In this week\’s installment of The Score, we hear your thoughts on voice acting in future Zelda games. Should Link stay quiet, should all the supporting characters? Your thoughts are below!

In addition, we ask for your thoughts on HD remakes. Wind Waker HD was released last month and even Miyamoto recently teased the possibility of creating more HD remakes. Are these games wanted? Should they be priced at $50?

The Score: Episode 25

The Score: Should Nintendo Release More HD Remakes?

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Last week, we asked you…

Should There Be Voice Acting in Future Zelda Games?

Head below and find out what you had to say.

Your Responses

Please no. Unless, that is, they speak in Hylian. Even then Link should of course remain silent.


All but Link, sure


ABSOLUTELY! I do not understand the resistance to this at all.


No way!

-Nick Kihkass

I love how the legend of zelda is already, one of the many things that makes this franchises unique is the way characters communicate. Yes, they do use sub but i mean the gestures, the noises, it all blends in great

-Dennisse Pagan Davila


For the last time NOOOO!!

Andrew Steven Garner

Yes, as long as its good quality for EVERY language

-Olivier Larochelle

No NO don\’t EVER have voice acting in LOZ that would ruin it

-Adam Smith

I wouldn\’t mind it, it would be weird at first, people can\’t compare it to Portal\’s Chell, because she literally had no speech or dialogue or written script. In Zelda, character\’s actually have written dialogue but no speech. When you think about, it would work. Instead of just making noises when they speak.

-Ian Matthew Kikel

No voice…..cause that means longer story elements which slows the pacing of Zelda which in the end, ruins the experience

-Carson Strauch

In short: No.

Yes but to be perfectly fair, when I was growing up, Mario was a tough guy from Brooklyn. Now he\’s a crazy guy who makes silly, uncontrollable Italian Stereotype noises. 😉

-Jesse Moak

Yes, as long as Link is kept silent ala Portal, Half-Life

-David Cusick

People went crazy when they added voices to Mario games. And look how famous they are now.

-Guillermo Riesgo

I don\’t think Nintendo\’s dialog writing abilities are up to scratch in the Zelda games for them to attempt voice acting.


No. Simple as that.
For some reason the guy David K wants to see Zelda destroyed and made to be along the lines of Mass Effect?!

How God awful would that be?!?!?! It wouldn\’t even be a Nintendo game anymore!!! This IS NOT what mature Nintendo fans want, David. If you want games like Mass Effect 3, then go play Mass Effect 3, geez.


I\’d say maybe. The first step is to actually give us more story. If they can do that, then the next step is to put VA in.


Unlike most of the Masses of other Responders here, I\’m going to Vote Yes for a voice for Zelda. People are always wanting a more Mature Zelda game and giving Link and Cast voices would certainly Liven the series up more. Think more like Mass Effect or Metal Gear Solid. And with the series spreading itself out over different time periods, they could even change Voice Actors from game to game.

David K

I would go so far as to include that as a missing feature in Skyward Sword.  I like to look at characters to understand them, not look down to read the text and try to keep up with their actions at the same time.  They could still keep Link silent though and simply give you response options when asked questions like they have been doing.


Definitely no!

It would ruin it the like how George Lucas ruined Star Wars.


I certainly wouldn\’t mind it, provided it\’s done right. Of course, I wouldn\’t want Link to speak because he\’s supposed to be our \”link\” to the game, although I would like it if he was a bit more expressive like how he was in Wind Waker


I think there should be voice acting for all characters except Link himself…it\’s one of the features I enjoyed a lot in games like Xenoblade…and it really adds to any game with cutscenes…


Thing about Zelda is that it isn\’t really about characters as much as it is gameplay. Sure, the universe of the series has a rich lore, but due to how the entries are structured it doesn\’t lend itself to voice acting or narrative. It made sense for Metroid due to how the ENTIRETY of the series is essentially the life story of Samus so giving her a voice made sense. For Link and Zelda, not so much.


Yeah, voice acting would be good for everyone but the main character, Link. Link is a cypher for the player, and \’\’linking\’\’ your actions with Link are what make him such an effective protagonist; besides, everytime Nintendo has tried to flesh out their cypher like characters (Samus or Mario) it has turned out badly.


No, because other M



Staff Responses

Yes, but it would have to sound similar to his action voice overs. Any different and it could cause problems.

-Omar T. (Acesonnall)

Nintendo is often criticized by the mainstream gaming media for being too far behind the times, and on most accounts I agree with than statement (except on gameplay). Voice acting is just one of those things.

Voice acting would bring so much professionalism and sense of quality to the Zelda series for the mainstream gamers. Sure, here at a Nintend-based site most readers are going to reject the idea, but the simple reality is that professional voice acting will lead to higher sales and better recognition amongst non-Nintendo gamers.

Personally, I\’d like to see Link stay quiet, but everyone else can get a voice-box.

-Elia (Paleselan)

No. If they added it now theyd be pandering to the masses. There would also be uproar about the voice they chose for Link. It wouldn\’t be anything like how the majority had imagined.

-Andy Whitefield


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