In this week\’s instalment of The Score, we hear your opinions on the highly anticipated Wii U game, The Wonderful 101.

In addition, we ask for your thoughts on the delay of Rayman Legends. Although met with an uproar initially, the delay of Rayman Legends did have some positive side effects. With extra levels, higher sales potential, and the free challenge app for Wii U owners, was the delay worth it?

The Score: Episode 17

7 Months Later — Was the Rayman Legends Delay Worth It?

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Last week, we asked you…

Is The Wonderful 101… Wonderful?

Head below and find out what you had to say.

Your Responses


The controls were a bit of a hassle at the beginning when I played the demo…but once you get the hang of it than the real fun starts…
I surely enjoyed trying to get a great score every time I entered a battle and after watching the trailer it seems I\’ll also enjoy the story…

Still…I can see how the controls will turn off some peoples enjoyment…


Only to mirror what is said before, it has a depth and complexity that may intimidate the casual \’pick up and play\’ audience.  Its a real gamers, game.  For this reason and the popularity of being completely anti-nintendo  I am expecting majority of \’gaming journalist\’ to trash the game and out themselves as clueless fuckwitts once again.


Well, I can\’t really answer this question because whenever I boot up my Wii U I wind up playing Pikmin 3.


I\’ve played the demo, and I\’ve gotten quite good at it. If this game has the type of depth that most of Kamiya\’s games have, then it will truly be wonderful!



I didn\’t play the demo for long, but the controls were weird – making combat a bit more frantic and confusing than it could have been. But maybe that is what they are going for, I couldn\’t tell

It does seem that it has its problems though, so I don\’t think it likely that it will get much critical acclaim. It will probably at the very least get somewhat of a following that I may or may not be a part of, we\’ll see.


I don\’t have a Wii U yet.

Go Patriots!



Staff Responses

The game looks wonderful.  It sounds wonderful.  Going purely by what others have said, I\’m going to say it IS wonderful. 😉

Tom Irwin (LiT)

The game is extremely satisfying after you get a handle on the controls, but that’s just the thing. The gameplay seems to be so deep that, at least for people who are more impatient than most, they should have included some kind of tutorial that holds your hand and shows you how to perform certain moves and combos. Relaying messages on screen and on the GamePad is confusing and, therefore, is not enough help. At least it didn’t help when I showed the game off to some friends at a get-together. Most concluded that they loved the game (and even wanted to get a Wii U after play TW101 among others), but they all struggled with the controls in the beginning and I\’m not exception to this fact either. I hope that when they release the game they actually include some type of tutorial. If not, I don’t think anything majoring negative would happen as a result, but I do know there are people out there who actually appreciate the option of an interactive tutorial.

-Omar Taylor (Acesonnall)

It seems like The Wonderful 101 has a ton of interesting and innovative ideas that should help put the Wii U on track to becoming a must own console for everyone. Unfortunately, as Omar said, the controls can make it very challenging to get into the game. Last year, when I played the game at an event, I had no problems with the controls because a Nintendo representative was explaining to me what to do at every step. When I picked up the Wii U demo this year I had a lot more trouble. This is not an easy pick up to play game, and unfortunately it may be its downfall.

Personally, I\’ll be picking the game up at launch, but I doubt the sales will end up being very good, especially with both Rayman and GTA coming out within two weeks of the title.
-Elia (Paleselan)

I made a decision not to try the demo, just to go straight into the full game, and as it\’s Friday morning as i write this, the full game should be here within the next two hours!  Excite!

-Michael (Michael N)


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