven The Wolf of TNE Street

    I definitely recommend checking out @Shoulder 's advice, but remember all people have different body-types, some lose weight easily, some gain it easily. You sound a lot like me, it is a pain in the ass to put on weight, so definitely follow some of Shoulder's advice and add your own tweaks to it as you see fit. For bodyweight exercises, you definitely want to be on the heavier spectrum of things, so you are going to have to get creative if you aren't thinking on purchasing equipment or getting a gym membership. A gym is highly recommended, some cheap ones in my town (not sure for others) can be as low as 15 dollars a month with an extremely small start up fee (generally 20 dollars). And they are a very fun place to work out, there are rarely any of those people who laugh at you, in fact most people will be extremely helpful and motivating.

    But if a gym isn't an option, give Shoulder's workout a try, its a very solid one, with your variations to it, tweaking to it as you see fit. Your diet is also a big part of working out, so tweak it according to your needs.
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  35. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    Yeah, putting on weight is a lot easier for me, especially if I simply eat junk food all the time, so I've adapted a lot of what I eat to match what I do. Well, what I was doing when I was training 5 days a week. I'm trying to get back into my workout and training phase. Tomorrow I hope to do at least a little bit of running, but mostly walking. Need to make sure my calves are up to the task (don't want another leg cramp because that fucking sucked), so I'm likely going to condition my calves in the process.

    I also need to rep my Katas more.
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  36. Koenig

    Koenig The Architect

    As a student, I have free access to the campus gym. The only problem is am a fish out of water when it comes to the gym itself; all of the machines and equipment there might as well be alien technology for what I can make of it.
  37. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    It never hurts to ask...unless someone shows you the wrong way to use the equipment, then that shit will hurt.
  38. Koenig

    Koenig The Architect

  39. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    Well, today was another day for reps.

    Kicks: 250
    Punches: 200
    Body Rotation: 200
    Push-ups: 58
    Double Crunches: 50
    Butt Lifts: 100
    Torso Twists: 50
    Lateral Raise: 100

    Total Time: 43min

    My legs, core and arms are really tired from it all. We'll see how I do on Friday. Once i am able to accomplish 1000 kicks and punches, I will start added weights; probably only 1-1.5lbs, which is a lot over time. At some point, if I feel compelled, I'll even get a weighted vest for extra difficulty.

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  40. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    Today's another day of reps:

    Kicks: 500
    Punches: 200
    Body Rotation: 400
    Push-ups: 61
    D0uble Crunches: 60
    Torso twist (while holding in double crunch position): 60
    Hindu Squats: 100
    Hip Raises: 100
    Bent Lateral Raises: 100

    As usual, no weights were used, but it is by no means a walk in the park to do all this. My plan by the middle of September is to rep one thousand kicks and at least 500 punches in one sitting. Once I feel comfortable doing 1000 on a regular basis, I'll start adding ankle weights. But until now, I'm off to hit the shower.

    EDIT: (08.27.15)

    More reps today:

    Kicks: 500
    Punches: 200
    Body Rotation: 200
    Push-ups: 62
    Double-Crunches: 60
    Hindu Squats: 150

    Not as many as today, but the Hindu Squats made up for it.
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  41. Odo

    Odo Well-Known Member


    Try it!

    I mean it!

    I always wanted to write a big post about Wii Fit, but I'm too lazy for that.
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  42. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Throughout college/post college I'd always do exercises but always stopped for one reason or another, but I've been sticking with it this time for awhile now.

    5 days a week, lift weights, ab exercises and squats with weights. One look at me and you'll probably think I don't exercise cause I'm pretty tall and skinny, but I'm doing it to feel better.

    Also been eating a lot better lately too. Been buying more fruit like kiwis, blueberries with old standbys like bananas. Mixing all that shit in with oatmeal or non-sugary cereal. Drinking lots more water too....although sometimes too much as I can't stop pissing some days.
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  43. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    You struck me as a short bloke for some reason...and I am not entirely sure why.
  44. GaemzDood

    GaemzDood Well-Known Member

    I just realized I was bragging about leg pressing.

    Holy shit I feel like a raging autist right now.
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  45. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    6 3 brah
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  46. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 ARMS is like breathing.......but more important Staff Member Moderator

    Yo brah why u so tall brah!?!
  47. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    First thought that came to my mind was so that my dick won't touch the floor.

    I'll go with that I guess
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  48. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    Pfft. Everyone knows you have stubby legs.
  49. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    So today I said, "Fuck it, I'm going for broke." I repped 1000 kicks in one session, 500 on each leg. Now I know I'm ready for some ankle weights. but I'll have to start light though. We're talking like 1lb on each leg. Just that much will likely cut my reps in half. I'll see how I fair on Friday if I get around to it.

    The ankle weights I currently have will only go up to 2.5lbs, but it'll take a couple months, maybe even a few to reach that point.

    Until now, my legs, especially my hip flexors need a rest.
  50. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    So after a few weeks of doing some light jogging/running, I decided to see what I could really do. Ran 4 miles for the first time ever. My calves are likely to be a bit sore tomorrow, but the rest of me feels pretty good.

    After drinking 16 oz of Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, putting some Dit Da Jow on my calves, and some Tacos from the Hotel Restuarant, I feel pretty good right now. :mthumb:
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