Head inside to see your responses to last week\’s question, regarding your thoughts on Nintendo and Cross-Buy as well as answering this week\’s question about Mario Kart 8\’s multiplayer. Nintendo revealed a ton of new details this week about the eagerly anticipated game, but yet we know nothing about the multiplayer, what would you like to see?

The Score: Episode 44

The Score: What Would You Like From Mario Kart 8\’s Multiplayer?

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The Score: If Nintendo Had Cross Buy, Would It Sell Games/Hardware?

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Your Responses

It won\’t sell more consoles or games, but it\’d improve how I think about Nintendo, especially in terms of their virtual console. Currently, it\’s a scam. Simple as that
No, I don\’t think it would help all that much. I mean, I would like a Wii U version of Kid Icarus: Uprising, but we\’ve seen how well Cross Buy has worked for Sony. I mean, Playstation All-Stars had Cross Buy, and it\’s now a bargain bin game. To me, Cross Buy can be a double-edged sword if not handled well. >_>
-Ben Thrash (from Facebook)
i doubt it but it would sell a bit more software.
I think if a consumer is only interested in things such as crossbuy and completely ignore the games and their content then we live in a very sad age of gaming. Does it really matter? I won\’t deny that I would like to have cross buy on Virtual Console games but it would never encourage or hinder my purchasing of content on either platform.
-Sam Brandon (from Facebook)
Games yes consoles no
-James Henderson (from Facebook)
Between no cross buy and the games being tied to the hardware, it really makes me think twice before downloading anything, if both those issues where resolved I know a lot of people (including myself) would be very happy buying up a lot of those VC classics.
-Rafael Rosa (from Facebook)
i would definitely download more from virtual console
Will it sell systems? No, probably not. I don\’t see any reason why it would really make a big sales impact. Would it sell a few? Yes, but not enough to be noticeable. However, it is a system that I would love to see Nintendo input anyway, even if just for VC.
Cross buy isnt helping Sony games sell any better so why would it help Nintendo who is already number 1 in software sold for the last 10 years running
It shouldn\’t be \”would it help sell more\” it should be will this make the consumer happy/save the consumer money. There is really no logical reason why Nintendo doesn\’t do cross buy at the very least with there first party VC games especially when Sony does it/has been without any issue for awhile now.
-Miles Phillips (from Facebook)
Couldn\’t agree more [with Miles]. The question for everything shouldn\’t be \”Will it sell more systems?\” all the time. Sometimes you have to throw a bone to the consumers who already own your hardware. A true unified account system and cross-buy system would do PR wonders for Nintendo.
Not as much as if they had a unified console… One that merged the 3Ds and WiiUs controller…. Hhmmm
-John Allison (from Facebook)
Honestly, who knows? For me, cross buy and PS+ was the sole reason I bought a Vita. In fact, in total, I\’ve onlt spent about $30 on Vita games, and gotten hundreds of dollars worth of Vita games for free. On the other hand, I may just be an exception. The Vita is still selling like crap, even with cross buy, so I can\’t imagine miracles for the Wii U.

-Paleselan (NE\’s Elia Pales)

I want ds games on my Wii u. I don\’t do handhelds but there are Mario and Zelda games I want to play.
-Matt DeVore (from Facebook)
I think it would be great with the Virtual Console games. I hope the next gen Nintendo hardware is a unified handheld/home console as predicted. This would allow for so many great games since the development resources could essentially be cut in half.
-Andy Milhoan (from Facebook)
You get the same salesnumbers, maybe slightly better, as it\’s still mostly bought by the same people who would buy it without cross-buy. But what you get is happier customers (especially those with both systems) which leads to good word of mouth. And cross-buy holds added marketing value. Then you also get an easier time selling the other systems to those with just one, as they\’ll already have a library of games available. It won\’t make much of a bump in hardware sales, as there\’s llittle point in buying the other system for a game you can play on the one you already have. But it may help sell more software as more games could be ported, and reach a wider audience. Win-win.
Yes! I can\’t tell you how many virtual console games I want on my 3DS that are Wii U only. -_-
-James Vaughan (from Facebook)
I think It\’d get more VC games to sell.

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Andy W.

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