In this week\’s installment of The Score, we hear your opinions on Keiji Inafune\’s recently announced Kickstarter, The Mighty No. 9.

In addition, we ask for your thoughts on the Wii U price drop which takes effect this week. How much of an impact will the price drop make? Will it help the Wii U stand up to the PS4 and Xbox One this November?

The Score: Episode 19

How much of an impact will the Wii U price cut make on Wii U Sales?

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Last week, we asked you…

What is your opinion and response to The Mighty No. 9?

Head below and find out what you had to say.

Your Responses

Being as this is Keiji Inafune next game I\’ll purchase when it gets Released for the Wii U. Sure it may be similar to Mega Man but so is alot of other Game makers works with slightly improved story and gameplay elements throughout.

Might put a few dollars towards the Kickstarter also, just haven\’t decided how much yet…

-David K

I have to admit (with a certain amount of shame), I have never played a megaman game. Therefore I am looking forward to this game as it will be a new experience for me. meaning I can judge it based on its merits rather than the nostalgia it creates, even though that could be an intrinsic part of the deal. And even to someone who has never played any of the games it\’s not hard to see that inefune is a great game designer considering how much the megaman franchise has reverberated through history. Not to mention how much of a stir mighty no. 9 created on kickstarter, it\’s hard to see how one couldn\’t get exited for it.
However – and this may have something to do with me never playing megaman – I think I probably would be more exited if someone brought new tidings of that maverick hunter megaman game. I know it looked a bit samey compared to other futuristic fps, but DAYUM that shit looked cray.


This is gonna be awesome and a fun game.

-Starchaser Markell Joshua

My opinion? FUCKING WANT. Capcom can suck it.

-Joshua Valencia

Based on the videos I\’ve watched it sounds like they have some cool ideas for the gameplay. I can\’t wait to see footage of it running! I haven\’t put any money into its Kickstarter yet though.

-Alex Pugh

It\’s quite obvious that everything about this game screams Mega Man… I almost wish he would do something different. Hell, 75% of the games he has made are Mega Man. Like Jesus Christ dude, are you that obsessed with him? I\’ll probably buy this for Wii U and maybe PC, but I really wish he was doing something different.


Somebody needed to give Capcom a wake up slap and Inafune was the perfect man to do it. Maybe we\’ll actually see a Mega Man game before then, and if not, we have what\’s basically a new Mega Man sub series in a bit over 1.5 years. 😀


This looks amazing! Totally getting this on wii U when it comes Out,I can\’t believe it reached a stretch goal of 1.9 Million $ in a week!




Staff Responses

If Mega Man wasn\’t a big part of ones gaming past, I don\’t think this game appeals to them which I think, as Menashe pointed out, will be exactly this games issue. I think this game will end up being decent at least, but f this game is aiming for mass appeal, I can\’t see that happening with such a game.

-Omar T. (Acesonnall)

The Mighty No. 9 looks really, really good, but I tend to avoid pledging to Kickstarter. Unfortunately, even though Inefune is working on the game, there is no guarantee of quality, and therefore, I do not want to give my money to them before I know what type of game I\’m buying in terms of quality. Once the game is released in two years, 2015, I\’ll read reviews and decide on my own whether I want to buy the game.

-Elia (Paleselan)

It looks incredible. Although sometimes I get worried when I see a Kickstarter project that seems to live only for the sake of playing with people\’s nostalgia. As long as Inafune isn\’t afraid to try out new ideas while keeping the same overall qualities of Mega Man I think it will be great.

-Menashe (Menashe)

It\’s been years since I\’ve really been excited for a Mega Man game, but something about this project just hits at all my nostalgia strings.  Yeah, I\’m down for some Mighty No. 9.

-Tom (Scar_LiT) (Menashe)


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