No, they may not all be the next Mario, Metroid, or Zelda franchise for Nintendo — although, that\’s what we\’re really waiting for, isn\’t it — but no one can say Nintendo hasn\’t made ANY new IPs in the last decade or so. I looked through Nintendo\’s catalogue of past games and came up with at least 50 fresh faces since year 2K. [Updated: 75] If you look towards future games there are at least a handful more. For the record, I\’m not being exclusive to games made in Nintendo\’s actual buildings. Even games courted by or published by Nintendo, for example Golden Sun, which was developed by Camelot, are included in my list. So, let\’s start counting:

The More Significant IPs

1. WarioWare series
2. Eternal Darkness
3. Mario & Luigi RPG (They\’re the same characters but it\’s a different series than Paper Mario or Super Mario RPG)
4. Golden Sun
5. Advance Wars (It was also on the NES and SNES, but it had a \”rebirth\” on the GBA)
6. Luigi\’s Mansion
7. Pikmin
8. Xenoblade Chronicles
9. Baten Kaitos
10. Pandora\’s Tower
11. The Last Story
12. Wii Sports
13. Wii Fit
14. Wii Play
15. Mario vs DK
16. Animal Crossing

Still Solid, But Not As High Profile

17. Soma Bringer
18. Legend of Starfy
19. Elite Beat Agents
20. Rhythm Heaven
21. Fluidity
22. Endless Ocean
23. Magical Vacation/ Magical Starsign
24. Excitebots/Excite Truck
25. Chibi Robo

Games That Submerged Into Obscurity

26. Steel diver
27. Fossil Fighter
28. Art Academy
29. Glory of Heracles
30. ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat
31. Electroplankton
32. Drill Dozer
33. Art Style
34. Line Attack Heroes
35. Wii Music
36. Wii Party
37. Flingsmash
38. Disaster Day of Crisis
39. Captain Rainbow
40. Battalian Wars
41. Geist
42. Odama
43. Hamtaro
44. Meteos
45. Giftpia
46. bitGeneration
47. Art Style
48. Doshin the Giant
49. Cubivore

Games That Started in Obscurity

50. Zangeki no Reginleiv
51. Freshly-Picked Tingle\’s Rosy Rupeeland
52. Zekkyo Senshi Sakeburein
53. Jet Impulse
54. Chosoju Mecha MG
55. Project Hacker

Games That Were Unfortunately, Never Released

Project Hammer
Wii Crush
Cosmic Walker

UPDATE: Over 20 More!

56. Spirit Camera The Cursed Memoir
57. Pushmo
58. Freakyforms: your creation, alive!
59. Sakura samurai
60. Dillon\’s rolling western
61. Kiki trick
62. Fortune street
63. Pokemon x Nobunaga
64. Denpa Ningen
65. Flametail
66. X-scape
67. Aura-aura Climber
68. Looksley\’s Line-up
69. Crash-Course Domo
70. Pictochat/Swapnote
71. Master of Illusion
72. Flipnote
73. Hotel Dusk/ The Last Window
74. Another code/Trace memory
75. Warlocked
76. Takt of magic

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Menashe is the owner of Nintendo Enthusiast and Gaming Enthusiast. He currently teaches in university, works in web design and web development, and writes about the video game industry. You can contact him at ninten.enthusiast@gmail.com.

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