In this edition of the score, we hear back on your feedback regarding Mario Kart 8\’s multiplayer mode. Additionally, we ask your opinion on whether the Wii U is going through another game drought. The last major game to come out for the Wii U was DK, and the next one is only Mario Kart. Are these two games enough for the whole January-May period?

The Score: Episode 45

The Score: Is The Wii U Going Through Another Game Drought?

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Last week, we asked you…

The Score: What Would You Like From Mario Kart 8\’s Multiplayer

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Your Responses

Customisable modes with friends (like no items, or only bananas/shells/blue shells)

Communities to make tournaments with others or clans

60fps 2 player mode

Fun battle mode or even a new mode,

Maybe 4 players local online, but I doubt it

Grand Prix modes



-Mr Chris

Classic battlemode, that\’s lives-based and not time-based. Like in 64. Both free for all and with teams.

Support for multiple local players whilst online.

12 stages or more.

New gamemodes, I\’m thinking Hot Bob-Omb, where you want to hold the Bomb to build points, but pass it on to another player before it explodes.

Solid online with fast matchmaking.


I just want them to slightly expand on the system from 7 and allow you to specifically select items to turn off/on (although I would always play with all items on anyway. It\’s the same as Smash Bros in that way, it\’s not fun for me without them) which it sounds like they are planning on doing.


Detailed stats for the different karts. Also, it would please me if they got rid of the lighting.

-Corey Belles

I second the detailed stats idea. Whether it\’s kart info or just ridiculous info about kart usage, number of times being hit by items, etc. I always like checking out my stats in Smash games just for fun.

-Seany McKibs


-Beau Wetini

Since it\’s been Rumored that the Gamepad will only have Added Horn ability on the Screen, I\’d like it if Nintendo used Video Chat while playing against others Online.

Up to 8 players Online at once. No CPU player option.

A vs. mode that includes a limited Boomerang Distance throw option.

Maybe have that one New item that Looks like a horn be a Coin Maker Item (ala New Super Mario Bros. 2 on 3DS) and having the option to either Gather Coins or Deflect Rivals by Throwing Coins.

Ability to make in Air Collisions to Tag out Rivals in Vs Modes.

Expand the Number of Laps in a Race up to 10 for a Longer Experience.

-David K

A custom lobby system would be fantastic. We need to be able to turn on and off any kind of item like in Smash Bros. It would also make finding new players to get together with easier.

Hopefully online isn\’t laggy. I\’d like good matchmaking with leaderboards, but possibly online tournaments as well. Clans/teams would be awesome, too! I\’d love a clan season that maybe has a sort of post-season. That may be asking a bit too much, but I don\’t think its out of the realm of possibility.

New battle modes would be cool, as well. Or at least the ability to be able to switch between the kinds of modes that are featured in all the other games (like if you want to player old Balloon Battle which has a limited amount of balloons per player or the new version). Maybe a mode that allows you to make a playlist of tracks you can play with your friends, like a custom Grand Prix mode, would be cool, too.

Also, I would LOVE a no-bikes/motorcycles mode. Sometimes I want to play Mario Kart, not Mario Kart and Bicycles

-NE\’s Dakota Lasky

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Written by Eli Pales

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