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Last week, we asked you…

Miiverse – Do you like it? How often do you use it? What could Nintendo do to improve it further?

Your Responses

i got perma banned from it! lol

-Banana Weegeee! (@GranaBanana)

I don\’t have much to say about improvements that haven\’t been announced. We\’ll be able to form our own communities soon. The one missed opportunity I see is Video Chat. They should integrate that right into the Miiverse so you can open up a chat with anyone who is online. Of course, this could be restricted with parental controls to avoid abuse. I laugh a little bit to myself every time someone mentions the possibility of Wii U becoming a console full of shovelware. Miiverse is the death of shovelware. Sure there will be a few like that Game Party game, but I\’m guessing most everyone who had a few extra dollars and thought Game Party might be a fun choice first went to Miiverse only to decide it wasn\’t worth jack. Every game gets a community, so every developer making a game for the console has to ask themselves: Is this good enough for Wii U? Very soon it will be about what kind of game you want to play and not which ones are good or not, that is what I love about Miiverse.


Tourney brackets, Private groups, some video clips, color for drawings.

Starchaser Markell Joshua

i wish there was a way to disable miiverse completely and delete it, iam guessing that most of that 1gb of ram the o.s uses up is being wasted on miiverse, and wara wara plaza, i wish there was more dedicated to the games, but oh well!


I use Miiverse pretty often, mostly for browsing, but sometimes for drawing or asking questions. As much as I enjoy it (a positive forum? I\’ll take it) there are improvements that could be made: -Stickies: EVERY board has tons people asking how to take screenshots. One sticky and you\’re done. -Reply notifications: Miiverse only informs you if the post creator responds, not if someone else does. Could be annoying to get fifty notifications, but an option would be nice. Being able to \”yeah\” replies to posts would be kind of nice too. -More drawing options: Color, maybe? I don\’t draw too often, but it\’s an extremely cool feature that could even be expanded further than it just recently was.


2 things improved gaming chat. a wii U flipnote studio would be epic.


At first I was all excited about Miiverse, but the more time goes on the less and less I check Miiverse for any reason at all…. I used to draw a lot on Miiverse, but have been so busy playing games lately, I haven\’t made time to do so….  I was so jazzed about Miiverse when I first got me Wii U, but now…. I barley even know it exists…. I imagine I would rather just talk about games, Nintendo or otherwise, on an actual forum [Like This One] rather than Miiverse at this point….


They need to quickly make it so I can have an NN account without a Wii U. It also really needs to be on 3ds, come on Nintendo.


Love it so far. I think instead of waiting 4-5 minutes to post, they should make that 1-1.5 minutes and that wait time should be on a per community basis. So if I post in the Zelda community I have to wait around a minute or so to post again, but I can post immediately in another community. Increase the character limit slightly. Maybe 150. Add more colors, fonts and drawing options. Not sure its possible but the ability to add 5-10 second video clips would be cool. Would like to see the friends list merged with Miiverse. No point having 2 separate apps IMO. In that add party chat and group messaging.


I love miiverse and I usually lose a lot of time in there just browsing…or drawing…which is what I see most people doing…so a community just for drawings would be nice and with it\’s own extra features Oh and how about letting us post videos too.


yes I do use it fairly often a little more freedom would be nice though

-Steven Robinson (@steveo_1983)

Change the drawing thing to color, make it like flipnote studios. Bigger communities, like the zelda one except for every nintendo franchise, I wanna join a metroid community!


I want to see the option to more specifically choose what games show up in my warawara plaza. A few of the games I play arent there anymore 🙁


I like it, but it could definitely use improvement.

Get rid of the character limit. Allow people to post their own replies through other devices, and finally get the thing running on the 3DS. I do hope that this redesigns the 3DS as well. If they could integrate it with things like the Streetpass Mii Plaza on the 3DS so that things like the hat your Mii is wearing can become a part of your profile. I want the two systems to be connected ina  way with Miiverse, I don\’t want two separate Miiverses. I want this whole thing to come together and become a cohesive \”Nintendo Experience.\” Whatever you do on the 3DS, is integrated onto the Wii U, and Wii U to 3DS. Things like hats from Mii plaza being a great example. This means merging profiles, and probably killing off friend codes on the 3DS, at least for newer software releases.


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