This week we see your responses to what you would like to see at this year\’s E3 in terms of third party exclusives. We also ask for your thoughts on the recently released Mario Kart 8. We want to hear about your favourite courses, favourite characters and of course your favourite moments! …we want to see your MKTV Clips – Get sharing in the comments section!

The Score: Episode 52

The Score: How Are You Enjoying Mario Kart 8? Favourite Course? Favourite Character? Share Your MKTV Clips In the Comments!

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Last week, we asked you…

The Score: If There Was a New 3rd Party Exclusive Unveiled at E3, What Would it Be?

Head below and find out what you had to say.

Our Favorite Responses

I would love it to be another Resident Evil game or a new Monster Hunter built from scratch using the Wii U\’s capabilities…

– Fresnokila

Perhaps I want to see Mega Man revived by Nintendo, but thats pretty much impossible.

Okami is what I want, a brand new Okami full with Japanese culture and folklore. Graphics could be kept the same since its beautiful anyway, it fits the wii U gamepad well since you can\’t argue that the game doesn\’t register your circle because you draw on the gamepad.

– Cynfishen

Monster Hunter 5

– James Henderson


– Caleb Potter

I\’m going to go with my Original 3rd party Exclusive call and say Shenmue 3. Sega has already stated they are going to show 3 games for Wii U at E3. It would be a challenge to do the Q.T.E. on the Gamepad only. Also, if they provided a Big map on the Gamepad, then (ala Etrian Odyssey) the player could mark buildings and spots visited so they don\’t get as lost as on Shenmue 2.

Runners up: No More Heroes 3: (excessive title to be announced), Valkyrie Chronicles 4, Tales of XXXXX, Capcom vs Nintendo, Zombie U 2 (that $100 Million Investment had to go somewhere), Armored Core Pad, or Half-Life 3. Beyond Good And Evil 2. Beyond what I could even fathom of naming- – – some Marvelous RPG game on Wii U. XSEED RPG Reveal. And I didn\’t even mention Platinum Games at All 🙂

– David K

As a few others have said, definitely Okami 3. The novelty of Okami has already been ruined by a sequel, so we may as well have a third that does the thing properly. More stories and adventures in that world would be marvelous, and the Gamepad is a no-brainer. I do hope that if they do this, the actual story is largely unrelated to the others.

– Jono 81

:/ how about Vanquished 2

– Jorge Adolfo Gonzalez Krasnohira

3rd party exclusive on nintendo consoles? never heard of them… except for zombiU.

So it\’s either from ubisoft or someone else (platinum games but they are more like 2nd party)

if not then idk maybe we will not see another 3rd party dev make an exclusive game except for sega, platinum and WB (lego city) which are close to nintendo

– DimitraGiorgiou

There HAVE been examples of such exclusives (albeit timed ones):  TALES OF SYMPHONIA, FRAGILE DREAMS, ARC RISE FANTASIA….  I\’m sure we\’ll see SOMETHING from the East.

– JonTurner

Best dream ideal scenario(s)?

1)      Portal/Half-Life 1+2, Team Fortress 2, declaration of Steam support for the console – with the announcement of Chell or ATLAS+PBODY being added to Smash Bros.

>>   TIE   <<

1)      ANYONE who wants to produce a *quality,* translated port/remake of Mother 3 – especially as it would increase the odds of Lucas appearing in the next Smash Bros.

2)      Anything from Daisuke Amaya [creator of Cave Story] – along with the announcement of either Quote or  Quote+Curly Brace being added to the new Smash Bros.

3)      This may not count, but – since it could be part of Namco\’s job – I want confirmation of DLC characters for Smash Bros. 4!

4)      Anything 3rd-party treatments of 1st-party franchises, especially from WayForward, NICALiS, Gaijin Games and/or Next Lvl. Games (are they 3rd-party?)

– Brody C

Make Tales of Symphonia Chronicles as a exclusive, screw PS3

– Chris Goodman

Fatal Frame 5

– Alsallal

what would I want it to be… or what would it most likely be

what it could be… any big game (probably japanese) that has fallen through the cracks because it doesn\’t sell 5 million copies…  good possibilities… time splitters, devil\’s third (has been rumored, kind of faded away into obscurity)

but I would be mroe excited about soemthing that I don\’t know about… for example… I think SOMEBODY should try and recreate dragon quest…. not literally re-create it… but the idea of making an ambitiously large rpg with the input and art direction of a top manga-ka (with dragon quest it was akira toriyama who made dragon ball and dr slump… for todays day and age it would have to be Eichiro Oda of One Piece fame) and then make it into a franchise that doesn\’t ever abandon its formula or the people in charge of it… it was such an amazingly successful strategy that  simply cannot fathom why it hasn\’t been replicated… my dream 3rd party wii u exclusive would be a level 5 developed rpg with character design and input from eichiro oda, music by Hiroyuki Sawano (attack on titan, x), and with creative input from shigeru miyamoto

and if not that… how about shadow hearts 4? (sadly impossible)

– themightyme

Okami sequel.

– Geoffrey Kappenberg

Devils Third

– Rafael Rosa

That\’s a toughy because this is such an unpredictable topic.  But for the record, if there IS an exclusive, I hope it\’s from the Eastern third party side of the planet.  I dunno, maybe another RESIDENT EVIL?  Or DEVIL\’S THIRD?  Or an exclusive MGS?

(I know, I know, wishful thinking, but hey, can ya blame me?)

– Jon Turner

Bayonetta2! !!!!

– Erick Martinez

Killer instinct

– Marvin Carranza

I would love Okami 3.The series itself is great, but Okamiden ended by the narrator saying \”this is but one story\”. I would love to see more stories in that world.  Also, the gamepad is suited perfectly for drawing and would probably be the best use of it so far.

– Ryan Crittenden

me personally, devils third, devil may cry 5, or Dare I say it…MegaMan! The latter would suit ninty to the ground, and destroy fanboys.

– bassment_boy

If I wanted it to be something, it would probably be a Chrono Trigger sequel or FFVI 3D HD remake or something. If I were to expect a third party exclusive? Hello Kitty Adventures 😛

– ASuch


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