In this week\’s installment of The Score, we find out what you think is next for Retro Studios, whether it be a new Starfox, Metroid, or even a new IP.

In addition, we ask for your thoughts on Iwata\’s recent, yet interesting, QOL statements.More specifically, we ponder what this QOL platform means for the future of Nintendo.

The Score: Episode 39

The Score: Where do you Predict Nintendo\’s QOL Platform Will Take Them?

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Last week, we asked you…

The Score: What would you like to see next from Retro Studios

Head below and find out what you had to say.

Your Responses

Anyway, I am half expecting Retro to complete a trilogy of DK games, I\’m not sure if that will be their next project but I think they will. They will probably do another FPA Metroid so everyone will STFU and that haha. So maybe it\’s Metroid next with another DKC to follow…

– Mr Chris

What I hope for is new IP. What I expect is new Star Fox. Nintendo franchises are what sell Nintendo systems, and Retro has clearly earned Nintendo\’s trust. It\’s time for them to move on to something new, but they\’re too good for it not to be a Nintendo property. The fans want Star Fox, the Gamepad is a no-brainer as a cockpit display–it just makes sense.

– Kroisos

I think they will be putting pressure on Japan for more creative freedom. They must have seen the general feeling of disappointment on forums when dk was announced. It\’s probably a great game but the fans are gagging for meat and veg, there\’s only so much gruel fans will take. They need a franchise or game with ability to expand on its own universe… Their own future Zelda or mario. Personally I would like to see them and Monolith team up and share assets. Also something gritty and dark. Maybe even Eternal Darkness turned on its head first person… Even multiplayer online features too?

– Steve Whitefield

We need Metroid for the Wii U probably!

– BlindMemoir

Retro studios should either make a new metroid game or new ip

– Patrick Dohm

Judging by the dedication the team has put into their games there is a lot of love for what they do. So, in whatever direction they go and with whatever franchise or new IP they do it with I\’m sure I\’ll be happy.

Would I like to see them do a new take on the Metroid series? Sure. Another Donkey Kong? Yeah, but not yet. Or, a different type of game entirely that shows the multifaceted strengths of Retro? Whatever really.

I have high expectations of Retro… Just not specific ones that I\’m bound to be disappointed by.

– JustTheTrick tm

I know I\’ve said it too many times, but my god I want a new Metroid prime so freaking bad. And I want my questions answered, hopefully. Was that Sylux in that ship that followed Samus at the end of MP3 on the 100% ending? Considering Sylux died. Could the next Metroid Prime possibly be a sequel to hunters? I don\’t freaking know. But I am being so patient for a new one.

– Ryan Kestner

Starfox, using the gamepad as a second screen tailgunner for co-op single player and multiplayer. Or an original FPS game that isn\’t metriod, love metriod but nintendo are very restrictive with there IP\’s when it comes to mature content.

– Jakrabbit

I\’m up for anything!!

– Andrew Garner

I want to see them do something they haven\’t done before. While I know a ton of people want to see Metroid Prime 4 (which I would love as well) I\’d like to see them try Star Fox, F-Zero, or even a new IP. Just something new for them.

– Deraj626

I\’m pretty sure I\’ve mentioned it before, but I\’d like Retro to try their hand at the Eternal Darkness sequel. Nintendo should be down to 29 months left of the Trademark ownership before they lose it and with Retro being one of Nintendo\’s better studios (if you had to list them in Rank), I\’d LOVE to see them Create their vision with this Franchise.

Of course, if not E.D. then since Sega just lost the Shenmue Trademark, if Nintendo does acquire it, I\’d love to see Retro create Shenmue 3 with Yu Suzuki\’s blessing and help.

– David K


I\’m not a fan of Metroid, even though that is probably going to be their next game.


Retro most likely has 2 teams working on games. Meaning that after Metroid we get something else… After playing Tropical Freeze, I\’d be all for another DK game, but if they were to work on a new IP, I wouldn\’t mind either!

– Elia Pales (Paleselan)

Donkey Kong Country: Arctic Meltdown

– Ryan C

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Written by Eli Pales

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