Bullshit Insider is giving you bad advice about your Wii U....

Discussion in 'Community Hang-Out' started by TheAmazingLSB, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. TheAmazingLSB




    "So, yes, despite the great times we've all had with "Splatoon" and "Super Mario 3D World" and "Mario Kart 8" and whatever other games you hold dear on the Wii U, now is the time to sell your Wii U. My local GameStop is taking the more common 32GB model for $100 in store credit or $80 in cash, and those numbers are only going to drop as we inch closer to a new Nintendo game console."

    Is this guy a fucking moron...? Is he paid by Gamestop to post this bullshit...?

    Nintendo is rumored to be stopping production of the Wii U this year....


    And even though that was debinked....


    I see it as Ninetndo playing damage control, because if they reveal that Wii U is stopping production, the Nintendoom will grow even more than it already has just since the NX/ZeldU news the other day....

    *Thanks for reminding me @FriedShoes*

    Not only do we know for a FACT that Nintendo games are some of the rarest and most pricy in terms of value, but we also know how well their products appriciate in value over the course of time....

    You know what that means...?

    That means with the Wii U having sold so little, and them stopping production, the Wii U will eventually become a rare console to aquire....

    Not only the console, but the games as well....

    In the future, like maybe two years, it may be very difficult to find a Wii U should you ever want to get one....

    5 years down the road, even more so, and then even if you find them, there is no telling how much people will be trying to sell them for....

    Why the hell do you think Gamestop and this guy want you to trade it in for a measly $100 store credit...?

    What do you think Gamestop is gonna do with all those traded in Wii U's...?


    That's right....

    Sell em back to your ass at an infllated price once they become rare in a few years, just like everything else rare that is Nintendo....

    And they will turn right around and sell it for twice that to the next guy looking to get one eventually all the way up until that point....

    Don't be stupid.... Keep your Wii U.... I have a feeling it's going to be one of those hardcore Nintendo consoles that is difficult to come by in the coming years....

    In fact, don't trade anything at Gamestop....

    I mean, even if you are that intent on selling it now, sell it on your own....

    Don't get ripped off by Gamestop because some guy at Buisness Insider who is getting paid off told you Nintendoom and the sky is falling....

    Your Wii U will eventually be worth much more than a measly $100 bucks in store credit....

    You're welcome....

    EDIT: @81jono81 Pointed out to me just now, What if NX isn't backwards compatible with Wii U games...?

    Selling your Wii U might cut you off from ever playing Wii U games again....

    Another reason to keep it!
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  2. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    I plan on keeping my U. I do enjoy the games so while I'm disappointed 2016 is bare as fuck, I still like the games I own (around 16 retail).

    Shit, I still own my purple lunchbox despite using the Wii as my gamecube now.
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  3. FriedShoes

    FriedShoes MLG Staff Member Moderator

    I'm pretty sure the "cease production" rumor has been debunked, I believe the updated date is now sometime in 2018. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Either way, would never sell any console, unless it breaks on me, like I did 2 360s.
    I havent counted but I have probably over 20 Wii U games I find very enjoyable and well over 1 or 2 thousand hours on the thing.
    Going by what I can infer from NX rumors, it wont be backwards compatible. So dropping the console means not being able to play those games. Dumb move.

    And selling it for 80 or so bucks? lol no.
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  4. TheAmazingLSB



    "According to a translation by Kotaku, a Nintendo spokesperson told IT Media, "This isn't an announcement from our company. From the next quarter and thereafter as well, production is scheduled to continue."

    I see this as damage control.... The moment Nintendo says it's stopping production.... The Nintendoom will be even greater than it is now....

    But you are right, they did debunk it....
  5. 81jono81

    81jono81 Active Member

    Yeah, I'm keeping mine. I doubt NX will have a controller like the gamepad, and so wont be backwards compatible, and I dont wanna rebuy all the games I own if they do ports (and they might not port everything anyways). Selling it would be stupid for all sorts of reasons.
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  6. TheAmazingLSB


    This is another good point I missed.... What if NX isn't backwards compatible...?
  7. TechnoHobbit

    TechnoHobbit Ash nazg durbatul√Ľk

    Honestly, I could never imagine selling a console (unless it's a duplicate).
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  8. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    I have no intention on selling my Wii U, because I have a lot of games that I love playing on it. What logical reasoning is there to sell it at this point?
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  9. GamingFreak1988

    GamingFreak1988 The Platformer Guru

    Yes I have no reason to sell my system, it's not like I'm going stop playing favorites just cause a new system is out. I don't like selling games just cause they're old. I don't generally resell a game unless I regret having bought it. "usually meant I disliked it"

    And I'd ESPECIALLY not sell it to gamestop in the first place if i had to.
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  10. thekiller7

    thekiller7 The Seven and Only

    Only idiots sell consoles.
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  11. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    I can't imagine selling a console, unless it broke down so bad you're just selling it for parts at that point.

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  12. SkywardCrowbar

    SkywardCrowbar Twintelle's loyal Husbando

    I'm pretty tired of this extreme negative reaction to the NX news. Also, this really does sound like a piece put out by a Gamestop official.

    In general though, never trust what non gaming press says about Nintendo. It's always a regurgitation of the most cliche stance possible, which is generally NintenDOOM.
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  13. TheAmazingLSB


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  14. SkywardCrowbar

    SkywardCrowbar Twintelle's loyal Husbando

    Anything that sounds vaguely contrary to what the popular mindset is, but isn't actually a radically different view than what is held by most to get clicks.
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  15. theMightyME

    theMightyME Owner of The Total Screen

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