First Exclusive Screenshot of Cosmic Highway for Wii U

by Menashe

We held an exclusive interview and preview with Monty Goulet of Maestro Interactive earlier this week and in it we detailed the three games they have in the works for the Wii U. We promised to show you a screenshot of Cosmic Highway and today we can finally give you a first look. Think of this as an appetizer for the main course next week when the official Kickstarter campaign takes off. As you can expect, this screenshot being pre-Kickstarter, comes from a very early prototype of the game. The final product will progress much past what you see now.

What you see in the screenshot is the racer of the character called the \”Inventor\”. You can tell he\’s sort of built his own racer from scratch as is evident from his steampunk  vehicle with those skis attached to the bottom. You can even see the inventor poking  his head out of the top, top hat and all. Each character/racer has his own accompanying music for when he\’s in the lead and his own special weapon to give him an advantage over the others. The inventor can use the smokescreen ability to cloud up his opponents view. We\’ll have to wait to see what kind of music goes with his steampunk style.

First Screenshot of the Prototype:


Monty actually was kind enough to send me 10 screenshots of the game but I\’d like to do my contribution to the Kickstarter campaign, so I\’m only going to show this little tease. Next week you will hopefully be able to see the full reveal of the game in its early prototype form. So stay tuned for the Kickstarter.

This is what we wrote about Cosmic Highway in our preview:

Cosmic Highway – Like F-Zero But With Innovative Use of Sound to Propel Gameplay


The third Wii U game Maestro are working on is Cosmic Highway. Maestro’s main focus as a developer is to create unique audio experiences in games. Cosmic Highway is no different. You’ve played many racing games before, perhaps. But you’ve never played one that puts such a major emphasis on audio. Think F-Zero, with space racers cruising through 30 different tracks across the galaxy. Each racer will have its own musical style and special abilities. We don’t know all the different ways music and sound effects will affect gameplay but we were given one example.

Each racing track will have its own song. But the music will play with a different musical style according to the racer that’s in first place. So, if you’ve chose the classical racer and you’re in first place, everyone will know you’re in the lead because the soundtrack for the level will be be playing in classical music style. There are to be 180 different songs in the game and you’ll only be able to hear them all if you’re skilled enough to beat the game with every style of racer. There will even be five boss levels to complete. Cosmic Highway will be a game that appeals to both the single-player gamer and the entire family. There is even a five-player split screen mode that can be the life of any party. There will even be a secret world that is meant for Nintendo fans to enjoy. It will have many games that we all recognize from our past.

Written by Menashe

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