In this week\’s episode of The Score, we hear back on your thoughts about your favorite Mario Kart 8 courses, characters, and videos.

Additionally, since E3 BEGINS IN JUST 3 DAYS (those are my excitement-induced fingers talking), we want to hear your thoughts on how excited you are for E3. Is your excitement level matching mine? Are you wary about this year\’s announcements? Does E3 just blow past you? Make sure to let us know below!

The Score: Episode 52

The Score: What is your E3 excitement level?

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Last week, we asked you…

The Score: How Are You Enjoying Mario Kart 8? Favourite Course? Favourite Character? Share Your MKTV Clips In the Comments!

Head below and find out what you had to say.

Our Favorite Responses

Haven\’t gotten the game yet but i will do a prediction of what i\’ve seen:

Favorite Course: Mount Wario

Favorite Characters: Rosalina Or DK/Yoshi

MKTV Clips, Coming soon ^^

I will tell again my opinions after i have the actuall game (in a week)

– DimitraGiorgiou

Such an amazing and fun game!! Total enjoyment..

– John Allison

Loving it! Hope to get years of replay out of it just like past versions

– Jason Mills

There could be more to add to it, but for their first attempt, it\’s great.

– Kallum Smarties

Great game this could really help out the Wii U . Smash coming up and rumors of a new Star Fox and a new Zelda being announced at E3 ! Things are looking up for Wii U!

– Edward Rhoderick

My favourite course has got to be Shy Guy Falls, although Mount Wario comes very close. As for racer I always stick with Luigi.

Here\’s my favourite clip so far of me playing as Luigi, taking down the BF who was playing as Wario in mid-air…

– Andy Whitefield

Not sure what my favorite is yet but after replaying tons of video clips over the weekend this one certainly stood out.

– DC777

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Written by Elia Pales

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