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Wii Karaoke U Singing its Way to Europe



As if trying to figure out what the Wii U Game Pad’s functions weren’t bad enough now developer Joysound wants us to sing a joyful noise into its microphone.  Well, at least some of us will be making it joyful.  The app, known as Wii Karaoke U will be available as a free download via the Wii U eShop; however, little rock and rollers will have to purchase a ticket to use it for one hour, one day, or 30 days.

Songs can be streamed from a vast library of over 90,000 karaoke chart breakers throughout several modes.  Besides regular karaoke mode, singers can sing their heart out to see if their vocal powers reign supreme by hitting specific notes.  Once the round is over the player will get a report on how well they did based on performance and they can take part in their own sing off competing online against others through leaderboards.

Currently, a set in stone release date and prices have not been released but we will keep you posted.

[Source: Polygon via Nintendo UK]

Freedom Factory’s Bloodbath Coming to Wii U


Freedom Factory, the team behind Young Justice: Legacy, is bringing another of their upcoming games, Bloodbath, to the Wii U.  Bloodbath is a 3rd person “hack n’ slash” that puts you in control of one of six fighters in an multiplayer fight to the death.

set in a dystopian future where a violent bloodsport is the only outlet for the frustration of society. Select your Pit Dog and prepare to fight all around the world against merciless adversaries in dangerous arenas full of death traps and hazards. Enjoy a Multiplayer experience like no other in “Bloodbath”

The official site for the game is not yet available, but the Freedom Factory site lists the Wii U as a primary platform.  We’ll update you as soon as more details are available.  In the meantime, check out the reveal trailer below.

Are you excited to participate in the “Maim Event”?  Is this a game you’ll be looking forward to in the future?  Let us know in the comments below.

Fan Made 3D Koholint Island In Unity Web Engine


For many fans of the Legend of Zelda GameBoy title Link’s Awakening, Koholint Island is one of the most mysterious and interesting worlds in the entire franchise; and while we’ve had our share of Hyrule and even a vast ocean in 3D Zelda entrants, we’ve never seen the Wind Fish’s dream world quite like this.  The interactive 3D map works within the browser utilizing the Unity Web Engine.  A small install gets you up and running, exploring the overworld, the dungeons, shops, etc.  You can use the spacebar to jump over obstacles that would typically give Link a bit of trouble as well.

While there are many textures missing and the world looks similar to a 3D navigational mapping program’s treatment of 2 dimensional maps, it is still visually interesting and worth a look if for no other reason than to appeal to the nostalgic side.

There have been other recreations of Koholint Island in the past, some of them notably impressive as seen in the example below:

While this interactive version doesn’t have the same level of detail, who knows where it will go in the future, considering what the Unity Web Engine is capable of.  If you’re interested in taking a look for yourself check it out here.  Remember you need to install the Unity framework to run it, and enjoy!  Come back and let us know what you think!

More Chibi-Robo Photography Videos


Not much to say here, but here are 2 more videos from the newly announced and available Chibi-Robo game for 3DS. These videos do more to show off the photography feature being adopted for the use of the 3DS’s camera.

Via The BitBlock

Region Locking is Here to Stay


It seems that with the era of the parental controls and on-disc data for games ratings region locking is going to be a feature of all Nintendo systems.

“Nintendo has no plans to remove region locking from our systems. By taking this approach, Nintendo is able to include parental controls and ensure compliance with regional standards and rating systems.”

While there may be a way around this through firmware, no doubt it would include a lot of code to make up for this.  A system that can read the games information and either do a comparative to local standards or look-up the games ratings through an internet connected device to get the relevant regions rating would require a lot of coding, and in essence slow down a system significantly.

Nintendo have always been the company to put parental frame of mind at the forefront, they take their corporate social responsibility seriously.  They want their systems to be available for anyone and everyone, but they aren’t willing to leave it in a state that their responsibilities to parents go wayward.  They respect the right for anyone to have any content they wish but also want parents to have the tools to filter content they don’t deem to be appropriate for their children.

Which is why they feel that region locking, no matter how unpopular, is a necessity on their devices.

Metal Gear Solid I-V Petition in Gear for Wii U



After getting a taste of good old Snake in action at the beginning of Microsoft’s E3 presentation, a lot of Metal Gear fans have been thinking, “Why not try and put a masterpiece like Metal Gear IV on the Wii U?” The GamePad is perfect for planning out strategy for espionage and stealth–the real meat of what Metal Gear is known for.

Over at the website, Metal Gear fan Jon Turner has started a petition to try and garner enough fan interest to overtake Hideo Kojima and Konami’s hearts into seeing what the Wii U can really bring to a game like Metal Gear Solid I-V.  So, head on over and sign that petition and hopefully Snake might be slithering over to the Wii U in his own game and not on another Smash Bros. game.

Will you sign the petition? Let us know here and we will keep you posted on where things are at.


North America- Nintendo Download for June 27



Urban Trial Freestyle is on sale for only $5.99 until July 4

Project X Zone: Ghost demo.

Crash City Mayhem- $19.99

Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove (mini edition)- $3.99

3DS Virtual Console

Spelunker- 3DS Virtual Console (very frustrating platforming game set in a mine where you die immediately if you fall) $4.99

Sonic Labyrinth- $3.99

Crystal Warriors- $3.99


Vegas Stakes- $7.99

An extra added bonus for North America this weekend from June 28 at 12AM PST until 11:59PM PST on June 30, any virtual console games purchased will nab you an extra 20 Club Nintendo coins!

Will you pick anything up this week?

[Source: Nintendo]


Rumor: The Crew and The Division Will Not Come to Wii U


An inside source has reported today that both The Crew and The Division games are most likely coming to XBox 360 and PS3 consoles but will not be hitting the Wii U.  Both games were shown off by Ubisoft at this year’s E3 and were announced to be coming to the Xbox One and the PS4.

The Crew features across the U.S. racing focused on infiltrating and taking down criminal groups with solo, co-op, and online match up mission playing.  Multi-player will allow friends to team together in groups to race other groups online or compete in different types of game play.

The Crew4

The Division has a story line which follows the player as a part of a special team of people who were formed to help save what’s left of America after a virus was spread on a Black Friday that wiped out most of the country.  The game play is in the style of a third person, multi-player, action style, online, role playing style shooter.

The source has yet to be named but if we find any more information we will let you know.

[Source: GoNintendo via Examiner]

E3pedia: Mario Kart 8


Game: Mario Kart 8
Developer: EAD Kyoto
Platform: Wii U, Wii U eShop
Players: 4 Players
Mulitplayer: 12 Players Online, Battle-mode
Release Date: Spring 2014

The newest instalment in the Mario Kart series looks like it is bringing back some old favorite elements from both Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7.  Back are the motorcycles, hang gliders, ability to go underwater, and the usual power ups.  However, this time you can drive upside down and your vehicle can sport rockets and hover which makes for easier trajectory and smoother riding when your leaping over chasms and other atrocities trying to send you to your doom.

You will be able to drive up walls and on roads that turn upside-down.

The usual cast of characters appear to be back like Koopa troopa, Waluigi, Daisy, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Peach, Mario, and probably others.  There will be online functionality and the ability to communicate with others through Miiverse.There will also be video capture, four local player functionality, 12 player online, and car customization.

Mario Kart 8 has a launch date set for Spring 2014.

Reggie Explains E3 Change is for the Better

Reggie Fils-Aime

“We know that sometimes change can make people nervous, and we’ve been watching your comments on Facebook and Twitter,” said Fils-Aime. “People are wondering how we can possibly share information about all our games without all the bells and whistles of a press conference.”

“We’re always looking for new ways to surprise and delight,” said Fils-Aime. “We’ll still be at E3 revealing new information about upcoming games and those of you at home will still be receiving the same stream of content and updates from the show as you always have, but it will be different and it will be better.”

Whether it is for the better or not, we will be watching so make sure to drop by Nintendo Enthusiast for all the latest news during E3!

Kickstarter: Boss Fight Books


From the Kickstarter page;

A new press for great books on classic video games. Our launch titles: Earthbound, Galaga, Super Mario Bros 2, ZZT, Jagged Alliance 2.

Each of our books will take a critical, creative, historical, and personal look at a single classic video game.

Some books will be about the history of the game’s creation, some will focus on particular elements like level design, story, and music, some will investigate the subculture that has formed around a game, some will bring in outside art, science, and media, some will have a strong autobiographical element. Many books will be a combination of all these things.


Above you can see the first 5 planned books in the series, with their respective authors.  You can find out more about this Kickstarter here.

Pokemon Smash Special on June 16th

Pokemon X Y 3DS Logo White

Pokemon Smash will be featuring an episode on June 16th, this episode will be a “Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Special”. Making an appearance on the show will be Game Freaks Director Junichi Masuda.

This episode of Smash will be proceeding after the E3 1-hour special Pokemon X/Y roundtable that will be going into depth about the game.  Also, CoroCoro magazine will be releasing their latest issue on June 15th so the information coming from Pokemon Smash will most likely be a reiteration for a wider audience.

Platinum Games Teasing Big News for E3


JP Kellams Creative Producer at Platinum Games has teased through twitter “Awesome” news for fans of the studio next week. It is unsure if this is any news specific to Nintendo, but seeing as they have 2 titles in the works for Wii U I am doubtful we will be left out of the mix.

With The Wonderful 101 to release before the end of the year and Bayonetta 2 looking like a strong 2014 title, Platinum Games have the capacity to have a 3rd title in the mix if this just isn’t a tease for huge news on the existing 2 titles.

We will bring you the latest news as it happens during E3 so be sure to check back for more.

Twitter Source Says No Third Sonic in 2013



If your a blue blazing, Sonic loving fanboy, and you were looking forward to the three peat Sonic adventure exclusive outing from Nintendo and Sega, well, things got a little tight.  Rich at IGN spoke briefly with Sega who confirmed that the third Sonic game will not arrive in 2013.  You can read it for yourself in the tweet below.

There has not been any new changes since this recent tweet but let’s hope more information becomes available.  We will let you know when the third game will be released as soon as we get confirmation.

What are your thoughts on the third game delay? Give a shout in the comments section.

[Source: @RichIGN via Twitter]

Rumour: Kuju Entertainment developing for Wii U


Kuju Entertainment is a subsidiary of Catalis Group, and in a recent financial report Catalis stated;

Both studios of Kuju are actively developing games on one or more of the next gen consoles (PS4,Xbox one, Wii U) in addition to currently working up pitches for new concepts, specifically targeted to the latest consoles

Kuju’s Entertainment’s studio that is most familiar to Nintendo fans is Headstrong Games, as they are the creators of some fantastic Wii Games (The House of The Dead: Overkill, Battalion Wars 2, etc). Previously, an employee at Headstrong announced on their LinkedIn profile that she was working on a game for the Wii U; This report from the parent company strongly suggests that they are definitely working on the Wii U.  Will we learn about this project at E3? We don’t know but we do hope so. Headstrong has done some great work partnering with Nintendo and SEGA in the past, so chances are that this is another licensed product.

Rumour: The Crew, Ubisoft’s Take on Gran Turismo


Not to slow down the rumour mill today, more new rumours about Ubisofts famed unannounced racing title The Crew.  As the rumour is stated it comes from a play tester who we assume is working for Ubisoft and the development teams on this title. The rumour is stated as follows;

  • The Crew, developed with the help of Reflections, will have an experience in the heritage of Driver San Francisco, the studio’s previous title.
  • In contrast to rumours that suggest the title will be positioned similarly to Gran Turismo or Forza, the driving will be more semi-arcade: accessible, fun, and effective.
  • The game is set in the United States in an open-world. It will be possible to go from one city to another, for example from New York to LA. The scale of the distance will obviously be reduced.
  • A map with Google Maps-style appeal will be used like a menu to let you choose different missions
  • In the open world, the player will be free to choose different missions or challenges that he wishes to play.
  • Single player and multiplayer experiences will be mixed together; it’ll be possible to join other players at any moment (drop-in drop-out?) for challenges or specific missions.
  • Multiplayer will focus on both competition and cooperation between players, and up to 8 players at the same time.
  • There will be interactivity with smartphones and tablets, probably in the form of a companion App.
  • Their source played the game on Xbox 360, but it’s likely it will be both current and next gen.
  • A release date for the end of 2013 is expected to be announced.

This translation is provided by user Stumpokapow on Neogaf from an article originally published on The original information is listed below;

  • The Crew, développé avec l’aide du Studio Reflections, proposera une expérience héritée de Driver San Francisco, son précédent titre.
  • Contrairement à certaines rumeurs parlant d’une positionnement similaire à celui d’un Gran Turismo ou d’un Forza, la conduite serait plutôt semi-arcade : accessible, fun et efficace.
  • Le jeu se situe aux États-Unis, en Open World, et il serait possible d’aller d’une ville à l’autre, par exemple de New York à Los Angeles. L’échelle des distances étant cependant réduite.
  • À l’instar de Driver San Francisco, la carte aux allures de Google Map s’utilisera comme un menu permettant de jouer à tout moment à des missions, défis et autres modes.
  • En mode open-world libre, le joueur sera en effet libre de choisir quelles missions, ou défis il souhaite jouer.
  • L’expérience solo semble étroitement mêlée au multijoueur, puisqu’il sera possible de rejoindre d’autres joueurs à tout moment pour des défis ou missions spécifiques.
  • Le multijoueur mettrait l’accent autant sur la compétition que la coopération entre les joueurs, et il serait possible d’être jusqu’à 8 sur une même épreuve.
  • Une interactivité avec les smartphones et les tablettes (IOS et Android) est prévue ; probablement une Companion App.
  • La version de The Crew qu’a pu jouer notre source tournait sur Xbox 360, mais à l’image de Watch_Dogs, il y a fort à parier que cette nouvelle licence bénéficie d’une sortie à la fois sur les consoles actuelles et nouvelle génération (voir ci-dessous).
  • Une date de sortie devrait être annoncée pour la fin de l’année 2013.

If any of our readers spot any discrepancies between the original french information and the trasnlastion posted on neogaf, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Nintendo Enthusiast. You can tweet me at @weeman_com.


Rumour: Zelda A Link To The Past 2 3DS E3 Details


As with the season, it’s getting close to E3 and the hype trail is fully boarded, and rumors start flowing through the grape vines.  So as to not get too bogged down in the details we have a set of rumours about Zelda’s next handheld gaming adventure;

  • The game, while set in the world of A Link to the Past, does not take place right after the events of its predecessor Some time has passed since Ganon’s defeat in the Dark World. Hyrule is in a period of rebuilding and prominence when a new threat rises.
  • The villain is not Ganondorf or Vaati. There an entirely new foe to the series.
  • At this time the game is much more in depth than the past couple of handheld Zelda titles. There are at least 6 dungeons to overcome. Link will not be returning to any of the dungeons like the developers played with in Skyward Sword. The game is more traditional with the Zelda formula.
  • Unlike its predecessor, there will be some focus on the franchise’s races via towns and etc. No details were provided on where their homes would be or how they would be situated. This may be interesting to see since the game is set in the same overworld as A Link to the Past.
  • The Dark World exists, but not in the same manner. Link’s wish at the end of the first game changed the world. The Dark World we will see is a similar albeit new form. It was returned to the Golden Land for a brief period. Evil beings still searched for it to acquire the Triforce.
  • Link is cursed, which is how he learns the weird abilities we saw in the reveal trailer.
  • Zelda plays a limited role. Nothing like what we saw in Spirit Tracks.
  • The game has some kind of multi-player.

Take this information as you please. Some of it sounds very likely for a Zelda series, and very much viable as an extension to what is known as the Zelda formula.  These rumors are brought by an anonymous tipster who contacted, who apparently had some hands on time with the game. With E3 around a week away we’re not far from confirmation or refutation.


Some Wii Channels and WiiConnect 24 Getting Plug Pulled on June 28 in UK



That time has come boys and girls–the time for some of your favorite Wii channels to say sayonara! While it has been a blast the Wii U has stolen the spotlight with its Miiverse and Spot pass functionality and as technology progresses so does programming.  Wii Owners in Europe see great channels such as the Nintendo Channel, News Channel, Forecast Channel, Everybody Votes Channel, and most shocking of all–Mii Contest Channel. So, European friends, enjoy everything while you can until June28th because that is when the plug will be pulled.

Also, last but not least, the WiiConnnect24 which made all Wii Wi-Fi connection possible will be deactivated.

[Source: Nintendo Insider via Nintenderos]