Retro Studios Goes on Buying Spree! Pick Up Vigil, Junction Point, and Bioware Employees

Remember when we were joking about how Nintendo should buy Vigil Games, the makers of Darksider 1 and 2? No joke, Retro Studios just picked up a bunch of their employees. What about Junction Point? Those guys are headed by Warren Specter and made Epic Mickey 1 and 2. Retro Studios took some of their employees off the hands of Disney Interactive.

Lastly, Retro Studios also just hired a few ex-Bioware employees. We were working on a big rumor/article we were going to call \”Retro 2.0\” but it looks like some of that has already started to come out on its own. But, from what we\’ve heard so far, Retro Studios new game will blow whatever you saw from Monolith Soft in the recent Nintendo Direct out of the water. Meaning, it will be nothing short of jaw-dropping.

As you can tell, Nintendo realizes that having franchises like Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter on board their systems is important to have a hand in the the Japanese video game market. But Nintendo also needs a strong plan to control the North American market and win over \”hardcore gamers\” from Sony and Microsoft. Whereas many may think Nintendo doesn\’t have such a plan, the cat is now creeping out of the bag. The plan begins with an expansion of Retro Studios but doesn\’t stop there.

Stay tuned for E3 when Retro\’s game will get its first reveal and more of Nintendo\’s North American agenda becomes clear. In the meantime, look at the new Retro Studios employees:

1. Former: Senior Animator at Bioware. Current: Level 3 Animator at Retro.
2. Former: Concept Artist at Vigil. Current: Contract Concept Artist at Retro.
3. Former: Associate Character Artist at Vigil. Current: Contract Character Artist at Retro.
4. Former: Senior Character Artist at Vigil. Current: Level 3 Character Artist at Retro.
5. Former: Associate Environment Artist from Junction Point. Current: Environment Artist at Retro.

Source: NeoGaf.
via GoNintendo.

Written by Menashe

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