This week we take a look at your responses on the worsening Wii U third-party support situation and surprisingly it might not be as dire as we think. This week\’s question is rather an obvious one as Nintendo announced a new piece of hardware this week. The \’New 3DS\’ was revealed in a Japanese-centric Nintendo Direct so there are still many unknowns. When will the machine launch in the west? Is this a traditional redesign or does the extra power (and exclusive games) separate it into it\’s own market? Have your say below!

The Score: Episode 59

The Score: The \’New 3DS\’ – Yay or Nay?

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Last week, we asked you…

The Score: Does the Wii U Need Third-Parties?

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Our Favorite Responses

Its better for everyone that they did get more of the shared games. The lucky thing for them is that they are the only ones that can carry a console with their own efforts. If sony or microsoft had to do the same they simply couldnt.


We as gamers shouldn’t be punished for gaming with Nintendo, or being poor. Nintendo fans should not have to purchase a ‘supplement console’ for proper 3rd party games. The only difference between the Big 3 companies should be 1st party games, exclusives, and hardware, we should all be offered the same multiplatform 3rd party games, no differences, no inferiorority whatsoever.

-Commander B

Yes. They still do need 3rd parties and I stand by my other tweet. Although I see where Ubisoft is coming from on mature games not selling on Wii U. It really isn’t the demographic.


Does the WiiU need third-party games at this point? I think not, since most gamers out there directly relate third-party games to PS or XBox. Therefore, I think that even if the Wii U had third party support many gamers would still grab the games for the other systems.

Would Wii U owners benefit from third party games? Absolutely. Even though most of these lacked DLC or were half-baked ports, the gamepad features have always been very welcomed, specially Off-TV. It would be awesome if more games like Zombi U or Deus Ex: Human Revolution made it to the platform. It would also cover the draughts between first-party releases.


In my opinion, so so.

Still, some of the 3rd party Nintendo needs is being presented as 2nd party titles, so at this rate a no 3rd party console is possible.


No. Nintendo could always use good 3rd party support, but lets speak frankly about what 3rd party support Nintendo has mostly been getting for almost all of the 7th and 8th (thus far) gen: shovel ware at best, gimped at worst. 3rd party gaming has generally gone down whereas the offerings of Nintendo’s 1st and 2nd parties has gone up.


I’d say yes…even though I got the other consoles and can get games there…I love details like off-tv play and having your map on the second screen…or like CoD…having the second player play on their own screen.
So even if a 3rd party game can be bought on any other console…I always get the Wii U versions because of those extra details…though…they than skip dlc on it =_=

Would love to see the relationship with 3rd parties fixed because we’ll also miss on whatever new ip’s they can come up with solely for the Wii U. I think Nintendo instead of waiting to see if they come back..they should put their foot down and make them come back. Sony and Microsoft would not wait to see if they release it or not on their new systems…they would out their foot down and make sure the game is released on their system.


It would sort of really be nice to have them on wii u


Do they still need third parties? Absolutely. Even if Nintendo doesn’t get every single title that XB1 and PS4 will get, I still think they should at least do something to get them to return to WiiU. There are some titles that WiiU owners would still very much like to play on their consoles. So, yes, Nintendo needs to do something about it. Luckily they DO have a plan, which is to sell more units with their first party titles. If that succeeds, it should lure them back. But I DO think Nintendo should try to snag titles like KH3 and MAYBE a new TALES or FFXV or whatever they think can sell on their console, not just dudebro franchises that didn’t really have a fan base on earlier Nintendo platforms.

-Jon Turner

3rd Party games have been on Nintendo Consoles since the NES and should still be Available on the Wii U. The one thing that tends to be overlooked is that Ubisoft and Activision for the past year have not been Consistent on letting the Public at large know for SURE that their games will be Available on the Wii U. Ubisoft and Activision both Revealed their games at E3 but did not Announce Wii U versions of these games until August and September. Give the Gamers that Parity at the least and let the Gamer decide on which Console they choose to Buy the games.

Still waiting for Konami, Capcom, and EA to Announce their games coming to Wii U in the future as well.

Until then, Nintendo has some 2nd Party games they are working on I’m sure. Treasure, Next Level, WayForward, Atlus, maybe Arc System Works, XSeed, Level 5, and Majesco should have something in the works for Wii U.

Once Wii U gets past 10 Million Units sold, third parties should start Releasing more games on the system. 350k should be the Benchmark required in the first 6 months for a game to be Profitable for these companies.

On a side note: I’m starting to get worried about Mr. Iwata’s Health. Sure he’s supposed to be Resting, but it would be good to get an Update on his Condition soon…

-David K

It all depends on what kind of third party you are talking about . If you mean when we don’t even get 25% of a game from Madden at EA witch means Eat Ass Sports to me . Or do you mean when Nintendo byes the game like Wonderful 101 or Bayonetta 2 and even Deavels Third were we have a chance to prove what needs to happen be for we bye in . We all need to bye these games and make share thay sell 2 million copies be for the end of the year thay come out in . Its all redy to late for one Wonderful 101 owill


Of course it does, the larger the variety of games the larger the systems appeal. I’d love to get just one console each gen to cover me but that’s just not possible on Wii U.


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