In this week\’s installment of The Score, we hear your opinions on the Wii U price drop that just took place and whether it could have an impact on Wii U sales.

In addition, we ask for your thoughts on the passing of Hiroshi Yamauchi. Did he really single-handedly save the gaming industry? How much of an impact did he have overall. Could another company have taken the place of Nintendo, such as Sega?

The Score: Episode 20

Where would the games industry be now without Hiroshi Yamauchi?

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Last week, we asked you…

How much of an impact will the Wii U price cut make on Wii U Sales?

Head below and find out what you had to say.

Your Responses

I believe the price cut will help. It helped with the 3DS. Plus We will have A lot of Great Software by the End of 2013

Super Mario 3D World.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD


I think it should help a lot. How much? That, I\’m not going to take a guess at.


I am dubious about whether this will work. I have been silently cynical of the wii u recently, mainly due to the giant GTA V shaped hole in my chest. It has been pointed out however that the wind waker bundle is in Gamestop\’s hot list but it\’s hard to tell if that was influenced by in any significant way other than it\’s FREAKIN\’ ZELDA.

I am hoping that all my worries will be extinguished, I really do. I also hope that my hole will be filled soon enough.


As I type, the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundle is the Number one product on Gamestop\’s Hot Right Now list!!!

Since the Price drop goes in effect with the above Bundle and Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 available on store shelves I\’m going to predict that Wii U will sell 400,000 Units during September 20/21 since it\’s the end of reporting week.

Just as people are excited for PS4 since Sony Announced Infamous: Second Son (February 2014), Kingdom Hearts 3 (2015 at the earliest), Metal Gear Solid 5 (Winter 2014), The Order 1886 (3rd Quarter 2014), people will be just as excited to play on Wii U – –   Sonic: Lost World (October 22), Batman: Arkham Origins (October 25), Wii Party U (October 25) and Super Mario 3D World (November 22, same day Release as Xbox1)…

Nintendo is even having a shopping Mall Wii U tour with Dates, Locations, and Hours listed on under The Nintendo Experience (August 31 to November 3, 2013). This is where Word of Mouth and Availability to \”Let\’s Play\” will start to expand Consumer interest in the Wii U.  Even Wii Party U (the Wii U Sports if you) will be playable during this event.

Now, in the possible but currently not known category, The Tokyo Game Show starts on September 19th (or Day before the Wii U price drop). If Nintendo (since they\’ve decided to not show up for TGS according to Show Floor Map) decides to Present Directly to you anytime before the Price Drop, and if they do, if any more Release Dates (Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros.) System (Fall) Update Information or even Reveal a New Game or two too entice Gamers even more to Pick up a Wii U    🙂

I still predict that 8 Million Wii U will be sold be the end of the year Worldwide….

-David K

Wii U price cut won\’t help if there\’s no good games out. But it was a good idea to do it before they come out and before xbox one/ps4. Imagine families picking up a console for their children for xmas? They will probably go for the most affordable console which is the wii u. I doubt anybody would pay like 500-600 for an xbox one 😛

Anyway, i believe, once the games start kicking in, like mario kart , bayonetta 2 and smash bros, sales will boost dramatically, And with that, theres gonna be also the games like WW, Sonic, Mario 3D World, DK And Lots, i mean LOTS of indie games. I seriously can\’t wait for all these games this and next year!!!


Not sure it will push massive numbers initially but something that will definite pay dividends over time.  People are going to be shocked at how low sales for xb1/ps4 are going to be and how fast interest dies off. At the moment the level of hype is deceptive because it is a bunch of vocal nerds shouting in a vacuum. They are a small demographic and have little impact on mainstream preferences.

The jump in graphics is the smallest between generations in history. Nerds having to explain particle effects and better shaders, etc to the average punter or they wouldn\’t notice. Previous gens, any mug could look at a game and notice a massive difference. Then there are things like most significant games being cross generational so the incentive for people to upgrade is low. Also virtually every game is multi platform these days, every game is on 3 or more platforms, so user bases will be more split than ever.

There is going to be a lot of hurt, game are going to cost even more to make than last gen, what are they going to do? Make less games and try to sell more? On systems with smaller user bases than their predecessors. Trying to spend big on games has been the downfall of these big publishers, look at Capcom who have hardly any money left. All of them go in cycles of almost wiping them self out of business every few years.

Nintendo are in pretty good spot going forward. Modest specs and profitable hardware, with the biggest IP\’s in gaming up their sleeve. They are timed to hit their  peak with the Wii U at the exact time their competitors are at their lowest ebb. The genius of Nintendo/Iwata is that even when they dont have the smash hit console of the industry they manage to be freakishly profitable, when they do hit gold they fully capitialise and put themselves in a good position for decades to comes. On the other hand, companies like Sony play a \’all in or bust\’ game\’. They need to absolutely dominate or they bleed money. But they actually do worse than that, when they dominate they make surprisingly less than they should and when they do just ok or bad they have the entire Sony corp teetering on bankruptcy. Its been a decade long spiral financially, they are really playing their last hand, unless they win huge, its probably game over for them.


Let\’s face it, the WiiU is not a good product. I hate to agree with Pachter but ti\’s true. The gamepad was a bad idea for a gimmick. When I just wanna focus on the tv and have a good gaming experience, you\’re forcing me to keep looking down on the pad\’s screen and stuff like that.

Nintendo doesn\’t have a clear plan of what they actually want. If the upcoming big titles don\’t sell well, I don\’t know what could save the console. All there\’s left after Mario Kart is a Zelda game, a Metroid game, another first party franchise (e.g. StarFox) and Smash Bros. That\’s it. With the complete lack of third party support that has already been established the fate of WiiU seems to be worse than the Gamecube.


I hope it does make a difference but I\’m fearful that it won\’t. Pikmin 3 only made Wii U sales go from 29k to 32k in August. Price cut was announced August 28th but I would have hoped it could have pushed it to 50k at least.


It won\’t make a difference at all until more games come out. Such as Mario Kart.


Here\’s what I have a difficult time understanding:  After the $400 price point for the PS4 was announced at E3 everyone started saying something along the lines of \’how can the wiiU possibly compete now? That\’s only a $50 difference.  In my mind though it\’s more like $110 cheaper because neither the PS4 or XBOne come with a game, and let\’s face it no one wants to go home with a brand new console and nothing to play on it.  I know, I know, the article posted earlier about Nintendo benefiting from the deluxe edition raised some valuable points, however I thoroughly enjoyed NintendoLand, so I suppose both Nintendo and I made out well with that deal.  Personally, I think that a $50 price drop was absolutely a step in the right direction and I agree that the drop coupled with the much steadier stream of solid software is going to make for a much more comfortable holiday season for Nintendo than last year.


I don\’t think the hardware is not selling as well because of the price but because of the content. Now if people don\’t care much about the content but thought it was to expensive to buy then yea. The price cut is also ideal because the other consoles right now are more expensive. So 100 bucks less may matter in terms of sales.

-Jayson Flores

The price cut alone won\’t affect sales but coupled with the upcoming Wii U games it surely will help Nintendo move more units….now…with that being said…it won\’t affect the PS4 or XBone…


By itself, none. We\’ve had unofficial price cuts for months already. With all the games that are coming, it will probably sell loads.


I believe the impact of this price cut won\’t be seen until people looking to buy a new game console start comparing prices with Xbox One and PS4.  Sony actually seems to be the real reason for price cuts in both the 3DS and Wii U since it was only shortly after the E3 announcement of a $250 price point for Vita (the same as 3DS when it first came out) that the 3DS price cut took place and now that PS4 has been announced at $400 Nintendo has been forced, once again, to make their console\’s price look more enticing.  I will say if I was a shopper on the fence about Wii U and PS4 I would spend the extra $50 for PS4, but not $100.


In my honest opinion, the WiiU price cut will help dramatically, but not for the sole factor that it\’s just the price cut alone.  What will really make the price drop effective are the wave of first party titles that WiiU is finally getting.  This is the real reason why WiiU had a difficult first year — a painfully long drought without system selling titles.  Nintendo, thankfully, has realized the problem, hence why we\’re finally getting them.  And for people who believe that \”Zelda: Wind Waker\”, \”Super Mario World 3D\”, \”Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze,\” and \”Wii Party U\” as well as \”Wii Fit U\” won\’t benefit WiiU, remember this:  \”Pikmin 3\” gave WiiU a much needed sales boost.  So will these titles.

As for whether it will stand up to PS4 or XBox One, I\’m sure both will put up a good fight, but there is a potential pitfall for both newcomers:  a lack of killer apps in the lineups.  Granted, WIIU\’s launch lineup suffered a similar problem, but now that the real heavy hitters are on their way, I think people are going to have a hard time passing up the system.  After all, nobody in their right mind would want to buy a $500 machine, much less a $400 one without backwards compatibility or free internet.  Of course how WiiU will really do depends on the marketing efforts.  But I think WiiU will come through.

The situation in Japan is different; there will be practically no competition for the WiiU this holiday season:  the XBox One and PS4 aren\’t even launching this year.  But with these aforementioned titles as well as \”Mario Kart 8\” the following year, the WiiU should follow the same outcome as 3DS.  Again, PS4\’s current launch lineup for Japan seems awfully lacking in big IPs to really have a good first year.



Staff Responses

By itself, it will only have a small impact on sales. When the 3DS received it\’s price cut, sales barely spiked.

A price cut combined with system selling games is what will make sales spike as it did with the 3DS. I consider many of the games coming to Wii U system sellers.

That being said. Nobody will know that the Wii U exists and has games if the hardware and software aren\’t marketed well. Make it happen Nintendo.

-Omar T. (Acesonnall)

I\’m very, very cautious about this price cut, as it\’s not really a real price cut. The Wii U base model already was $300. So, now for the same price you get a game, a bit of extra memory, the deluxe program, and a few pieces of plastic. It\’s just bundling some extra stuff in. Now, had they made the basic bundle $250, then we\’d see real change in the sales charts. Something about the $250 price is just appealing to people, especially when the PS4 will be $150 more at that price.

Will it make a difference? Sure, but by how much is questionable. The games will really sell the console. And, we still need to see the graphical difference between the Wii U and PS4/One.

-Elia (Paleselan)


-AndyWhitefield (Andy W)


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