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After a year of planning, the day that felt like it would never come finally arrived. On March 24, 2016, Steve2 and I got married!

It was a long, strange journey, and never again will I take for granted all that goes into planning a wedding.


Let’s rewind a little bit and go back to the proposal. On July 7, 2014, Steve2 and I were celebrating our dating anniversary. I had planned a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant in town. The food was amazing, and ambiance was perfect. After dinner, on our walk home, I stopped and said, “Okay, this is where I leave you.” He had a confused look on his face. I said, “I’ve set up a scavenger hunt for you. At the end of the scavenger hunt, you’ll get your anniversary present.” The scavenger hunt was set up via text message. I would send him a meme with a riddle on it, and he would need to walk to the location and take a selfie there, send it to me, and I would send him the next clue. All the locations were places that meant a lot to us during our relationship.

While he was doing all this, I walked a block and hopped in my parents’ car and we drove to the beach. At the beach, we had 28 people – family and close friends – awaiting Steve2’s arrival. We had a table set up with sparkling wine and mini cheesecakes. I had my niece and nephew set up a path made from glowsticks to light his way from the parking lot to where he was meeting me. (During all this, Steve2 was making excellent progress on the scavenger hunt.) We all got in our places, my friend Jessica was facetiming my best friend Dia in for the event since she was in Cincinnati. All faces were turned toward the lit path waiting for Steve2 to arrive, when I hear “Oh shit” from beside. I turn to see what Jessica is looking at, and Steve2 is behind me, having taken an alternate (and much more difficult) path to the...