Welcome to the Nintendo Enthusiast User Ranking for the month of January. As usual we will give you an update on what\’s going on behind the scenes at the site, we\’ll show you a list of our most dedicated users, and we will detail the upcoming month\’s prize for the top users.

Nintendo Enthusiast Info and Upcoming Site Projects

At the end of December, we posted our last User Rankings and boasted how the amount of registered users had more than doubled in one month from 150 to 370. I\’m no longer sure if it\’s smart to feel proud because by the next month we may scoff at how low we set our sights. We ended this month with exactly 850 registered users and we are already getting to know some of them through their comments on the chat and in the forums. We encourage everyone to participate in the discussions because we would love to get your feedback on everything. We don\’t make a salary from writing for the site so a lot of our motivation comes from seeing you guys get enjoyment from the articles. Also, if you feel like giving back to the site, please \”like\” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so we can grow even larger and provide you with even more. The larger we get the more we will be able to net exclusive interviews for you to read or find out insider information to report back to the readers as industry insiders will take us more seriously. In December we were being viewed every day between 500-1000 times on average. In January we were viewed on average 2000-3000 times a day (on a few exceptional days we went over 5000.)


We have seen new additions to the site this January 2012 in many different ways:

– We added new staff members. DarkDepths is our new web programmer and tech-expert. R_hjort is our artist and graphic designer. And NintendoMan (a codename, of course) does things we can\’t really talk about, but trust me when I say they are important.

– R_hjort worked many days on painting a new banner and site logo for us to use and refined it over many different versions. He still says it\’s not final. But the banner does look very beautiful due to the hand-drawn artwork.

– We added a new fan art feature which I will try and update every Sunday. Look out for this upcoming week\’s feature as we will take a look at the DeviantArt Zelda Race Meme. If you have any fan-art you would like to submit, send it to ninten.enthusiast@gmail.com

– We gained a valuable relationship with an industry insider with close ties to Nintendo. This has allowed us to be privy to some information unreleased to the public. The two tidbits he allowed us to share (about the Nintendo Network) made their way across the internet and were proven to be correct the very next week at Iwata\’s briefing.

– We added a new Mini-News category to the front page so you will have an easier time discerning between big and small news.

Two other types of articles were added and expect to see more of them in the future: \”It\’s Time to Pay Attention To…\” and \”Latest Sales and Deals Around the Industry\”


This February we have some upcoming site projects:

– We want to add a humor column to the site to offset all the serious news and intellectual discussions. If you think you might be suitable to the job, please email us at ninten.enthusiast@gmail.com

– We would like to start a Retro Review section for reviews of vintage and classic Nintendo games

– We are working hard at integrating the forum and main site users so there will be a single sign on. (When I say \”we\” I really mean DarkDepths.) Thousands across the internet for years have been desperately searching for a WordPress plugin to integrate WordPress and Mybb forums. If you are interested in acquiring this plugin from DarkDepths when he is finished please let us know at ninten.enthusiast@gmail.com

– We are looking to start a free Flash Arcade Portal where we will collect a library filtered and including only quality Flash games to play online in your browser. It\’s about half-way complete already.

– We are trying to categorize thoroughly all the articles on the site and create a revamped navigation menu so you can instantly find the types of articles you want to read.

– We\’re working on scoring some exclusive interviews in the industry. [While an interview with Reggie is probably a way-off dream for now, if we ever get it, we\’d like to ask him for his thoughts on Operation Rainfall.]

– After the successful Best Zelda Ever tournament in December and January we\’d like to start a new Tournament this February. We want to know what you think would be your favorite idea for the upcoming Tournament. Best Mario Ever? Best Metroid Ever? Best Nintendo Console Ever? Let us know in the comments below.

And now let\’s get to the User Rankings…


Upcoming February User Rankings Prize

At the end of this month we will award the top three users with a free gift to download on WiiWare: Retro City Rampage. At Nintendo Enthusiast we are very excited for the upcoming game, Retro City Rampage. It could be one of the best WiiWare games to ever release on the Wii. It pays homage to classic games such as Super Mario Bros, Mega Man 2, Metal Gear, Grand Theft Auto, Contra, and many others with retro-styled graphics and hall-of-fame worthy musicians, such as Virt, working on the music. Read more about the game in this thread by our editor, Alex B., and watch this ten-minute trailer to get a taste of the music and gameplay styles.

If you want to score more points in order to win the prize there are two new ways of gaining big point boosts. If you \”like\” us on Facebook we will award an extra 30 points to your user ranking. Similarly, if you follow us on Twitter you will gain an additional 30 points. We won\’t know which user to add the extra points to so either leave us a comment below or email us at ninten.enthusiast@gmail and let us know what your username is on the site and what your Facebook and Twitter names are.

The other two ways of getting points are through commenting and visiting the site. Each time you check the site, as long as there was a two hour difference from the previous time you visited, you are awarded 2 points. And for each comment you make, you are awarded 10 points.

Please note: in order that your comments get awarded the extra 10 points to your username make sure you log in to the comments with your WordPress username or let us know by email so we can award the 10 points to you manually. For any other issues contact us by email and we will be happy to help you out.

January User Rankings

Here are this month\’s top user rankings. Remember that 0-50 points is called Deku Scrub, 50-100 is Kokiri, 100-200 is Subrosian, and 200-300 is … Hylian.




1. BobSilencieux254 XP



\"\"2. DuckwallGonzeles472190 XP 

3. krft164 XP

4. LisaGibsonski 159 XP

5. fourthreetwo 140 XP

6. GalicinaoKascak710138 XP

7. jeremylie 138 XP

8. mike17138 XP

9. Theresa132 XP

10. Womble 130 XP




300 + Users


Deku Scrubs

\"\"500+ Users

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Menashe is the owner of Nintendo Enthusiast and Gaming Enthusiast. He currently teaches in university, works in web design and web development, and writes about the video game industry. You can contact him at ninten.enthusiast@gmail.com.

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