In this week\’s installment of The Score, we will learn what kind of game you think Miyamoto\’s new IP is — and what kind of game you wish it to be.

The Score: Episode 14

Is the early success of Pikmin 3 a sign that the Wii U is hitting its stride?

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Last week, we asked you…

What do you think Miyamoto’s new franchise is? What do you personally want it to be?
Head below and find out what you had to say.

Your Responses

While I don\’t recall Miyamoto mentioning what he would like to make, I do recall him mentioning that there are a few Game genres he\’d like to take a shot at. Being as he\’s getting up there in age, I\’d like to see him try out the RPG style of gameplay.

Also, since he\’s Nintendo\’s premiere game designer, I\’d think he\’d like to flex his muscle in providing a great online game for Nintendo — something of a cross between Mario Party gameplay and Halo diversity of people wanting to come back and create various new limitations/specialized tournaments to their online matches hosts can create.
-David K

I would like to see a Final Fantasy Vll or X style RPG with a dark story and a vast world to explore, though I don\’t recall where I heard that Miyamoto-san supposedly wanted to work on a FPS and to that all I have to say is YES! but if this is true please have a decent online multiplayer and run 60 frames-per-second at a native 1080p, is it to much to ask?

Well if it\’s not a FPS like he mentioned wanting to do…then it\’ll probably be some kind of open world sandbox game with no story but will be too fun to stop playing to even care, like a mix of Animal Crossing with Pikmin and a dash of Chibi-robo.

Then again it could just be his take on the FPS genre.

I missed the last Score (ed. note: it was about difficulty in Nintendo games), so I\’ll just leave Jim Sterling\’s take on it: difficulty isn\’t just about finishing the level. Like Kirby\’s Return to Dreamland, which is easy to beat, but hard to complete. You can\’t die, but getting 100% is very challenging.

For this one:

I don\’t know what [Miyamoto\’s IP] will be, but he seems to have given up his quest to make his wife play video games, so it will hopefully be at least as good as Pikmin. After all, it\’s been keeping him busy for the last couple of years.

I really want to see an RPG with a strong focus on adventure. Like a Lord of the Rings type saga.

I\’m not really sure what he is working on, but I want him to be making a RPG. Out of all of the games he\’s made in his career, he\’s never really made one himself. He\’s probably been a part of most of the Mario RPGs, but all of them have been primarily made by another company. Super Mario RPG by [Squaresoft], Paper Mario by Intelligent Systems, and Mario and Luigi by Alphadream.

It really is hard to say. Someone like Miyamoto who has been in the industry for so long and has been asked to make sequels for his already popular franchises probably has a few awesome ideas sitting on the back burner. He did mention some time ago that he would like to make a first person shooter. I would love an FPS from him with an attractive yet mature art style and some crazy new game mechanic that we\’ve never seen before in the genre.

I hope its something everyone will be shocked by when they see it! Some say a new FPS that uses a special Zapper, some other say Mario Galaxy 3 (which is unlikely) but I think it might be something entirely new and fascinating. 😀

I hope it\’s a sandbox game.

I\’m a sucker for sandboxes.


Staff Responses

I have my reservations about getting excited about this. Miyamoto is an amazing game designer, who happened to bring you the brand new character Woo Hoo Island. Yeah. So, it could be something amazing, and I hope it is. But it could also be something a little more…casual. I personally hope that he is either working on Raven Blade with Retro, or project HAMMER. We\’ll see at some point in the future.
-Routerbad (Wesley Stopford)

Like Routerbad, I\’m not letting myself get too excited about this. Miyamoto\’s games on the Wii had an agenda to them and didn\’t always appeal to the gamer looking for a deep experience. Wii Music and the environment of Woo-Hoo Island in Wii Sports Resort were his two big contributions to last generation. So, it really depends on how Miyamoto decides to approach this. If he goes back to old Miyamoto-style then I would be very excited. But if he\’s making a casual experience that relies on a gimmick then I\’m not so interested.

If Miyamoto has indeed been let off the leash and is now able to invest time in a game that doesn\’t, like Menashe noted, push an agenda, then I\’m hoping for possibly a strategy RPG.

However, I\’d take a new action-adventure as well.
-Omar T.

I\’d love to see an RPG from Miyamoto, personally. It\’s not really the most popular genre in the world right now, but with his quirky charms, I think he could make something special of it.

That being said, I expect a platformer with another cute mascot type character.
-Scar_LiT (Tom I.)


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Written by Alex Balderas

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