This week The Score turns 40, so we\’ve decided to change things up and ask you a different kind of question. Instead of asking something to do with anything current, we\’d like to know which game you would choose as your \”desert island\” game. Which game would you choose to have with you, if it could be your last game ever?

The Score: Episode 40

Settle The Score: What is your \”desert island\” game?

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Last week, we asked you…

The Score: Where do you Predict Nintendo\’s QOL Platform Will Take Them?

Head below and find out what you had to say.

Our Favorite Response

No freakin clue. I barely understand what its supposed to be about.

– BosSSyndrome

Your Responses

I have no idea but I\’m excited to hear more about it.

– Andrew Steven Garner

Well, it Really all depends on the type of Software available on the System. Say they make it a Sub-division of the Wii U (much like Kinect is to XBOne). If they take Wii Sports Tennis and expand that to say using a HD Mii version of yourself to play against Roger Federer and other Tennis pros, then it\’ll garner more attention. If Nintendo were to bring back the Gambling Games (Golden Palace) that were popular during the late 90s/early 2000\’s then it could be a hit.

If Nintendo tries to go back to simply updating Motion Controls than it might Misfire. Too little is known about the Format they intend to Utilize and Games under production to give a Fair and Unbiased Statement at this time.

– David K

I predict it will take their Wii Fit and Brain Training brands and turn them in to a stand alone brand away from the reliance of buying a new console every 5 years.

Wii Fit was an amazing phenomenon. Wii Fit U is better in every way, but there\’s a $299 new console cost barrier in the way which makes it less accessible.

So to summarise, they will make the Wii Fit / Brain Training brands more accessible to the consumer.

– BoneBone

I just hope the \”quality of games\” don\’t suffer because of it. Nintendo already admitted they underestimated the develpoment time of HD games and they are already spread thinly, so how have they got time to start a complete new side business without affecting workflow on new games?

– LegendarySins

I think nintendo\’s abundance of games this year has been plentiful from the first party front; it\’s still \”missing out\” on third party support, but whatever really. As long as the QOL doesn\’t detract from their other future offerings then I say the more the merrier. as I use my console for gaming, entertainment, and fitness it has very much become an essential piece of equipment I use daily.

– Sam Brandon

The more time they waste on this ridiculous fad, let\’s face it gamers don\’t buy consoles to play \’health\’ games, the more they are sending the message of, \’We\’ve lost sight of who our real fans are.\’ GAMERS buy consoles. GAMERS purchase multiple games. CASUALS only get a few. GAMERS are or should be your only target. GAMERS are your revenue, not casuals. Stop making so many health games, minigames, and the like. You need to make more real GAMES. WiiU hasn\’t had anything decent in 3 months now. Make a couple Metroid, StarFox, F-Zero games, you know the ones we are DEMANDING. Why you would ignore your fanbase when they tell you what they want is beyond me. This QOL project is a waste of resources that could be used more effectively in creating gamers for GAMERS. The WiiU selling poorly is on your hands and this is the way you\’re going to rectify that? You may as well say \’Sorry real fans but we\’re gonna betray you for the casual market who already plays crappy distraction games on their phones anyways.\’ I\’m disappointed Nintendo. I grew up with you but it seems you\’ve hit that age where you are a pain to be around.

– Bake Wigert

Well, it\’s been emphatically stated that it will be separate from their primary gaming business (ostensibly more so than the likes of Brain Age and Wii Fit). The issue is if Nintendo will be expanding their development efforts this time and not just their audience, though the recent stories about new facilities and hires color me optimistic. It\’s difficult to say what the financial implications will be without knowing what the format of this \”platform\” is, but not being tethered to a \”core\” gaming machine can only help.

– Geoffrey Kappenberg

Into the lands of mad profitability while telling the turbulent smartphone market to kiss its ass :P.

The glorious lands of gamification.

Super amped for Nintendo\’s 9th Gen handheld and duo that will take full advantage of their ecosystem initiative they started on the WiiU and 3DS with Miiverse and Streetpass.

– ValeFalkren


It seems like Nintendo is taking that thing that made the Wii so successful, but also the Wii U such a failure, and making it into a platform. Honestly, I can\’t see the Nintendo Wii U situation getting any worse, so if Nintendo is able to wrangle in any new people to buy their consoles, I guess that is already better than nothing.

I can never see Nintendo giving up on the hardcore Nintendo fans, so although QoL will be a point of focus by Nintendo, I can never see it taking over their whole message.

– Elia Pales

Quite frankly who cares. Nintendo need to cut the distractions and learn how to market their base products first and formost.

 – Andy Whitefield

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Written by Andy W.

Andy W.

I’m the Developer Liaison at Nintendo Enthusiast, and when I’m not working my butt off at the toy store I manage, I’m talking with developers from around the world, promoting crowd-funding campaigns, conducting interviews and also offering advice and support to developers looking to bring their games to Wii U & 3DS.

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