Do You Want to Beta-Test a Very Promising Upcoming 3DS Game and Others in the Future?

by Menashe

We just got word from our friends at Qubic Games that their upcoming 3D sci-fi racing game, AiRace Speed, is ready for beta-tesing. It\’s close enough to completion that I can practically smell it! Qubic Games is now looking for experienced gamers to join their beta-testing group. So, if you own a 3DS and are skilled at gaming, you can now apply here: http://www.airace-speed.com/test-airace-speed-and-other-qubicgames-titles/

AiRace Speed is one of our most anticipated 3DS games. We even included it in our list of 50 Upcoming 3DS Games We\’re Most Excited For. You can think of it as taking inspiration thematically from F-Zero but going in a new direction with a different focus. The focus is more on meticulous level design plotted with hundreds of obstacles that will require you to be a master at maneuvering your futuristic aircraft. Each ship will handle differently and be shaped differently, requiring you to steer it in its own way to avoid the creative hazards that populate these 3D tunnels. AiRace Tunnel, an earlier game in the franchise, was a game we considered to be the best Racing game on DSiWare. So we only expect  the best out of AiRace Speed.

It\’s always a thrill to try out new games before they come out so if you\’d like to sign up, fill out the form here: http://www.airace-speed.com/test-airace-speed-and-other-qubicgames-titles/

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Written by Menashe

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