Nintendo History Lessons

Throughout our nine months of existence as a Nintendo site, we\’ve reminisced about the past often enough. We\’ve amassed enough of these retrospectives that we thought it might be an interesting project to collect all of these features and put them into one handy post. This hub of Nintendo history can be updated as we create new retrospectives for your reading enjoyment.

Also, Andy has been working for many weeks on something of a Nintendo Developer Encyclopedia. It will have a separate article on every Nintendo first party and second party team giving you an interesting look at all the games and franchises they\’ve worked on over the years. So, be on the lookout for that as the month goes on.

For now, though, enjoy these article looking at Nintendo\’s history. We\’ll start with three retrospectives on Nintendo systems, move on to the Nintendo 101 video series, and then list the articles on retro games:

Best N64 Games


SNES Retrospective: What Made the SNES So Awesome?


GCN 10th Anniversary: Gamecube Games That Deserved More Love


The 10 Most Misunderstood Wii Games of All Time



Next we\’ll take a look at Balrog\’s informative and often hilarious Nintendo 101 series. He\’s got three so far (and his next one will be on the Mother/Earthbound franchise.)

And finally, we\’ll take a look at some retro games. The biggest whopper of these is the four-part Mega Man Retrospective. We have a few more Retro Reviews in the works too…

The Complete Mega Man Retrospective: Mega Man 1 – 10


Retro Review: Super Castlevania IV


Retro Review: Metroid Fusion


Retro Review: Metroid: Zero Mission


Retro Review: Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader


Written by Menashe

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