In this week\’s installment of The Score, we hear your thoughts on Nintendo\’s HD remakes.

In addition, we ask for your thoughts on Nintendo\’s goal for Wii U sales. By the end of its 2013 fiscal year (ending March 2014), Nintendo hopes to sell 9 million Wii Us; while in its second quarter, only 300,000 Wii Us were sold. Nevertheless, Nintendo still kept its  sales target. Was that goal realistic?

The Score: Episode 26

Is Nintendo\’s Wii U Sales Goal Realistic?

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Last week, we asked you…

The Score: Should Nintendo Release More HD Remakes?

Head below and find out what you had to say.

Your Responses


Believe it or not, i was strictly a Sony guy back in the ps1 & 2 era, and before that i was just too young to play games.. that means that i couldn\’t get to play & experience Nintendo classics like super metroid, majora\’s mask, earthbound, etc, etc.. i\’ve actually bought some of them on VC on my wii & 3ds, but couldn\’t probably enjoy them because of the outdated graphics and the (some what) sluggish controls =/

A remake should fix that, i still remember how i pre-ordered my 3ds back , just to play OoT.. if i did it, other people will do it too with the WII U. WW HD is a proof of that.


YES! Lot\’s Of \’em

Because the games do not feel like remakes, they feel like brand new ones 😀


As long it does not interfere with the development of main games, and as long if it\’s not a LOT of them, I would love them.

And about the pricing: maybe a remake of a GCN/Wii game could be $50, but if, for example, the ReUmagined series is real and they decide to release them for retail as well, they should cost no more than $35


Possibly….BANJO-KAZOOIE ….I can dream

-Adam Smith

Yes, they should do more remakes.

For one very good reason;

Third parties.

Aside from most Indie developers, third party developers are screwing up 90% of their chances to make us WANT their games on the Wii U.

Ghosts and Black Ops don\’t have DLC, Sniper Elite V2 didn\’t have its multiplayer, Mass Effect 3 released at the same time as the collection on other consoles, and most recently, Human Revolution released with an unjustifiably larger price tag.

And that\’s just the tip of the ice berg.

Point blank: AAA third parties cannot, CANNOT, be trusted to do games justice on the Wii U, as a majority rule.

In lieu of that, Nintendo should step up by releasing titles we can TRUST to be good games, even if they ARE remakes.


Why not? They should make remakes as long as it doesn\’t flood the market and cripple production of new games. However, charging $50 is a bit over priced. It\’s not a new game, and it didn\’t take nearly the amount of money to remake it as it did to create the first time, so don\’t charge as if all this work went into a remake. $30 is fair but $20 is ideal (especially if they are on the eShop).


NINTENDO should get off their LAZY backside   make plenty of HD games starting with CONTRA, R-TYPE, GRADIUS, STREET OF RAGE

should they be priced at 50.00???? nope.   29.99   yes.

Im dieing to play a REAL solid Contra game again.

-Ol School Gamer

I think so with three stipulations;

1 – They are high quality like the WW HD remake

2 – Doesn\’t interferer with development of new games

3 – They do my favorite games first


I think it would be a great idea given two things. First, make sure they have some added features and are more than a simple remaster. While Wind Waker did an ok job at this, I feel like more could\’ve been done to add to it. Second, outsource development as to not interfere with games they\’re making. Yes, the main teams should be looking over them and I think new features should be designed by the main team, but it would really halt the development of other games if the main team had to do all the graphics and what not.


metroid prime and galaxy would be fine

-Lukas Meza

Only if it\’s Xenoblade.


Nope nope nope nope nope. It would only further perpetuate the saying that all Nintendo does is rehashes. Doing more HD remakes would only justify that. Even worse, these are being sold at/near full price when you can get a much bulkier HD collection for the same price or even lower, like the MGS or GoW collection. Would you rather buy Wind Waker HD for $50 or buy the MGS collection which includes MGS 2, MGS 3, MGS Peace Walker, MG 1, and MG 2 for the same price (at least it was $50 at launch, now it\’s less than $30).  I\’d rather them make NEW GAMES,  or else the Wii U won\’t get more third party games, the sales of the console will only peak at 20-30 million, and the Xbone and PS4 will demolish it in almost every single way. The people Nintendo needs to make the Wii U thrive don\’t want one because either they see it as having 1) no games or 2) Games they\’ve already played. This is not the time to go crazy with remakes when the Wii U is doing complete shit. \”Oh but a Majora\’s Mask/Super Mario 64/Metroid Prime/Star Fox/F-Zero HD remake would be so awesome I\’d love to play it again!\” No. Maybe once they get their footing back we can discuss another HD remake.


Tell me again, how well did the 3DS do with all of it\’s remakes in it\’s first year? Why, it must have done fantastic! Star Fox, Ocarina…oh wait. No. It was awful. When did the sales start coming in? When actual NEW GAMES CAME OUT, AKA Fire Emblem, MK7, 3D Land, etc. Why should anyone pick up a console that can only play games that are HD remakes of a game either the person already has, or can just easily obtain, let alone pay near full price for ONE 10 YEAR OLD GAME?


Yes as long as:

It doesn\’t slow down the development of new projects

It isn\’t   Wii remakes (since Wii U is backward compatible)

it doesn\’t  brings us series that will  be released on a near future (dont see a point on releasing a Mario Kart64 HD as a standalone game, a SSBM, etc)

Only if the HD is well made (like WWaker) or,  if only the graphics where improved and with little effort, to put the game on the eShop at a fine price



Staff Responses

So long as the development of such games don\’t interfere with receiving the generation defining games I was guaranteed when I purchased the console, I welcome more HD remasters.

As for why HD remasters shouldn\’t be the focus, while I\’m loving Wind Waker HD, and I\’m sure Nintendo could do well remastering other past games, I bought a next generation console for next-generation games, not so much for remasters of games from preceding gens.

Seriously though, the last thing Nintendo needs for their image is for all the best games on the Wii U to be remasters. I mean come on, that\’s just cheating haha.

This can be seen as Nintendo\’s fail safe plan, however, offering Mario 64 in 1080p with improved textures for those droughts we all would prefer not to have.

-Omar T. (Acesonnall)

Should there be more HD remakes? Sure! Should they be produced by first party Nintendo? Absolutely not!

I hate the idea of Nintendo putting some of their geniuses on remaking already created games when they could be creating new ones. So, what\’s the solution? Send the games out to a third party to get HD-ified, then DON\’T charge $50 for it (probably around $20-$30 depending on the game), and finally make it an eShop only release (so that people don\’t complain that Nintendo only releases remakes).

Done. Simple.

-Elia (Paleselan)

Yes. As other commenters said… as long as it doesn\’t disrupt development of new games. I\’d rather buy a HD remake than a VC re-release. Could understand doing more Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games. Mario Kart, for example, should just have all previous tracks available in HD as DLC.

-Andy Whitefield


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